200 // there is much confetti and cake in this post

I lied about the cake.

also this is so late and I'm very sorry

you could almost say...the cake was a lie. *my nerdiest side snickers*

what? you thought I would let you all eat cake and me not have any? no way Jose. plus, gluten free rice free corn free egg free dairy free cake is utter crap. at least, I assume it is.

wow. this post did not start out as planned. let's start over.

*tosses confetti in the air* this is my 200th post on this blog--and it's also been exactly 2 years since I last posted on my private blog. I think twos are my thing right now.

wow. when I started this blog--just as a place for me to put more of my writing stuff and less of my life stuff (HA!) I never thought I would get so far on it. I started out with an ellipses obsession (let's be honest...that's still a thing.), muzak mondays (*cringes*), and my disregard for capitalization has only continued over the years. I'm going to link a few of my faves--it was very nostalgic to see how my writing style has changed over the years. Also, I cringed a lot. be prepared for awkward sixteen year old Ely.

I tried finding a picture of awkward sixteen year old Ely but that's scarring so here's me being cute as heck and also winning at life.

//poetry by me //

// life in general //

// writing //


*whew* now that that's over and done, I've decided not to dump you with my tales of woe about food this week and instead give you 20 facts about me that you may or may not know.

*amazingphil voice* 'ere we go!

1. my middle name is Summer, which is very ironic, considering I was born in July and pretty much hate all warm weather with a fury.

no, not that fury.

2. the first move I ever saw in theatres was Veggie Tales: the Pirates who Don't Do Anything. *buries head in hands* why couldn't I have been cool like my brother and seen a classic like the Lion King...

3. when I saw said movie, I felt shaky and like I was going to pass out because I was literally scared. #homeschoolermoment I was literally scared going in to see a Veggie Tales movie. 13 year old me cracks me up sometimes.

4. I blame Faith for starting this in me, but I have a thing for 80s and 90s movies. Pretty In Pink started it all, then 10 Things I Hate About You, Drive Me Crazy, Some Kind of Wonderful, the Breakfast Club...gosh. I love them all. A lot. Somebody be emotional about Ducky with me and Faith.

5. I am 5 foot 2 inches on a good day, so my jeans are always too long. When I was younger and in charge of feeding the cat, the psychotic beast would chase the fringes on my heels and basically scare the crap out of me.

so far, this post is establishing that past Ely was a scaredy cat. lovely.

6. the first book I really fell in love with was After the Dancing Days, by Margaret Rostkowski. Just kidding. the first books were the McGurk Investigations. I was truly in love with McGurk. I would probably still marry McGurk and have his red-headed babies. That series was like Encyclopedia Brown, only better.

7. when I die, play this song at my funeral, and there is a 79% chance that I will come back from the dead.

(just look at my little baby Changkyun--the first rapper, or as I like to call him, the short one without the ripped jeans)
(also this song look at how awkward he is--his stage name is I.M. much awkward.)

8. when I was very little, I wanted to curl my hair. for some odd reason, I thought the best way of acquiring the curls was to wrap my hair around a clothes hanger, which ended up with some very tangled hair. instead of being an intelligent child and taking me and the entangled hanger to my mother, I took matters in to my own hand and cut a massive chunk out of my hair. unfortunately for me, later that day I had ballet class (yes, have fun picturing klutzy me doing tap and ballet), and my mother discovered my shorn head while trying--key word here, trying--to put my hair in a tidy bun. Yeah. that was the last time I cut my own hair.

never again.

9. I love baking. I really really love baking. Most likely because I love eating.

10. my favourite Bible verse is probably John 14:27. It has been for like five years, and I love that about it. I want to paint a canvas with it to put on my wall, as well as some of the lyrics from Min Yoongi's The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.


11. the first kdrama I ever experienced was Secret Garden. Still golden. My latest obsession (besides Sassy Go Go) is She Was Pretty.

 (just fyi if you don't like hearing the f-bomb, they drop it in the background song)
(but seriously I aspire to be as majestic as HyunBin someday)

12. I cannot stand eggplant. yech.

13. (this is getting tough...) I am working on my manga collection. So far, I have the first three books of Noragami (yessssss) and like the first six of My Little Monster. I'm considering acquiring the Tokyo Ghoul books over time, and I also would love to have the Kamisama Hajitersu books. #mangagoals

14. I find angel bites intriguing. I doubt I would ever be brave enough to get them, but I find them oddly pretty.

15. I was a huge TFK junkie as a teenager. Still love 'em. I think that's what set me up for twenty one pilots, to be quite honest.

16. I have been told that I look like Holland Roden. It depends on the day, but I'm inclined to agree. I could do a pretty good Lydia cosplay if I wanted to.

17. I have a bump on the back of my head that almost half of my extended family shares. It's kinda weird. My grandfather passed it down to us. I also have a mole on my neck that is in the exact same place as moles on my sister and mom's necks. WEIRD.

I just wanted to use this gif. it's a thing of beauty.

18. I like cleaning. This ranks above baking, almost. I love tidying things up, and even though I hated it when I was little, I enjoy washing dishes and cleaning bathrooms and sweeping floors now.

19. I miss school, but I'm honestly so happy with my choice to leave. I am looking forward to online classes with much anticipation.

20. and finally, this is kind of my jam right now. I know it's lame to end on a music one, but seriously. It's beautiful.

and there you have it. *hands you another slice of invisible cake* I hope you enjoyed your stay over the past two years, and I sure hope you'll stick around! it's been a fun ride, guys. thank you for being awesome.
I love you all!!! <3 <3 <3

(also, p.s. I'm going to get back on a blogging schedule. I promise. NaNo overwhelmed me at first so I didn't have enough brainspace to be blogging at the same time. Doing better tho. )


  1. YOU'RE SO CUTE! and you mentioned me and that made me seriously smile :) I LOVE DUCKIE DALE! I will keep shouting that til the day I die.

    And angel bites are pretty cool. but Im more into snakebites. I keep meaning to get my lip pierced but Im a chicken. lol. and I worry about my teeth. meh. I hate being responsible.

    I love you so much<3 *raises wine glass of sparkling grape juice* to you!

  2. You look like, Lydia. Lucky she is really pretty. The homeschooler moment, I can relate.
    My cousin has angel bites and they are really cute on her.
    I need to watch Pretty in Pink.

  3. TWO YEARS! 200!!!! SO DESERVING OF CAKE. I shall eat some in honor of your blog.

  4. Congrats on your blogoversary! *claps* I love baking too. I just made some Earl Grey Cookies. So yum! And at least you remember your first movie. I don't. XD



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