beautiful people: the non-descript boy and the purple jacket

I have a problem.

(actually I have a lot of problems but let's not get distracted from the point...)

I have a plot bunny. actually, it's a little more of a plot sheep, because of the larger amount of fluff than normal. and actually, this plot sheep is borderline obese, because it is growing by the second.

and when I say fluff, I mean fluff, guys. I'm so used to angst and sadness and emotional macaroni and cheese that the idea of writing happy fluffy things both excites and scares me. also, the idea of a plot sheep kind of terrifies me because I'm really getting places with the great ones.

but this is a plot sheep or bunny or whatever other fluffy woodland creatures you can think of that I am willing to keep.

literally how I felt when I got this idea

so here I am, doing Beautiful People about people I literally thought up yesterday, and I'm totally okay with that.

welcome to the world, Nathan Fields. you have foiled my plans to actually write from a female perspective post great ones. thanks.

What first inspired this character? Is there a person/actor you based them off?
aaaaactually this whole story (but especially Nathan) was inspired by my repeated awkward encounters at the library. I have been working there a few times a week, and it always seems like I make awkward eye contact/collisions with people while there. and if there's anything I enjoy more than being awkward, it's forcing my awkwardness off on my characters. I haven't seriously thought about how Nathan looks, but in my quick scribbles from yesterday he kind of looks like this guy in my head. but not really. idk.

Describe their daily routine.

wake up. shower. decide between fruit loops and raisin bran for breakfast. say goodbye to parents. walk to the library wishing he could spend his summer outside instead of squirreled away in a dark corner of books. shelf books and avoid people. eat tuna sandwich for lunch (white bread, none of that nasty whole wheat stuff). shelf more books. try not to stalk girl in the purple jacket. try to ignore girl in purple jacket. when girl in purple jacket leaves try not to totally stalk her by reading the books she looked at. shelf more books. clock out. walk home, still wishing he could the summer outside. eat supper in front of the tv. wait up until the parents get home. get in bed. try not to think about the girl in the purple jacket. try not to think about how he doesn't know her face. sleep. badly.

Nathan 90% of the time.

If they joined your local high school, what clique would they fit into?
*whispers* Nathan's a giant nerd but he's not the kind of nerd who likes to hang out with other nerds so he's kind of an egotistical nerd. 

Write a list of things they merely tolerate. Ex: certain people, foods, circumstances in their lives...
~his parents~
~cold coffee~
~his best friends, the only nerds he actually likes~
~the way he can't approach the girl in purple even though he's 90% he might like least the back of her head and her taste in books~
~baby carrots and artichokes~

How do they react in awkward silences?

he sometimes tries to break the awkward silence but his voice usually cracks and it is mucho awkwardo.

Can they swim? If so, how did they learn?
yes, he was on the swim team until this last year when he suddenly needed to have a job. his grandpa taught him in this slimy pond out back in the middle of nowhere. 

What is one major event that helped shape who they are?
the day his parents put his grandfather into a nursing home against both Nathan and his grandpa's will.

also Nathan 90% of the time

What things do they value most in life?
patterns and solidarity. he doesn't like uncertainty. also his books.

Do they believe in giving other people second chances? Do they have any trust issues?
he doesn't really give second chances; they just kind of fall into that "I tolerate you" area of things. I wouldn't say he has trust issues, but he doesn't trust you easily once you break his trust. 
this is mainly directed at his parents, who are accidentally jerks but really mean well. 

Your character is having a rough day...what things do they do to make them happy again? Is there anyone they talk/interact with to get in a better mood?

he hates talking on the phone, but he'll call up his grandpa, just to talk to him about his life in the nursing home. he also likes to eat crappy chinese take-out and watch old crime shows. 

 guys, the fluffy monstrosity of a plot bunny is now the size of a woolly mammoth. I now have a name for it too. THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

 but now it's time to put this beautifully tempting idea away and envelope myself in the great ones. not that I'm complaining. things are flowing very well right now, and I'm super excited to move on from Matt being constantly sad to Matt being slightly less sad. it's progress, I guess. 

now I'm going to watch anime and read books and not think about Nathan and the girl in the purple jacket or that essay that I need to finish by tomorrow. 
you can't tell I've been watching absurd amounts of Parks and Rec lately, can you?
hope you guys have a great week!  



  1. Oh I love this plot bunny, and the idea of an awkward boy. Causally stalking a girl in a purple jacket, and reading the books she reads. It's gold!

    1. thanks! I'm excited to be thinking about writing something that ISN'T devastatingly painful or sad. just cute and fluffy without much drama. and awkwardness. :)

  2. Aw he sounds sweet and damaged. :( I also hate talking on the phone. His relationship with his grandparents seems sweet. Best wishes writing him!

    My BP:


    You just have the ability to make me fall for your characters hook, line and sinker, after one post. Thanks a bunch, Ely.

    But library based romances ARE THE BEST KIND. And that pic of Nathan is adorable, I'm already in love with him myself.

    What's going to happen when she turns round?!? I'm thinking like facial deformity or something and it's all adorable because he's learnt not to judge people, uh, from the front?


    Good luck with Great Ones! Oh Matt <33


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