week by week #14 || I swear I have a life

no matter how many times I say I'm going to stick to a schedule, I fail. *shrugs* I guess that's life. weekly updates are hard for me to write too, because I typically forget them until the last minute (despite my better intentions...I honestly say I'm going to start the post on Saturday so I can finish it on Sunday...and that never happens...) I think I had a valid excuse for missing last week though--I was sick again. I may be in tentative recovery from my fibromyalgia symptoms, but that definitely does NOT make me immune to getting sick like you muggles.

in fact, it typically takes me twice as long to kick a cold as the average person. *glares at my immune system* get your crap together, pretty please. I like not being sick.

currently || reading

pretending to be erica
Violet and Erica are two different girls battling out in one body. the only problem is Erica's been dead for years, and Violet's a con artist with daddy issues. she's supposed to be stealing a painting, but she ends up wracked with guilt, confusion, and new friends who don't believe she's who she says she is. I loved the character of Violet so much. her inner conflict was real, as well as her external conflict. Her old father, Sal, was the man who rescued her from being alone; her new mother--Erica's mother--saved her from him. She's a beautiful character at war with herself, and I adore characters like that. Nothing else about the story wast blow my mind amazing, but Violet made the book for me.

bright lights, dark nights, by stephen emond
still reading this one, but once again, really intriguing characters. the plot is interesting too, but I'm not too far into it so I don't think I can comment on how things go. I will say the art is fantastic though.

not if I see you first, by eric lindstrom
*cries for forever because of this book* I'm writing a more thorough review of this one, because I loved it so frickin' much, but suffice it to say that it made me feel things about trust, loss, and friendship. it actually made me face some things that I'd been ignoring for years. good book. veeeeeeery good book.

currently || listening

my songs for the past two weeks. I'm thinking about doing a january recap in music if you guys would like (or even if you wouldn't, ehehehehehe). as always, my taste in music is so varied that it makes ME scratch my head. my ipod is a disaster. 

currently ||  watching

the 100

remember that whole being sick thing? yeah...I watched a ton of the 100 in very little time. I got to the point where I said "I am going to catch up so I can watch it on air." I regret that decision so so much. the 100 has eaten my life and I'm totally okay with it. except now I can't binge watch any more...waiting from week to week kills me.

the 100 crack gives me life

also, I have some serious emotions about Bellamy and Clarke. if you don't ship it, cool, but please let exhibit A be why you should: the way Bellamy looks at Clarke. *heart explodes* I really love Bellamy's name as well. Very unique without being too weird. *double thumbs up*

teen wolf

ah yes the other tv show that I'm watching on air and it freaking. kills. me. I find it really funny that I get invested in kdramas and I have little to no issue waiting for each weeks episodes, while American tv shows drive me crazy while waiting. it might have something to do with the fact that I get two episodes a week with kdramas...yeah. it's awesome.

but teen wolf!  the pack is back--almost. they better rescue my girl Lydia before she actually goes crazy. I'm really glad sassy Stiles is back, because s5a was rough on both Stiles and Scott. it's good that they're not fighting any more. And I'd really like to punch Theo in the face. Yup. No shame.



this is a new kdrama I started that is currently blowing my mind. I'm only two episodes in, but I'm more attached to this show than any of the others that I'm following (well, maybe except Cheese in the Trap. *narrows eyes at Jung* I know there's something up with you. my spidey sense are tingling.) I started it with the understanding that it was serious and a cop/detective drama, which are not my usual style. to my surprise, it's got some subtle funny spots to go with it's very serious topic, and the characters are precious and need to be protected. plus--a mysterious walky-talky that helps solve cold cases across time? yes please.

currently || enjoying

my new phone case

now the world knows that I am indeed min yoongi trash. but seriously, isn't it a really beautiful case? this is the second time I've shopped with this artist, and her work has really good quality for fairly cheap price and shipping. I have a feeling this case will last better than my last one too, because I'm a little less anxious and can't pick at this hardcase like I did with the silicone one I had. I also got a sticker with it, which I put on my laptop. I'm running out of room!


editing editing editing as always. sassy Matt is back, while sad Matt is chilling in a dark corner somewhere, and I'm finding I'm not hating what I write and edit as much now. sadness is good to write, but sometimes it gets very, very old. I'm also on the second chapter of Seeker and I want to squish Wade and Hauk so much. I've missed them a lot. I don't want to squish Grythais though. She's not a hugger. not to mention the whole dungeon slime thing.


february means I'm one step closer to being a normal person (I really should stop saying that in case I relapse and look like an idiot...). I sincerely doubt it'll happen, but maybe I'll get to have some of the forbidden food in february. the possibility lurks! and it both excites me and scares me. I'm also looking forward to february because there are book releases coming  and I have a Barnes and Noble gift card that I am itching to spend. Isn't that the hardest decision? when you have a gift card that you want to use, but you want to use it on the RIGHT thing? that's me right now. so many books to buy and not enough money or time... *sighs* I may just buy me a copy of Not If I See You First, because I loved it that much. that way I can have an eternal source of feels.

rearranging my room

it seems like it hasn't been that long, but it has been about four months since I moved back home and made my little nest. it's time to switch things up. I didn't have the energy to do it this weekend (I was too busy watching the 100, ehehehe), but hopefully this week I'll get around to moving furniture and posters and such. thank goodness I don't have to move my lights again. THAT was a pain and a half.

the day I take them down I will probably cry. THEY WERE SO STRESSFUL

currently // pinterest

I live my life based on this advice

what have you guys been up to? busy week or chill weeks--which do you prefer? if you're in school right now, how's that going? and if you've read Not If I See You First, did you cry or am I just a big baby?

come to me with your tears. I will internet-hug you.

I'm probably just a big baby.

Have a great week, guys! <3

and with that bit of truth, I'm out. peace!


  1. Control by Halsey has been on repeat for me the past few weeks. ITS SO GOOD IT GIVES ME CHILLS. It gets me in such a zone and thinking deeply and its just wow. yes I love it.
    Also I still havent finished season 5 of Teen Wolf :( I keep telling myself I will but I just dont and its sad.
    anyways, I love you and I hope you have a great week beautiful!

    1. I knooooooow it's such a good song! I get chills every time I hear it, and it gives me a lot of writing feels.
      dude...it took me like three months to finally watch the last episode of 5a. I hate finishing TV shows--it's even worse when I know there aren't going to be any more episodes. thank goodness that wasn't the case with this show!
      I love you too <3333

  2. *subtly puts all the books on hold*

  3. Omigosh the 100, I love Bellarke. Bellamy is my favorite character. Yes do a music recap!

    1. I am such Bellarke trash. I can't get enough of it. so so so so hope it becomes canon SOON--I cannot handle the uncertainty of it all. And same--Bellamy is the best.
      You asked, I did. ;) hope you enjoy it!





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