beautiful people & snazzy snippets: the sassy ones and the general

because, let's face it, Matt and Riley are the sassiest when they're together. especially when they're together-together.

now, I know I've said that the great ones and the general's focus isn't on Matt and Riley being a couple. the importance of this story is that Matt chooses to get better, not that having a girlfriend is what convinces him to live or that Riley is the one who "cures" him. however, I will be the first to say that they are the cutest together, and I ship them harder than any character I've ever written.

so a Valentine's Day themed Beautiful People makes me very, very happy.

Snazzy Snippets is a link-up I haven't done before, but since it allows for even more shipping, I think I'm going to take part this month. and maybe next month too.

how did they first meet?
remember my little snippet shutter? in my rewrite, this is where they first encounter each other. Matt thinks she's a little bit weird, but also a little bit like watching poetry coming to life. Riley just sees a photo-op.

what were their first impressions of each other?
well, after their strange encounter on the lake, when they bump into each other and have an actual conversation, Matt concludes that she is more than a little bit weird and is just full-out strange. she also has no respect for his personal space or tics, and so he thinks of her as "the naggy one." Riley thinks he's jumpy and stiff and is more secretive than any eighteen year old ever should be.

how long have they been a couple?
as of yet, never. you actually don't see them get together in the great ones, which was a tough decision, but I think it's the right one. If you'd like to see their adorable relationship after the fact, though, here's a link {clicky!} to my Christmas thingy two years ago!

how committed/loyal are they to each other? would they break up over a secret or a disagreement? could stress drive them apart? would they die for each other?
I would say that out of the two, Riley is the most loyal (at this moment). After a while, Matthew's slightly defective friendship skills kick in, and he gives her a run for her money. When Matt chooses a friend, he doesn't go halfsies. I think that when it comes to break-ups, a disagreement wouldn't do much but make them fight (which they do already...) but a secret could cause some issues, depending on what kind of secret. if Matt got stressed, it would cause some communication issues, but Ri doesn't let him get away with any crap, so it wouldn't last long. And you do get to see how much they risk for each other in this novel--even before they're a couple, they would do almost anything to keep each other safe. (yikes that was lengthy)

list five food quirks they know about each other.
Riley knows that...
1. Matt finds macaroni and cheese oddly poetic
2. he really loves jello cups.
3. eating is difficult for him.
4. he refuses to drink coffee because "becoming hyper is against his core beliefs," but she forces him one night and BOY was that a four hours to remember.
5. he's one of those people who can't handle food touching on his plate. 

Matt knows that...
1. Riley likes sugar more than the average person should.
2. she does not understand the idea behind bacon donuts
3. she cannot stand jello cups, despite the whole sugar thing.
4. grapefuits and fruity pebbles are her breakfast foods of choice
5. if you buy her a cherry limeade slushie, it's an instant cure for the blues.

does anyone disapprove of their relationship?
Jade, Riley's aunt, does at first, but give it a few months. she ships them almost as hard as I do.

what would be an ideal date?
they're both pretty lowkey--Matt would love to just chill at home, watching tv or doing homework together. Riley is the "walks in the park and froyo, get groceries together, just spend time together doing things together" kind of girl.

what are their personality dynamics? similar or contrasting? do they fight a lot or mesh perfectly?
Riley is bubbly and exudes sunshine, even when she's sad. Matt is like sad poetry in human form and the color blue. the only thing they have in common is that they've lost people, their snarkiness, and the fact that they're both big nerds. they contrast a lot, but they also fit together perfectly. I wouldn't say they don't fight at all, but they are a great team.

what have been their best and worst moments as a couple?
the best moment was probably when they actually decided admit they were a couple. the whole "are we dating, are we just friends, this conversation is really awkward" thing went on for almost a year, so when they actually got together, Colt almost wept for joy. the worst moment was when Riley moved out to college and the dynamic of their relationship changed. instead of being a long-distance couple, they saw each other almost every day, and as you can imagine, that took some adjustments on both of their parts.

