week by week #9 // september favourites

october is here. how exciting.

no, seriously. I'm beyond excited. I'm thrilled. I love October more than I love life itself.

that's a bit of an exaggeration. but at some level, it's true. October is toward the end of the year, but it's the beginning of a lot of things. The beginning of seriously cooler weather. The beginning of leaves under foot. The beginning of tea, apple cider, and hot chocolate (and don't even get me started on wassail...) The beginning of cozy evenings under blankets. The beginning of candles. The beginning of sweaters.

september is kind of like the teaser for October, so if you're like me, you're on pins and needles waiting for the real deal to show up.

september has good things to it too though. although the month itself was rough for me, there were a lot of things that helped keep me going through all that.

so here are a few of my favourites for this month. what about you?

// the wrath and the dawn //
this book though. I always loved the story of Shahazarad, so this fantasy twist on the story is just lovely. The characters were well-formed, you felt for them, and the story pulled you in. it wasn't perfect, but when is a book? I am very excited for the sequel. And gosh, just look at that beautiful cover. 

// room rearrangements //
yes, I live at school, but I'm going to be spending a lot more time at home now. I've had my room the same way ever since I got the bedbugs (*itches for the next hour and a half*) so I felt like it was time for a change. I still need to get a desk arrangement worked out, but I'm planning on doing a little diy magic eventually. but I like the way its turning out. instead of a boring bedroom, it's more of a living space now. and that's what I need right now.

// scrubs //
this show is my guilty pleasure. when I'm bored, I turn on an episode of Scrubs. when I need a little sass and a little stupidity (don't hate me, world...) I turn on an episode of Scrubs. when I need a smile, I turn on an episode of Scrubs. I enjoy medical shows, but this is by far my favourite one. Yes, it beat down Good Doctor. Be impressed. *whispers* Joowon I still love you...

// apple cider //
I have a love for all warm delicious beverages (although I'm still not a fan of coffee...I like lattes a little. And occasionally cappuccinos.) but apple cider is something I feel a bit strange drinking in January or in August. It's strictly a September thru December kind of drink.. 

// sweatpants //
let's be honest. sweats in the summer isn't a thing. if it is for you, you're a strange cookie and you have my respect. (no, Ely, not that kind of cookie...)

anyways...I've been living in my sweats these days. I get out of class, and my cozy clothes come out. I'm not quite to sweaters yet, but I'll get there. I broke down on Friday and wore sweats to class. It's getting serious. 

// candles //
I have a problem. I bought two candles this week. I plan on buying more. my room smells of delicious apples and evergreen trees and all glorious smells. if I'm in my room, I'm burning a candle. (irony here: I'm in my room and I'm not burning a candle. gotta save it up, man). 

brb doing this

// pumpkin spice marshmallows //
don't judge me. I admit that I'm a while girl. I like all things pumpkin. And pumpkin spice marshmallows are your dream come true. plus, give a dairy-free girl a break. we don't have pumpkin spice lattes. or at least they're a little harder to make. 

// editing //
okay. this is definitely a love hate relationship. I love editing. I hate editing. I am so so so so happy to see things falling together and the little bits that bug me to no end being erased from the world...but it's tedious. It's hard. And sometimes it sucks a lot. but I guess I know in the end it's worth it, so I keep on with it. I also enjoy using my nice ink pens for something other than note taking, so yeah. 

// twenty one pilots //
this one goes without saying. I told you all that I was going to see them again; I meant to write a post, but life got crazy and then I didn't have the brain-space for it. but overall, it was a fantastic occasion, and it was so so so cathartic. I sat for almost the whole show, until the boys came out, and then by some miracle I was able to stand for most of their songs. It was a huge blessing to go and do something "normal." and even though I was emotionally and physically exhausted from, it was totally worth the pain. 

// bangtan boys //
this band. they made me smile when I couldn't sleep. their songs make me want to dance even when my legs wobble. I luvs dem a lot.

// sleep //
what else do I need to say?

// baking //
I'm discovering the joy of  baking. I'm really glad I get to be home more. having a kitchen is fantastic. I've made fantastic brownies, cornbread waffles, hot chocolate, and this delicious sweet potato hash...all from scratch. I could literally back all day...as long as we found a way for me to stand in the kitchen all day and not have my legs literally snap in half (because that's sure what it feels like after standing for more than twenty minutes...)

hope you all have a fantastic week! <3 


  1. You went to a Twenty One Pilots concert WaHT. *jealously* But, that's so awesome and it's my dream to see them someday. |-/

    Katie Grace | A Writer's Faith

    1. dude, you totally need to see them. They melt my brain every time I see them live, and I've been luckily enough to see them four times (it doesn't even make sense to me. How the heck did I get that blessed???)

  2. I really love October too, for much the same reason. It feels more like fall, and all the leaves begin to change. Also it makes Thanksgiving feel closer. And I always want to bake when the weather gets colder. And snuggle with warm blankets and tea.

    1. yessss blankets and tea for days. :D

  3. YAY OCTOBER!!!! I love this month except Halloween. I hate that day. but other than that I am loving the weather and all the coziness is reminds me of. I too, wore sweatpants to class last week. sue me. lol.
    and dont even ask me how many candles I have in my room.

    but seeing all the delicious food you're making is making me hungry. I feel the need to roadtrip to see you just so you can make me dinner. lol.

    1. candle and sweatpants buddies! :P <3

      do it. I will make you all the foods. And it will be amazing.

  4. Love fall, and pumpkin spice everything. I want to read that book 'The Wrath & the Dawn'.
    That concert looks awesome.

  5. The Wrath And The Dawn is SO good. I absolutely adored it and I need to own it and ughhhh it gave me all the feelings. xD Twenty One Pilots is also great and basically carrying me through life right now so that's great.

    1. same about the needing to own it. however, I just bought candles and books and my wallet is groaning so I have to wait and just admire the library's copy. It's literally sitting on my coffee table looking fabulous and I feel the need for the sequel so bad.

      twenty one pilots is great for carrying you through life. all day, everyday. :)

  6. Oh my goodness I love October so much too! It's finally getting cold and I can wear jeans! No more shorts! *throws them across the room* Apply cider! Yussssssssssss! I need to try Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows. They sound amazing. I've seen them in the store before, but I've never gotten the courage to try them. Hooray for editing! I wish you the best with it! Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?


    1. lol the first time I found them at the store I was sooooo tempted to get them but I had to buy regular marshmallows as well (I have a little addiction and by little I mean huge...) so I waited a week. And it was worth the wait.

      I actually wasn't going to do NaNo this year, but since my school plans changed I think I will be able to. And that makes me super excited. I have to yet to decided what I'm doing, though. I may wing it (which always turns out well, lol...)


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