what you missed // november favourites

a month is a long time to be away.

like I said, I spent most of time wasting time on the internet (because when you have no responsibilities apart from going to therapy and feeding your cat, why would you?). however, in that month, I also read, watched tv, and listened to music. and slept.

but I was already in the sleep fandom, so I guess that's nothing new.

here are a few of things that I fell in love with in November! enjoy!

// bangtan boys //

wait, says you, you've always been in love with these guys. we know this too much, especially from the gifs you use.


well, this affection for bangtan soyeondumb isn't gonna change any time soon, just fyi. if I need a jam, it's BTS. if I need to laugh, it's BTS. if I need to some meaningful lyrics, it's BTS. they make me laugh a lot, and they got their first win with Run yesterday. so very proud of them. now if they could just rest for a little bit...

here is my recent favourite song and also my three favourite Bangtan Bombs. be forewarned: idiots ahead.

aaaaand one more for the road...

// bone gap //

I wrote a blog post on this book that I'm going to post within the next two weeks, but I wanted to mention it because I really liked this weird book. I didn't know anything about the plot and honestly it didn't interest me that much, but I'd seen good things about it on the internet, so I checked it out. it surprised me. not gonna go into much detail, but it's probably one of my favourite books of 2015. Weird, poetic, and a little on the sassy side.

// hamilton //

this is a new obsession for me. I blame it on Faith. since she's a newly minted theater kid (and I couldn't be more proud of her for that), she's talked non-stop about this musical. my favourite musical of all time was and always has been Wicked, but Hamilton took over #1 about three days ago. the songs are catchy, the rapping (yes, rapping) is on point, and it's freaking historical. Wanna know what my other favourite musical is? 1776. Yup. I'm a nerd. but seriously. Hamilton is the bomb. just be aware if you go check it out--there is a reason why it's labelled explicit. still--hilarious and amazing.

// iZombie //

my brother texted me ages ago saying "hey, thanks for recommending iZombie to us; really loving it!" to which I responded with "ummm...have I been recommending tv-shows that I don't watch in my sleep?" it turned out it was different Elizabeth that recommended it to him, but he suggested I check it out any way. It took me a month, but I did. Boy-howdy. As always, I've never really been a zombie person. just didn't grab my interest. but this show is interesting.

a work-obsessed medical student get scratched at a lake party and winds up in a body bag, hungry for brains. she has to work around the whole albino, can't hardly bleed, tastebuds don't work unless hot sauce is involved thing--plus the fact that she goes into full on ragey zombie mode if she doesn't consume human brains. so she gets a job as an ME, eating brains and searching for a cure with her boss Ravi. what she doesn't expect is the fact that she gets the memories of the people she eats. this makes her an excellent detective.

it's a little on the gruesome side, but the plot is enjoyable, and I like that it's more than just a zombie show. it's mystery, slice of (zombie) life, and take over the world  all wrapped into one.

// cooking //

 you guys know me. I love to cook. since my dietary needs have adjusted a tiiiiiiiiiiiny little bit, cooking has been a little depressing as of late. I could hardly bear to walk into the kitchen. when I first went off of rice, eggs, and corn, I think I cried at every meal for about a week. it sucked.

these days, however, I make most of my own food. for breakfast, I experiment with different ways to eat oatmeal and buckwheat porridge. I also eat a lot of fruit and bacon, which I'm really okay with. lunch, I typically eat something involving jalapenos. usually fajitas or chili. and for suppers I work with my mom to find something the whole family will enjoy. it can be tough, and I really can't eat out much any more, but it's getting better. and the promising thing is that there's potential that I won't always have to eat like this. that's my goal--to be better enough to eat like a somewhat normal person.

// starglass //

 this book was intriguing. I picked up and said "ooh! sci-fi!" and checked it out. what I didn't expect to find was a sci-fi with a worldbuilding so detailed that it blew my mind...almost completely contained in one spaceship.

this book is built off of Jewish history/lore? I don't really know how to describe it, but it's beautifully woven together. at first, the main character grated on me, but as the story grew and the depth of the world (and the book) exploded in my face, I liked it more and more. I also liked how much it kept me guessing. there were several plot twists/details that I figured out ahead of time, but a lot of them surprised me. definitely would recommend--I need to read the next book tho!

// sekret //
wow. telepathics. World War II. intrigue. mystery. scrubbers. sadness. much sadness.

this is another book I recommend--i'm reading the second one now and this book blows my mind with how creative of a concept it has. *see above statement of fragments* as with Starglass, the MC didn't really flow with me, but the story had me on the edge of my seat half the time. and that's worth reading a book where the character lowkey makes you want to bang your head against the wall. I also love the side characters--they made me feel more than Yulia did. 

what did you love about november? I'd love to hear any new books/movies/tv shows/music you discovered and fell in love with during this past month. and as always, more posts are on the way!

you guys: "wait. she saying the thing. the thing that made her disappear last time."

seriously tho. I mean it. not gonna disappear on you again. hopefully.



  1. Those books sound interesting,I have been wanting to watch izombie forever, but my friend wants to catch up on Teen Wolf first which I have no problem with.

  2. I was literally going to read Bone Gap....it came up on my goodreads and now you said it was good so I feel obligated too since you have such great taste.
    also, I am so proud. you love Hamilton. Im so addicted to that musical. I am turning everyone I love into Hamilton trash. its amazing. when columbinus ended I started listening to Wicked because another ensemble member loved it. so that one has been growing on me. (but not as much as Hamilton.)

    also I have a friend whos in love with IZombie and keeps trying to get me to watch it. hmmm.

    happy December :)


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