where do they see themselves and their relationships in the next few years?
honestly, since this ship ends happily (thank goodness), they end up married before the ages of the 25. but they do have a few ups and downs, especially while figuring out the whole college thing. Matt's still sorting out who he is, and Riley has her own family issues to deal with, so the road to "Sassily Ever After" (that pun almost works but really doesn't...) is bumpy and confusing and halting, but I think they know that and expect the ride to be one worth remembering.

aaaaaand here's my shippy snippet--I revisited this one scene from last years summer of writing, and gives me the feels like you have no idea.

The ebb and flow of the city—flashing car lights, stoplights, the clamor of voices, and sirens in the distance--swirled into the throb of my migraine, creating a painfully trippy concoction, and I found myself clutching Sam’s shoulder as she pulled us through the spotty crowds. She raised her pointed chin high and shoved past strangers without hesitation. Did she keep extra confidence in her back pocket? I could barely breath as I shouldered by a scraggly drunk, but she never flinched. I l glanced down at the tired little girl clutching my hand for dear life. Did she simply shut off in situations like this? I had no experience with kids, but weren't most seven year olds eager to explore? Not Linds. The high pitch shriek of some drunk girl laughing in the distances sent her shrinking into her sister's side. Her grubby grip tightened on my hand, squeezing all color out of my fingers. When a hurried man in a suit and tie collided with her from behind, her face blanked. Her legs continued moving, but everything else about her went limp and lifeless. The man swore violently in my ear, then moved on.
I squeezed her hand. “We're almost home, okay?” She didn't answer; her head bobbed in a zombie-state nod.
I look like that. That was me when I shut down. I didn’t care. I just grabbed hold of the safest looking object within arm’s length and powered off.
I shook my head. An out of body experience, combined with a migraine, was a recipe for another bout of vomiting.
All I do these days is vomit.
We finally pulled away from the night crowd onto the side street next to our shady hotel (which looked even shadier with an 11 o'clock shadow and dark figures lighting up in the alleyways surrounding it) when Sam stopped. “Are you okay now?” Her eyebrows arched together in a bridge of concern, and I forced myself to breathe deeply.
Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Do not rip girl’s head off.
I’m fine.”
That refrain was getting annoying, even to me.
No, you’re not.”
Also, that.
You’re shaking. Feverish shaking, not terrified shaking. Which I couldn't blame you for, since this neighborhood is freaking scary.” She dropped Linds’ hand and suddenly she balanced on her tiptoes, wobbling back and forth as she laid her cool hand on my forehead.
I flinched. I couldn't help it.
She frowned.
All in all, nothing new.
You might be running a fever.”
I doubt it.”
I don’t get sick.”
She snorted. “Oh yes, I’ll totally believe that after you vomited all over my shoes—twice!--and took a snooze using my lap as a pillow. You’re the perfect picture of health.”
I scowled at her, even though the dark turned both of our faces into speckly shadows, after glancing pointedly at Linds. “Shut up…”
What? The kid's not gonna judge you just because you fell asleep on my lap after swearing that I'm too annoying for you to function in my presence. You just slept, Matt. That's all. It's not a moment of weakness or something to be ashamed of.”
Not exactly. I couldn’t tell her how I hadn’t slept at all that night. I couldn’t tell her how the pillow had seemed lumpy and the mattress rock hard after those blessed minutes of undisturbed sleep. I couldn’t tell her how I would almost fall asleep with her legs under my head again, just because my exhaustion seeped through me, weighing me down to my very fingertips.
I couldn’t tell her any of this--mostly because there weren’t the right words to express those thoughts.
She’d probably misunderstand on purpose, even if I told her. That was the way she worked.
Just drop it, okay? Let’s go home.” I started walking. I hoped she would follow, or even better, that she wouldn’t, and then I could have a moment of peace and quiet. But when she didn’t budge, I stopped in my tracks. A hard lump settled in the base of my throat, making it almost impossible to swallow or talk. “Aren’t you coming?” I managed to croak out.
She blinked quickly, like she struggled to pull her thoughts away from something, and took Linds’ hand again. She didn’t meet my eyes, but she walked to my side with a confidence that filled me with fear.
I wonder,” she said, without looking up at me, “what makes you such a pathological liar. It’s kinda getting annoying.”
My eyebrows shot up. Pathological liar. I’d never been called that one before. If her words weren’t so barbed, I’d take it as a compliment. Better than psycho or crazy or broken.
The cracked walls of the hotel loomed into my line of vision, and I sighed in relief. Silence was within reach. Happiness surged through me, shoving the nagging pain of the migraine out of mind for half a second. Without realizing what I was doing, I slung an arm over her shoulder and pushed her forward, smirking a smidge. “You’re annoying,” I retorted just a tad too late.
She stiffened, and I almost pulled away. Stupid stupid stupid stupid. But then her tension slid away, and it was like we walked this way every day. Her and me, side by side, like Shiloh and I always used to do.
Like Jon and I did.
I couldn’t help but remember that when Colt touched her, she froze.
I didn’t understand anything.

