week by week #13 || better late than never

today was busy.

ironic, because Sundays are typically "recovery" days for me. hopefully that won't affect the upcoming week badly. I love these little signs that I'm becoming a human again--I went to church, hung out with friends, and visited my grandparents and didn't crash until around 3:30. which I totally blame on the fact that I think I forgot to take my meds last night.


I feel kinda like a zombie.

but that doesn't mean I'm skipping out on my weekly update again. by no means!!! a bunch happened this week, so buckle your seatbelts!

currently || reading

right now I'm in the middle of Passenger and oh my gosh. I love this book. time travel was my favourite thing as a tween/young teenager, and sadly I fell out of the genre somehow. I think Passenger will bring me back though. Plus, I've been craving historical fiction, so this is definitely a win win.

I also got my fifth volume of Noragami this week but I'm almost terrified to touch it because I'm still an emotional baby about the last episode of Noragami Aragoto. I NEED SEASON THREE NOW.

my psychology text book may fall apart in the next eight weeks. I take notes seriously. absurdly seriously. I got this book used, and I'm not sure how people leave their books spotless because I am that person that HAS to write in her text book. I just don't learn as well unless I'm highlighting, I guess.

currently || listening

at this moment, I am chilling to the very relaxing voice of troye sivan. I discovered this artist recently and I really love the smoothness of his music and how the lyrics sometimes catch something at the bottom of my throat. my favourite songs are Fools (this cover is what introduced me to Troye Sivan) and .

I've also been listening to instrumental praise songs and Jonsi. This week has been mostly focused on getting school done and not allowing anxiety about school to rule over my life. Thus the very chill music. It's funny, because my music taste is definitely shifting. I still love songs that make me get up and dance, but I also like lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling while these songs play quietly in the background. it's just as stress relieving.

I turned two siblings into Hamilton trash. I consider myself accomplished.

finally (ahahaha you thought you could escape) Bangtan has been and always will be life. I realized the other day that I am a big baby about Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa Pt 2. Yes, I was a fan during Pt. 1, but Pt. 2 is very personal to me. These albums are about the most beautiful time in life: youth. One aspect of what Pt. 2 taught me was the fact that you can be happy and sad at the same time. Things are hard right now, but if you just keep going, it will get better. and I basically cry every time I listen to it. no shame.

currently || watching

this week I watched a crap ton of kdramas. blame it on me being sick. the main ones have been answer me 1988 (I realized I'm putting off watching the last half of episode 18 because I know the show is ending and I'm not ready to face that...), moorim school (MAAAAAGICCCCC), cheese in the trap (I'm kicking myself because I have second lead syndrome and I NEVER get that), and healer (I've rewatched like 13 episodes in the past three days. someone help me). I have problems.

I have an addiction. I need therapy

as always, house has been a thing. I've also started watching Gilmore Girls again. it's nice to play in the background as I study psych vocab.

and let's not talk about teen wolf. I'm too emotional about it all still.

currently || excited about

I get to see my old school friends again this week! I missed them while they went home for winter break, and since I'm basically a hermit when they're gone, I'm happy to have people to visit again. I'm not sure when I'll be driving up north to see them, but I will conquer this cold! It has been spoken!

school! my first week went very anti-climatically--I navigated the strange new world of online classes pretty decently, I think. I missed three questions on my first quiz, which meant I got 88%, so to my perfectionist brain I am a failure if I'm below 95%. working on getting over that. this week, I'm going to study a little harder, but it's not the end of the world if I get an 88% again. or lower. not the end of the world.


my kitty is a little under the weather, so I enjoying cuddles and cute snores and little bursts of play time. hopefully, he'll start feeling better in a few days, but for now we're giving each other lots of love. and he's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

currently || pinterest

sometimes min yoongi accurately represents my life and it's scary

what have you guys been up to? what tv have you been watching in absurd amounts, or are you one of those responsible people who know how to manage their time? do tell me how you manage to do that. almost 20 and still haven't figured it out.

hope you guys have a great week--I'm out!!


  1. Ah, it was an exhausting Sunday for me, too, probably because we just got back from a quizzing tournament and I was absolutely exhausted. *dies*

    1. man, quizzing tournaments are probably the most tiring thing I've ever encountered. literally drains the energy from you. hope you bounced back quickly!

  2. I had an unusually busy Sunday as well, I have been binge watching izombie.

    1. iZombie is wonderful for binge-watching. I love that show so much. :)

  3. basic responsibilities: yo
    me: not u


    Also "curses author's name to the winds ... so relaxing". IT'S SO TRUE.


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