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if you know me at all, you are probably aware that I love anime. I've been into anime longer than I've been into kpop, which blows my mind to be honest. It all started when I got my wisdom teeth removed and watched Death Note, Clannad, and the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzushima over the period of like five days.


that was absurd. i know.

I had watched FMA:B and Ouran before that, but those were the only shows I knew and I wasn't too interested in anything else. Obviously, that changed.  After my mouth healed I had a new perspective on life. I had to watch all the animes.

And to this day, I still love finding new, good anime.

but this isn't your average anime post. because, once again, if you know me, you know my love of music.

like, I really REALLY love music.

I looooooooooooooooove music.

anime typically starts with an intro song, has a beautiful soundtrack, and then ends with an outro. now, some shows don't  follow this cookie cutter, but a lot of them do. And if you're like me and tend to binge watch anime, you probably have several intros/outros memorized. And if you're not like me, who tends to try and sing Japanese words but ends up singing in Korean gibberish, you might like singing along with every intro. Or maybe you're a spoilsport and like to skip past the awesomeness to get to the actual show.

everybody got time for unravel

I'm judging you, fyi.

also, let's not talk about OHSHC because that is one intro I would like to purge from my memory... (just kidding I secretly love it but it also makes me cringe so I don't know where we stand). 

I got bored one day and decided to go down memory lane with some of my favourite songs, and that's how this post got started. here are several of my favourite intros/ well as some good recommendations!

| Noragami |

this song is my jam. Noragami is also my jam. Coincidentally as I write this, I'm watching anime. Do yourself a favour: don't watch this unless you want emotions about a god of war, a girl with a cat tail and love for wrestling, and a precious marshmallow fluff of a little boy name Yukine. he is too precious for this world.

yes, I am desperately waiting for the next episode of Noragami Aragoto (the follow up season). I am not okay.

this is how I feel after every episodes.

| Tokyo Ghoul |

okay. this one is complicated. I love this show. I love the concept, I love the characters, I love the music. however, it's about ghouls. to be specific, flesh-eating ghouls. who do the flesh eating in very graphic ways. the censor over the blood sometimes covers half the screen. it's pretty intense, and the storyline is dark dark dark.

but I love it.

tokyo ghoul is not a show for the weak of heart. I only watch it when I'm in a specific mood, because it's a tough show to watch. it's got a lot of good things, though, so when I do choose to watch it, it kind of outweighs the dark. sometimes. sometimes it's just dark.

but this song though.

| Free! | 

these two songs were a huge part of my summer. I avoided watching Free! for a long time, because there was a lot of hype about it, but I'm glad I did. It's a happy (read here: angsty underneath the illusion of happiness) little show with swimming, good music, and if you don't want to hug Nagisa, you're lying.

the second song is from Free! Eternal Summer, which I haven't finished yet, mostly because I went back to school and the show also got angsty (read here: even more angsty) as all get out. but I still love this song with a passion...the first part is the best though.

| Aoharu x Kikanjuu |

this is a weird one. the intro is really great and has a nice message. double thumbs up. however, the plot of this anime is basically that of OHSHC...but with paintball. Literally. Girl pretends to be boy. Girl is indebted to good looking blond man (who coincidentally also works at a host club). Girl must redeem herself by working for blond man. Sound a little familiar?

I don't remember how I found this strange little show. I think I was just scrolling through the anime section on Hulu. To be completely honest, it's not that exciting. They play competitive paintball and want to be the best in Japan. Big whoop. But I really love the characters and the little details in the plot that help you come to love them. Also, I'm still waiting for that 13th episode or an OVA because you can't finish a show like that. You just can't. It's not allowed.

| Durarara!! |

you like confusing? here's a confusing show just for you. seriously, every plot you can think of--shoved into two glorious seasons. why glorious? because, like Aoharu x Kikanjuu,the characters are fantastic. And even though the plots and many many subplots are confusing, it pulls off confusing very well. As long as you can keep track of everything, you're golden.

Also, Izaya. And irish mythology in anime. And people who throw refridgerators at each other.

| Noragami Aragoto |

ha you thought I was done raving over my favourite show?? in your dreams.

Noragami Aragoto's intro is okay. It's not bad, it's not great, it's just somewhere in between. I really love the outro though--it's kind of like therapy after a twenty minute ride of emotions. So chirpy and fun. I usually don't stick around for outros, but since we get either a preview or another scene after the outro ends...I actually listened and liked it a lot.

(all eng sub copies of this are blocked... *sighs*)

| Ao Haru Ride |

my shoujo loving heart is happy any time this song comes on. Ao Haru Ride, or Blue Spring Ride, is a cute little story about a girl running into her middle school crush and finding out he's DEFINITELY become a different person while they were separated. They still remain friends, and she ends up understanding just what made him change. Very cute, very beautiful animation-wise, and character-wise it's just lovely. the intro makes me want to hop on a bike and ride until I find sunshine somewhere. *glares at the December skies*

also, this is an anime that I will gladly take another season of. Just saying.

| My Little Monster |

okay. you guys know I love Noragami. I discovered Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun in the same week as Noragami and watched it just as fast. I love it just about as much, even though they're very different. It's a shoujo, about a girl who does nothing but studying  until she ends up making friends by accident, all because of one socially awkward individual. I love it so much. Shizuku is such a robot, and Haru is the opposite. It's also a very beautiful anime, coloring and background wise, and it just makes me happy. out of all the anime I've watched, this and Noragami were the first that made me buy the books. I have about five of each series and am collecting them as they are published (I'm behind on Tonari though).  

there are many many more anime openings  that I love and cherish (we didn't even talk about FMA:B's opening which gives me so much life and I'm not gonna bring up Hetalia because I could talk for another year about that stupid show), but these are a few of my jams. and this also proves that I am a huge nerd. but seriously--these are some stellar shows and you should tell check them out (and tell me which ones you like the best!)

I really. REALLY. love Hetalia

do you have any anime favourites (songs/shows)? or if you're not into anime, what tv show openings do you love? 

hope you all have a great weekend!!!



  1. This makes me think I maybe should check out anime. :3 The Ao Haru Ride song is super cute and it makes me happy artistically-wise. It'll probably be like Kdramas are for me where some I love to death and some are just too cringey for me hehe. (Congrats on getting back into school girl!!)

    1. yeah, there definitely are cringe-worthy moments. you gotta pick and choose which ones or the second hand embarrassment will get ya. :P let me know if you do watch some! (and thank you! I'm super excited! )

  2. I need to watch more anime's I love, 'My little Monster','Ouran',and 'Death Note'

  3. I looooove anime. ^ ^ I've heard of most of these and seen a few of the ones you've mentioned. My favorite animes are Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Guilty Crown, and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I love the intros and outros to all of them. XD Especially Guilty Crown.The music is soooo beautiful! And Hetalia is hilarious. XD

  4. I've heard a couple of rumors about an Ouran High School Host Club Season 2... but that's all they were: rumors. *heart cries out in pain*
    Looking at your list, it looks like we have similar tastes in anime! I love My Litte Monster (although I've only read the manga at this point) and Free!, but my anime loving friends will not let me forget that I haven't watched Tokyo Ghoul or Noragami and now I have to add Aoharu x Kikanjuu and Ao Haru Ride to my must see list too!

    1. those rumors make me cry a silent tear every time I see one. Whyyyyyyyyy.

      I need to finish reading the manga for My Little Monster. Unfortunately, my library doesn't have the books and I'm too lazy to search for it I get a new volume every month or so. The suspense is killing, especially since the anime kinda ended on a cliffhanger (don't you hate it when that happens??)

      Glad to meet another anime lover! :)


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