week by week #15 // i wish i could blame this on lack of sleep but i'm just really weird

I wrote this at an absurd hour of the night running on very little sleep with my cat running circles around me. fear me--I am a little slap happy.

just kidding I'm a lot slaphappy wheeeeeeeee

this week mainly consisted of me whining at the weather systems to make up their mind about rain or snow or to just go away already, having sad Hamilton songs stuck in my head while I'm trying to sleep, and moving heavy furniture and highly regretting it. I am healthy now (lol), so I'm not hacking and sneezing and I can dance party to Zico's Eureka without collapsing on the floor (you don't want to see me dancing. you really don't.)

I watched less tv this week!!! crazy, but true. I mean, I did watch a whole season of Falling Skies in like two days and at least half of Dark Matter this week but it's progress! this week has also been a sort of break from kdrama watching for me, because I've hardly watched any of my shows this week. what am I becoming? will I actually have a life now?


currently || reading

bruiser, by neal shusterman

*cries a lot* man, was last week big for feelsy books. I have a review coming on Monday or Tuesday, but man alive did I love this book. Shusterman never fails to please. definitely becoming my favourite author. *looks apologetically at Scott Westerfeld*

the anatomical shape of a heart, by jenn bennett

ok ok I haven't started this one yet, but it's next on my agenda and I've heard very good things about it. I am getting a little tired with contemporaries and romance--I've been reading a ton lately. guess that means I should finish Passenger *gulps* and start the sequel to Proxy. but apparently this book is about artists and friendship before relationship and all good things, so I'm willing to swallow another contemporary for that. (but if you have any good historical fiction recs or basically anything, please save a soul here. my TBR for this month is very thin.)

currently || listening

songs of the week! (I literally just did a music post, so these songs are few but SO SO GOOD.)

currently || watching

dark matter

so about a billion years ago I started Firefly. I liked the characters, liked the concept, liked the dialogue, but for some odd reason I just couldn't get into it. I think I was really sick at the time, so that may have been part of it, but NOW I've discovered the lovely show Dark Matter and it reminds me a lot of Firefly...just less cowboyish. I love the mystery element--six people wake up with no memory of who they are or what they're doing on a spaceship--and the sass is real. it also has a way of introducing plot themes, subtly hiding them for a few episodes, and then bringing them back in a way that makes me go "oh snap. that just happened, and it was awesome."

the 100

same, bell, same

still not over finishing season 2. I ALMOST went back and started over, but for Falling Skies sake I resisted. It was tough though. I actually haven't watch the episode for this week, because I've been mad busy the past two days, but I hope to tomorrow while the rest of the world is watching football. *shrugs* I didn't know it was possible, but my Bellarke feels got even bigger. I will go down with this ship.

falling skies

aliens. conflict. splodey. my cup of tea. also, little fourteen year old Ely had a crush on Connor Jessup, even though she had no clue what he was in, so imagine my shock and surprise when Ben pops up and I'm just like "OH MY GOSH IT'S THE GUY." yeah. that happened. I'm really intrigued to see where this show goes. I mean--how can you end a season like that. HOW. also, there are a bunch of questions that are still be answered, character development (ehehehe ) that must surely happen, and aliens. I freaking jump every time one of the long spindly aliens pops up, because they remind me of Slenderman and I've watched one too many youtubers play that game.

bts fmvs

ok. today has been an emotional week. not in a bad way, but I've just felt a lot of varied emotions this week. more so than usual. when I was sad, I watched these videos. when I was proud of my boys, I watched these videos. when I was craving chills up my spine and feels, I watched these videos. I love bangtan so much, and they make my life a little more smiley. :) *does a little happy dance because min yoongi*

but seriously how could you not love him?

also this one. he is my meme child. such a weird kiddo--I can't believe he's technically 18 now. how. why. what is this devilry.

bless kim seokjin. that's all I'm going to say.

so you guys know I love Halsey, and especially this song. combine that with two the deepest MVs I've seen in years (and Prologue, which I still cannot watch without sobbing like a little baby) and you've got the coolest thing ever. so many chills.

this video makes me so emo, because I love this song and I love bangtan and everything about it is just so perfect. bangtan is a family and they built their own house and it blows my mind how proud of them I am. ok. I'm done being emotional. moving on.

currently || excited about


this is actually happening tomorrow (aka, today for you guys). my church meets in an elementary school cafeteria. it's a great place, but it's not our place, you know? they started a building program this year, and tomorrow is the day that both services are going to come together and see what's going to happen in the next year for our location and such. it's very exciting--especially since I haven't gone to a church in an honest to goodness building in the past ten years or so? I'm really happy I found this church, because I don't know where I'd be without it. even though I don't make it to service all the time (aka the summer of fibromyalgia), I feel really blessed to have this church family.

my room

look at the pretty! look!!

