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Skye and Ashley host a weekly link-up to inspire inspiration, creativity, and digging deep into your writing. this week, I thought I'd join them (especially since I realized I accidentally had two reviews planned and no other post... O.O ...that's definitely a first for me...) this week, the prompt is:

what would the back cover of your novel be? try and make it as intriguing as possible. remember, this is all readers have when trying to decide if they're going to read your book or not. do the best you can to convince a hypothetical reader to pick up your book. 

I've actually written many back cover blurbs for the great ones over the past years, especially as the story and characters have changed, but I don't think I've done it recently, so I'm going to post the old version and my newer, improved version as well. plus, I've had an easier week of school (compared to last week, where school was the main reason I didn't blog at all), so writing has been happening a lot AND I LOVE IT.

basically me rn

original version (taken from my difficult to find the great ones and the general page):

Matthew North is a nineteen year old who sleeps on top of his sheets and visits a therapist every week. he doesn't want to be here. his best friend doesn't understand what's going on inside his head, and even Matt isn't sure if he does. the only for sure thing in his life are the straight black lines in his notebook. they lead to truth of some sort, unlike people. people just lead to disappointment.

when he discovers that the one person he trusts is leaving, he doesn’t know what to do. this leads to the three fateful words that changed his life forever:

“come with me.”

in a reluctant whirlwind of an adventure, Matt is pulled away from all the things that he knows and forced into a world that doesn’t simply accept his melancholy. surrounded by a crotchety old man who has an alligator in his pond and who likes to play ukulele at 2 in the morning, a teenaged runaway and her little sister who laugh too much, and his best friend who might be as depressed as he is, Matt discovers that there’s so much that he does not know. this has the power to change him...or to destroy him forever. 

new version:

after his twin brother commits suicide, Matt North and his family are falling apart. he can't sleep at night and refuses to take the drugs that provide some form of relief. his best friend doesn't understand what's going on inside his head, and even Matt isn't sure if he himself understands what happening to his mind. 

d-day. everything inside of Matt reaches a breaking point, and he explodes, making some very reckless decisions. faced with the fact that if he had taken one step further, he would be gone, he decides to find professional help--which to him is like giving up on having a "normal" ever again

so when his sister and his best friend kidnap him, dragging him to the middle of nowhere surrounded by a bunch of strangers, the safe world he's built around him topples to the ground. however, this is just beginning; in this strange new place, strangers become friends and friends become strangers. by the end of the summer, Matt is forced to look straight at the darkest parts of his mind and choose between moving on to healing--or staying broken. 

*all images taken from pinterest*


  1. I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it.
    I appreciate this book so much. I love it. I really do. I really think this is such a personal thing for you and to be so brave as to share that with the world...I think its incredible. I love Matt and Colt and Sheol. I cant wait to read the rest <3

    (ps I adore you.)

  2. I love both of the them, I would read the heck out of this!

  3. Oh my gosh! I need to read this book? Can I? CAN I? LOL! At any rate, let me know when this is published someday so I can get it!!

  4. Call me crazy but I really REALLY like the first version!I love all the details....this sounds like such a great book :) Stellar ideas!

  5. I DIDN'T KNOW JON COMMITTED SUICIDE??? I THOUGHT HE DROWNED OR SOMETHING?? I have so many goosebumps. Gosh DARN it I had no idea. I am so so sorry </3

    ~rabidly Pins everything~

    ~loves Matt so hard it hurts~

  6. Ohh this sounds amazing! I would totally buy this book based off of the back cover!

    Love your blog!


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