I have no idea if this was shippy at all but it's one of my favourite Matt/Riley scenes so yeah

man I love these two dweebs. they are precious, and it makes me happy that they make you happy. I mean, every time I post snippets with my dorks together, the usual response is how shippy they make you feel. and that just blows my mind--how my two little babies can create such a reaction. your love for my characters is literally the love that keeps on giving. it makes me smile really big and makes me want to keep on writing.

so thank you for being my biggest cheerleaders. :)



  1. THIS POST IS SO CUTE AND SHIPPY I JUST LOVE IT. <33 I am already shipping them so hard. Omg. I also love how they contrast and also when you wrote this: "Matt is like sad poetry in human form and the color blue." OMGGGG THAT IS GORGEOUS POETRY IN JUST THAT ONE SENTENCE. I like. :')

    Thanks for linking up with us!!

    1. THANK YOU!!! I actually wasn't sure about that sentence (I was afraid it was too cheesy) but I'm really glad you liked it!

  2. OH MY GOSH THE BEAUTIFUL LITTLE CHILDREN. *hugs them* I need to read this, though I'm sure you know that by now. *melts*

    1. I shall refer to my characters as the beautiful little children now; I love that. XD *melts as well*

  3. OH MAN THE CUTENESS OVERLOAD I AM DYING. I love their snappy dialogue and the Monopoly metaphor there, just eeeek. Your voice is just so obvious, and I think it's fabulous you did Beautiful People and Snazzy Snippets together. Riley and Matt know so many food facts about each other <3 <3

    Thank you for linking up with us!

    1. food facts are my favourite things to be honest! :P thank you for the sweet comment and for hosting such a great link up! I'm kinda in love and can't wait til next month! :)


  5. Aw these two are so cute! It's a nice change of pace to have the guy as the quiet one in the relationship. Grapefruit yum. ^ ^

    My BP:

  6. Heeyeyyyy! THESE TWO!

    OK but listen.

    This is probably a dumb question but ...

    who's Sam??

    In the snippet: "I found myself clutching Sam’s shoulder as she pulled us through the spotty crowds." Is this Matt narrating?? (I mean, I know it is. He's talking about Jon and Colt.) Did Riley used to be called Sam?

    I love the thing about coffee. Same, Matt, same.

    Also they get married?!??! THAT MAKES ME SO SO SO SO HAPPY. (I take it great ones is a standalone, correct?)

    Beautiful post, brightened my day!

    1. crap I thought I caught all the name changes. yeah, Riley is old Sam; I wrote this last summer, so the change hadn't occurred yet. whoops. :P

      and yesss the great ones is standalone. :)


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