week by week #17 // mister ambiguous and aliens

things that happened this week:
  • the chickens didn't eat me (though I did get followed down the driveway some...that was fun)
  • I found a schedule that I really like and think will help me get stuff done on a daily basis
  • I watched yet another season of the x-files, way too fast
  • someone needs to save me from the plot bunnies
  • I saw my brother and his family and fell on the floor a lot because exhaustion
  • I came home ^_^
  • aaaaand somehow I turned into a morning person. 
I honestly think that last one is the scariest. I have never been a through and through morning person. And now I wake up at 6:30 and think "are the chickens fed? have they picked themselves to pieces yet?" and then proceed to be wide awake.

and I'm not sure it's a bad thing.

*crosses off morning person award*

anyways, I survived my week away and discovered that I really shouldn't live by myself. Words could not stop flowing from my mouth when my sister dropped by or when I finally came home. definitely need a roommate--and that doesn't mean my cat. he's great to talk to, but his baleful glares aren't the best for conversation.

I am Mabel. Mable is me.

it's funny, I said I was going to get a lot of reading and writing done while over there, and I did...but it was school writing and reading. I have a final this Saturday, and then two weeks of break! I'm excited for next quarter (English Comp I and Art Appreciation!) but I'm ready for a breather. 

here are some of the lovely things I've been loving this week!

currently || reading

red queen, by victoria aveyard
in celebration of finally finishing Me Before You (*sniffs* review is coming! I promise!), I am treating myself to a book I've wanted to read for a long time...but I always forgot the title. *facepalms* I'm about a quarter way through it, and hope to finish it tomorrow. so far, I really like it. The protagonist hasn't connected with me yet, but I'm giving her time. I like her spunk though. I did see how the whole "arena" Queenstrial scene was gonna go  and who Cal was. And I feel a love triangle lurking in the shadows, so I'm a little concerned about that, but I'm still giving it the benefit of the doubt.

black dove, raven white, by elizabeth wein
just picked this up from the library! I feel kinda sad that when I tried Code Name Verity it just didn't stick to me (I think I tried to read it while under the influence of gluten), so I'm hoping this book will give me another shot at liking this author's work. plus, historical ya fiction is something I'm constantly craving. give me your recommendations. help me.

denton's little death date, by lance rubin
heh...I actually meant to read this book ages ago. I think I put it on hold last year, but the hold expired and I never got my hands on it. I said I was done with contemporaries for a while, but I don't think this one will be an ordinary contemporary. *crosses fingers*

currently || listening 

(sorry for the lack of english songs. *shrugs* february music post is coming soon! until then, pls love my homegirls mamamoo and my sons astro...)

currently || watching

the x-files
same old, same old. I introduced my sister this week (why watch suspenseful tv shows in the middle of the woods in a old creaky house by yourself when you could watch them with your sister), and she really likes talking the plot through with me and proclaiming at really tense moments: "Man, how is that Mulder guy so attractive? Howw???" yup. good times.

words cannot express my love for scully

I mentioned this kdrama a few weeks ago, and I'm glad to say that it turned out more amazing than I thought it would. I've been in a little bit of a slump in keeping up with my shows lately (call it the cost of doing well in school), but signal and cheese in the trap have been the two that I absolutely have to watch. I love timey wimey things, and it's a great detective show. there is police corruption popping up now, which is one of my least favourite kdrama trope (mostly because it gets VERY political and VERY dry VERY fast), but I'll forgive it that little grievance. it's made me laugh, cry, and think...and I love that I don't know any of the actors from anything else? it keeps me from being distracted by past contrasting roles.

you're beautiful
ahhh speaking of tropes. this is one of my first and favourite shows, despite how cheesy and random it is. I love seeing my babies again. also the crazy fashion and hair. and that OST!!! *cries a lil*

the flash
my mind is blown. why did I ever stop watching this show? I'm still conflicted and confused about a lot of things, but now I understand why I had this huge love-hate relationship with Dr. Wells and a bunch of other details have been cleared up. can't wait to finish season 1 and start on season 2.

currently || enjoying

oh my gosh guys. it is amazing here. I don't handle cold too well, and humidity makes fibro into a raging beast, but I will love this perfect 67 degrees for as long as possible. I've worn shorts two days in a row. granted, I was still wearing a hoodie, but isn't that the epitome of comfort? It's warm enough to play basketball again as well.

I've had cheese twice this week. I've had a little stomach discomfort, but no out of the ordinary aches and pains, so I think it's just to be expected after such a long time of only eating little portions of butter. I'm both excited and scared to move on to more foods...taking it slowly though. veeeeeeeeery slowly.

I love this group so much. they are the craziest girls I've seen so far, and that just makes me love them more. plus, just listen to those harmonies???? how???

currently || pinterest

hope you guys had a fantastic week! what were you all up to? is the weather nice where you're at, or is it still stuck in that icky winter place? (if so, my condolences)

have a great start to your week, guys!!!



  1. I couldn't live alone either I talk and sing all the time, my cat gives me baleful glares too!

    1. I talk to myself a lot--and then end up scaring myself when I hear my voice after being silent for too long. XD

  2. Megan isn't wrong about Mulder, yo holla.. XD
    Which season are you on?

    1. I'm approaching the end of season 2. I actually made her start in the middle of this season, without any context or anything. she was so confused, but she likes Mulder, so she stuck around. XD

  3. dude you're going to love art appreciation!! Im taking theatre appreciation, as Im sure you're aware, and its the best class ever. Ive almost cried in class like three times because art is so incredible.
    and that tumblr post about dating someone with anxiety. yes. yes. yES.

    1. ooooooh I wish my school had theatre appreciation (actually, I don't know if they do, but I'm too lazy to check). that sounds so incredible! I'm super pumped about it! I love Bible college, but I'm realizing just how much I love learning about art and history and even science! I'm thrilled to get to take biology and US History. that's how nerdy I am (and it's awesome).

      I know, right??? I want to shove it into the faces of all my friends who don't have anxiety(because it's true not just for boyfriend-girlfriends).

  4. I used to an owl too. I don't remember the exact day my body suddenly decided it's okay with mornings too. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking, "screw it, I'm done for today" at 11pm and then set the alarm for 5am to finish off hw.

    And historical fiction recs? Read anything by Ruta Sepetys, The Secret Life of Bees (watch the movie tooor else I'll shoot you), The Boy in Striped Pajamas (the movie too - I dare you) The Color Purple, Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein (give her a second chance, I loved CNV only on my second try), Walk on Earth a Stranger, The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult ... hang on, my brain just short-circuited itself.

    And stop recommending korean stuff - I'm trying to graduate this year, ok? :P

    1. OH MY GOSH *puts all the books on hold* I haven't read any of these! (except for Code Name Verity, of course). thank you! <3 I do plan on rereading CNV; I can let a book that I know is quality slip me by like that. XD

      ehehehe nooooo my job is recommending korean stuff--now if only I could get payed for that. and same, I'm studying for my final this week and keep getting distracted by all the lovely things I have to watch and listen to. :D


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