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I wish every day could be like this.

it's glorious outside right now. I'm writing this on our deck, listening to Troye Sivan, and basking like a cat in the sunshine. It is a serious struggle to stay awake right now.

Naptime will have to wait for a bit, though, because these book reviews are happening. and not even delicious May-in-February can stop that.

|| bruiser ||

remember that book I said I would read nearly two weeks ago? yeah, finally writing that review. whoops.

if I had to sum Bruiser up in three words, I'd go with this: poetic and painful. this book isn't an ordinary read. it made me think and it made me confused and it made me very very emotional. it's one that you need to dig into or you won't fully understand. maybe a reread or two needs to take place for everything to sink in. because there is something there--but if you don't pay attention and soak in all the ideas and thoughts being tossed your way, you'll just end up confused. but in a beautiful way.

me: I like it but what just happened???
 I picked this book up thanks to Aimee Meester's the 16 Types as YA Novels post. she described Bruiser as: "You're deep and thoughtful and smarter than people give you credit for. You've also got a lot to say about feelings." as an INFJ and a growing Shusterman fan, I knew I had to check it out. took me longer than it should have, but I finally got my eager hands on it.

my favourite character was definitely Tennyson. I love Bronte and Brewster, but I related to Tennyson the most, for some strange reason. he's a raw, seething person with intellectual power. he deals with anxiety and grief and hurt and confusion and anger...he is literally overflowing with emotions. I understand what it's like to be overwhelmed with emotions. I mean, just last week, I experienced so many ups and downs that I was just like "ummmm, brain, can we have a break? please?" so to suddenly have all those emotions taken away or calmed...I can't imagine what that feels like, but I can imagine how addictive it must be. emotions that hurt hurt. so in the end, when Tennyson pushes away the calm and takes control of his pain--that was when I fell in love with his character. he's a bully who cares, and I love his conflict between kindness and anger.

Bruiser made me an emotional lil mess, but not in a "break my heart" kind of way. Bruiser filled me with sentimentality, confused me, made me think. If given the chance, I would totally hug every single character in this book. except that darn uncle. Although his character amused me (one of the first stories little me wrote had an uncle a lot like him), I still hated his guts...and felt a little sorry for him.

also, that ending tho.

|| the anatomical shape of a heart ||

this book redeemed contemporary romances for me, although just for a little bit. when I started it, I was very over contemporaries of all shapes and sizes. I heard great things about this book, but my passivity towards the genre made me anxious that I would hate it. thankfully, I couldn't put it down. literally. it was one of those reads that you curled up with, put off bathroom breaks, and didn't eat supper til 9pm because of how it held you.

and it was very adorable.

although little me would groan at this book, I enjoy a good romance now. especially when the flirtation is snapping and cute, the friendship is believable and it isn't #love@firstsight, and the characters are precious, sarcastic beans who love art.

I just want to hug all the beans right now.

 Bex is a beast of a character, and I mean that in the nicest of ways. I would love to be friends with Bex. I mean, she does her hair in Princess Leia braids. and medieval braids. and just all the braids. she's also a sassy girl after my own heart, who wants to pursue her dream, even if it makes her sick to the stomach. and I like that kind of guts (no pun intended). I would also love to be Jack's friend, even though I picture him differently than what the book describes (for some odd reason, that description didn't stick.) his love for his sister, his friendship with Bex, his thoughts on life...I love it all. his long-suffering side isn't my favourite, but I'll forgive him that.

though this was me for part of the novel

part of my love for this book is its many layers. it's obviously a romance, but there's kind of a mystery element to it. why is Jack at the hospital so often? who is he? and what about Bex's dad? not only that, but it's also about art. I love the contrast between Bex's graphite personality and Jack's bright aura. The differences in their characters is portrayed in their art styles, and I adore that.

there's even an element of mental health awareness in this book. that was a very pleasant surprise.
overall, I'm still very done with contemporaries, but this book is incredible in so many ways. it's beautifully written, its cast is vivid and very sarcastic, and it's artsy in all the right ways. what more could you want?

|| of metal and wishes ||


excuse me while I dance and sing in absolute joy. I have no idea if I've said this before, but I am the pickiest when it comes to fantasy. I was obsessed as young teenager, so now I have to find unique fantasies or I feel like I'm reading the exact same thing over and over.

this book surprised me. I honestly thought it was more of a historical thriller. it screamed of Industrial Revolution era...only with the Noor and the Ring and Ghosts. all the elements that make it amazingly fantastic. or steampunk. I'm torn between the two genres for this lovely book. of metal and wishes reminded me a lot of Phantom of the Opera (and for someone who's never seen the movie and only read half the play, that's saying a lot). but with a fantasy, steampunky vibe.

Wen's character was refreshing. I didn't fall in love with her instantly, but once we got into the meat of the story, I really liked her attitude. she's not a outright "brave" girl. she was brought up in the Ring, where she learned embroidery and lived a safe life. Now she works in Gochan One, sewing up people and trying to stay alive. when all that she loves is in danger, she is terrified--but she does what she has to do, no matter how she shakes.

I love the world-building of this book. I saw the setting perfectly. the grisliness of the killing floor, the eerie chill of Bo's lair, the Ghost's almost feels like you're there. the characters were interesting, but I feel like the only only one we know is Wen. I really wish we got to know Melik and the Noor more, as well as Bo. the ending of the the novel felt a little rushed, but that may be because I finished it under the influence of this February sun. nevertheless, I definitely look forward to reading the next book. if it means more Wen, I'm in! aaaaand I just realized that rhymes.

what did you read this week? do you feel the same way about contemporaries and fantasies as I do? or have you read any of these books, and what did you think about them? do you like this new style of multiple reviews in one? I kind of do.  talk to me about Bruiser. I have too many emotions.

have a great weekend, guys!



  1. Thanks for the book recommendations!


    that is all.

    have a lovely day :)

  3. *shrieks quietly* BRUISER BRUISER BRUISER.

    I will probably never NOT love that book. Tennyson is my favorite, too. <3 (Also, Of Metal and Wishes is indeed a Phantom of the Opera adaption! And I loved it too.)


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