week by week #16 // gangster chickens and aliens

things I've learned in the past week:

  • the X-files are awesome 
  • chickens are slightly terrifying
  • I love my brother a lot
  • I can force myself into a sleep schedule if necessary
  • and I really really miss my kitty. 

like, really really miss him.

I am currently house-sitting! first time I've been technically employed since I was diagnosed with celiac disease. house-sitting is right up my alley, because I can sit a lot, sleep as much as I need to, and I'm healthy enough now that I can run from the chickens when they surround me like some sort of Mafia gang.

yes. I am scared of chickens. feel free to judge me.

me @ me: you are so lame.

the place I'm staying at is really nice, though, and the people who live here are absolute sweethearts, so I'm looking forward to this week. gonna get a ton of school and writing done, hopefully. *crosses fingers*

even though the other animals I'm watching are really sweet (apart from the gangster birds) I do miss Finn a ton. and it's only been one night. It's funny how you get attached to snuggling every night and don't realize it until you can't snuggle with your fuzzy friend.

I want to cuddle all the furry creatures!!!!

currently || reading

the boy most likely to, by huntley fitzpatrick
yet another contemporary...this week I have a sci-fi and some fantasy to read, thank goodness. I was hesitant about this book, especially after the disappointment of What I Thought Was True, but it turned out to be not awful (no My Life Next Door, but still). kinda soap-opera-ish, but sassy and not terrible. probably won't ever reread, but restored my fragile faith in this author. and made me want to reread My Life Next Door.

speechless, by hannah harrington
now this contemporary I loved. Chelsea can't keep her mouth shut--she talks and talk and talks. no secret is safe with her. but  when blabbing a certain secret goes terribly wrong, people end up in the hospital and she decides to take a vow of silence. her old friends abandon her, and she discovers that maybe the people she mocked before are actually the better of the two groups. overall, a very cute story. I love the diner setting and how much character Chelsea gained over her vow of silence. and the love story element was precious, and I think everyone deserves a friend like Asha.

me before you, by jojo moyes
I'm in the middle of this one AND I JUST SAW A SPOILER HELP. I kind of already knew what it was, but this confirmed the details before it actually happened. and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean, as an author I applaud this move. as a reader I kinda wanna cry. but don't mind me and my stupid tendency to look at sequels before finishing the first book. go read this beautiful book. has interesting characters, important things to say about ableism and disabilities, and an important message about living your life.

currently || listening

(even if you don't like kpop watch ^this^ song. IT IS MY JAM. also accurately represents my sister and I's relationship)

I do the dance for this song very badly and my cat looks at me very funny every time, like "that's not how you do it, idiot human."

currently || watching

the x-files
I really shouldn't have started watching the x-files before going to house-sit (I'm watching it right now. I may have consequences). It's just eerie enough to wig me a little, but so far I'm doing pretty good. it's not my fault, because I started it under the impression that there WEREN'T actually alien tomfoolery happening. that it all could be explained by science and stuff, kind of like how the supernatural episodes of Psych and Criminal Minds are. not complaining about the eeriness though. I haven't found a tv show I liked this much in ages (okay, since the 100. but still). I'm almost to season 2!

I love Scully and Mulder so freaking much

so much subtle sass

the flash
my little brother started watching this show together Friday night. He'd never seen it, and I stopped halfway through season one for some odd reason, so we're working our way from the beginning. His words? "Is Barry that guy from Twilight?" he groans at the kissy scenes and tolerates me shouting at Dr. Wells and General Eiling that they're dirtbags. overall, it's pretty great.

currently || pinterest

this was my life last week now I need to be up by 6:30 every morning because chickens help


same hoseok same

*misses my purple hair so hardcore*

also, do me a favour and watch this video. I love this man so much. I laughed so hard I wheezed--it once took him 30 minutes and 3 staff members to get his lenses.  I actually cannot even.

I hope you guys had a great weekend, and I'll see you soon for some more book reviews, once I finish Me Before You! *sobs a little*

byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *falls asleep*


  1. I think chicken's are kinda scary too, I mean they eat each other a lot of the time.
    My cat and me sleep together every night too, the longest we have been separated for was a month, it was awful.

    1. man, I can't even imagine not having my kitty for a month. just a week made the both of us miss each other so much--he is stuck to me like velcro, whether I'm doing school or sleeping or trying to do yoga. XD


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