I'm really happy with this arrangement. it's different, but in a good way. I have floorspace again! I do need to find a posterframe for my BTS poster, because it needs to be hung. the room is not complete without that on my wall. also, my cat is very happy that I've put my bed next to the window...he can finally survey his mighty domain.


this morning, one of the first things I did was translate the korean caption on an instagram post. it wasn't that long or complicated, but I didn't have to think about it that much. it was really weird and kinda blew my mind. so I guess I'm getting there. I know I'm not very good verbally, but I can read   한글  perfectly--and finally my vocabulary is catching up with that. and it feels really good. I'm also to the point where I can watch things without subtitles and get a rough 50% of what they say. unless it's technical stuff. then I'm clueless.

seeing my friends

I've said for three weeks straight that I was going to visit my old college friends. It's been at least a month and then some since I saw 2nd Floor Foundy, and I miss them. I've seen my roommate twice, which has been fantastic, but I miss my other friends too. *is a sad pumpkin* plus, I keep seeing that there's a new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt coming, and it makes me miss them even more. so I'm going to get there this week. it is happening.

watch me come down with another cold. wouldn't surprise me one bit.


yooooooo I feel like I've caught hold of something. writing was going along like molasses or something, but now it's more like maple syrup or a speedy little turtle. I'm happy with things--actually, I'm happy enough that I can look past the things that I feel like I must pick over and analyze for days--and I'm excited to branch out the story some. my plot is looking a little less shaky, and my characters are broader too. overall, very happy.

me on my way to finish this book

currently || pinterest

gosh I love mountain tattoos...idk why.

how have you guys been? what are you currently reading, watching, listening to, and/or excited about? stressful week or chill week? either way, have a hug. I'm in a huggy mood tonight.

I really need sleep, guys. but my kdrama is calling me...

but seriously. I love Cheese in the Trap so much.

see you on Tuesday, guys. or Monday. haven't made up my mind quite yet. but that's the exciting thing about life, right? full of surprises.

seriously, good night. or good morning. or whatever it is for you. I'm going to go find food because it's late and I'm starving.



  1. Your room looks awesome, especially love the poster and your adorable cat.
    Takes free hug <3
    I've been watching the 100 and the Blacklist.

    1. he really is the cutest, isn't he? but also deceptively evil.

  2. *flails because all the Hamilton and Neal Shusterman and Falling Skies*

    1. I flails so much about these things these days it's not even funny... XD

    2. "I flails so much" wow Elizabeth do you even English?? *facepalm*

  3. I'm glad things are going better for you! Falling Skies! Yessssssssss! Love that show. ^ ^ And love the BB-8 gif! :D


    1. yesssss Falling Skies is sooooooo good!!!! and thank you!! :)

  4. I very much appreciate the BB-8 GIF at the end thank you.

    but CONNOR JESSUP. I love him. my sister always teases me because theres a guy I know who looks just like him and well its a mess. but moral of the story: Ben Mason is the best. Im thinking about getting a 1 month trial of Amazon prime just to finish the last series. oops. lol.

    but wow you and your taste in books. haha. Ive been meaning to read Bruiser too. lol. I cant wait to read that review!

    I love you :)

    1. you're welcome. <3 every time I see it I'm just like "aww yes my soul is blessed".

      WOW I can't imagine how weird that would be. I know one guy who kind of looks like Matt Smith and I'm always confused how his face does it. He also looks like fetus Josh Dun. IDK. man, if we lived closer I would come over and we could have marathons--we have Amazon prime (thanks to my brother XD).

      yeah I can't wait to read it either once my brain freaking finds words. gaaah. help.

      I love you too, dear. <3333

  5. I'm really really enjoying your writing speed gif :')

    I must read some Neal Shusterman I really must because if I don't the blogosphere's PROBABLY going to assassinate me? So yeah there's that.

    I love this post!


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