week by week #12 // there and back again

(I'm semi-copying Katie Grace's format from her Currently // December post because I love it)

currently || reading

this week I found my way back to the library. surprisingly, not that many grabbed my interest, so my reading list this past week was small. I read Starbird Murphy and the World Outside in a day or so, mostly because it was such a strange book and when people are brainwashed in books, I kinda like to get to the end to see if they make it out okay--that way I'm not anxious on their behalf. It wasn't a favourite of mine, but it wasn't terrible. I just couldn't relate to Starbird that well--I loved her friends tho.

I'm in the middle of reading Promise of Shadows right now, which is a book that I meant to read a long time ago...I just forgot to pick it up. Zephyr Mourning is a harpy who got thrown into Tartarus after doing the impossible--killing an Exalted. War is brewing in the mortal realm, and the gods are pressuring Zephyr to tell them how she killed the god who murdered her sister, but she has no idea why. By luck, she escapes the Underworld--but on the way out she runs into an old friend. And that's how far I've read. So far, I like this book a lot. The characters are interesting, the lore and mythology is well-written and not boring, and the suspense is building. I enjoy the character of Zephyr quite a bit, because she's the Ugly Duckling. She's the Harpy who doesn't fit in. One things I do wish was written differently was her backstory/powers. I think it would've added to the story if that had been shared later on, adding to the mystery and confusion of it all, but I suppose if Zephyr really is the Nyx it was a necessary piece of information. either way, I really like this book so far! (and Blue gives me Yukine feels. don't judge me.)

currently || listening

I'm in love. I have a new favourite playlist. (no, I'm not over BTS and probably won't be for a while...) on Spotify, there's a playlist called Evening K-Acoustics that is basically my jam right now. it's super chill, but not slow enough to put you to sleep. I've discovered several new favourite bands through this playlists--Standing Egg being one of them. I heard about this group in a drama I think and kinda laughed at their name, but I never seriously listened to the music. Now I wish I had, because I really enjoy their sound. I'm also listening to 10cm and FT Island a bit more now.

outside of kpop, I started listening to Marianas Trench again. The new album somehow slipped by me, which is ironic since they were my love this summer, but I think I still like the older stuff best. makes for good dance parties and closet cleaning sessions, as well as Misterwives. I will ALWAYS jam out to Our Own House. ALWAYS.

other than that, I'm still listening to Hamilton. Also some piano music while I sleep, because it's super relaxing. And drowns out the sound of my cat doing gymnastics across the room.

you evil fluff you

currently || watching

noragami aragotooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! too soon? I think not. If I could I would fangirl about Noragami in every blog post. Thankfully, my self-control is strong. I hope. we're drawing near the end of season 2 and that both excites me and scares me. the character development has been incredible this past season, and I'm crossing my fingers so hard for season three. I mean, the manga isn't over...so why should the anime be? (also give some love to my poor son Yukine he's been through a lot this season and needs to be loved).

house has been a thing lately. and by thing I mean I watch one or two episodes before bed. I stopped watching while I was at school, mostly because House was beginning to grate on me and I was not loving the new cast, but now I'm glad I started watching again. also loving the character development in this show. I'm a little scared tho--I'm on season 7 and there's only one more season after that...

reply 1988 is giving me too many feels. I didn't expect anything but from this series, but still. It's quickly surpassing reply 1997 on my list of favourites. I don't know whether it's the depth of the story, the perfect cast (even Hyeri, who I was a little unsure about when they cast her), or the slapstick humor of it all. I would like to pick a bone with the hour and a half long episodes (the last one was almost two hours long...) I don't mind a good show, but when it takes me four days just to watch one episode...I have a little issue. It's Reply 1988 tho, so I guess it's worth it.

Taek is also my son and needs love~~~

currently || excited about

SCHOOL!!!! yes, ladies and gents, your friendly neighborhood blogger and spoonie got into a school! after many ups and downs concerning ACT scores, incorrect email addresses, and disappearing transcripts, I got accepted to an online school and I couldn't be happier. I'm talking with my advisor tomorrow about which class to take--we're getting into the school thing slowly to make sure I don't overwork myself. the holidays are definitely taxing my health, which sucks, but it's been nice having things to do. yeah, I still watch a bunch of tv, but I also makes meals and clean the house and go to therapy and run errands. I'm actually kind of like half a person now!

food is a battle, especially since I've been on my diet for almost three months now. I'm not craving what I can't eat as much any more, but I am getting very bored of eating the same things over and over. I am loving my go to breakfast these days, which is an apple cut up in bite sized pieces, granola, and almond milk poured over the top. today i even put a few strawberries in the mix and it was delicious. I can't take credit for this genius, however, because that has to go to the genius Jeon Jongkook himself.

also this makes me laugh every time I see it

okay, this is silly, but I am very excited about my closet. ever since we moved, my closet was kind of a hazardous waste zone. it was constantly messy, had a bunch of boxes and assorted stuff from the move, and my clothing was a disaster (seriously. when you've been the same size since you were thirteen you have a very strange variety of clothes). this week, I cleaned out all the clothes that I don't wear any more, moved my dresser around, organized my remaining clothes by color and style, and CLEARED THE FLOOR. what boxes I couldn't get rid of went on shelves. It looks amazing. Getting up every morning is amazing because my closet is so clean and I can find everything without going crazy.

can you believe Christmas is in five days? it still seems like Halloween was two days ago. I am proud to say I have all but two of my presents ready and wrapped, but since I won't be able to give those until January probably, it doesn't really matter. I am so jazzed for Christmas this year, because it'll be my niece's first Christmas and it will also be my first Christmas where I feel healthy. Last Christmas was very hard, but this year is looking a lot better. I also made my goal of reading the Bible in a year (by the skin of my teeth, lol), and now I'm reading over the Nativity as Christmas gets closer.


I just realized that 2016 is like 11 days away.


this year happened too fast.

what have you guys been up to lately? any new music or books that you're loving? what are you excited about in the coming days?

see you soon!!


  1. Ack, thank you for linking to my post! <3

    I JUST finished getting all of my Christmas presents. A friend and I went to Target and spent an hour and a half there pledging that we WOULDN'T LEAVE until we had everything. xD Mostly I got chocolate which is fine, but I wish I thought ahead of time and was a bit more creative. Oh well. Food is always good. xD

  2. Christmas crept up on me, I am not prepared. That breakfast sounds really good, I'm planning on getting my act together with food in 2016, because my immune system has taken some hits. Goodbye chocolate

  3. Yay I'm so glad matters are looking up for you! I wish you the best for Christmas! I'm the same way with my presents. I have three more to go for a friend who's coming after Christmas (We're having second Christmas on New Years.) which I'll be wrapping tomorrow. Merry merry Christmas!



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