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my friend Faith has been known to refer to Milo (which you can read about in another Beautiful People here) as her child. I love that. adopt my characters, people. tell them you love them, because they sure need it. I'm too busy plotting evil things and writing boring essays to tell them.

but I love this child in particular too much to neglect her, so here's my precious warrior princess (okay, not really a princess but whatever) Bryony in a special childhood episode of Beautiful People!

What is their first childhood memory?
The clearest memory Bryony has is of Anya's birth--her mother almost died in childbirth, and Bry and her dad were terrified, but once the scare was over, Bryony climbed up next to her mum and looked into her little sister's serious brown eyes for the very first time. And something in that little four year old decided that she would spend the rest of her life protecting that innocence. 

the clothes are so off, but this is so bry and anya

What were their best and worst childhood experiences?
best: the day that Bryony's mum taught her how to hold the spear--her future weapon of choice.

worst: when Milo left the village to live with his father, leaving her and everything else that ever mattered

What was their childhood home like?
Bryony grew up in the same house she lives in now: a tiny, two roomed cottage with a thatched roof. dirt floors, tiny windows, a splintered door. it smells of cedar and sweat, and it feels like home. no matter where she is, that's where her heart lies.

What’s something that scared them as child?
the dark is an obvious answer, but Bryony also feared losing people. when she was in charge of watching her sisters, the idea of them wandering off terrified her. 

Who did they look up to most?
her parents. her father, because he was brave, and her mum, because she was soft. 

Favourite and least favourite childhood foods?
bryony, as a rule, is a person of little preference, so if you put anything in front of her, she'd eat it. that being said, she's never been fond of cornmeal mush.

If they had their childhood again, would they change anything?
she would tell her father not to leave the village that spring day when the storm clouds clung to the mountain ridges, full of rain and fury. 

What kind of child were they? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?
quiet and stubborn. very, very stubborn, and her passive aggressiveness only grows with age. 

What was their relationship to their parents and siblings like?
Bryony was very close with her parents; they were her everything. her siblings..she adores her sisters and would do anything for them, but they prefer her as the Angel, the champion of the arena, over their "bossy" older sister. Jota is the sibling she spends the most time with, though. he doesn't complain. he also can't really talk much yet, so that might be why.

What did they want to be when they grew up, and what did they actually become?
she wanted to be strong, like her parents.
she became a leader who fell. 

now, I'm off to avoid revising my essay about John Donne's "The Flea" by catching up on my TBR. also, maybe I should work on the great ones. or cor. because cor isn't emotionally draining.


imma just slide out the door before I think about all the death and destruction coming my child's way... byeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. Death and destruction? But Bryony sounds like an amazing character! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO ME? ;-) Please consider this your polite request to go write the rest of the book RIGHT NOW and give it to me as soon as humanly possible.

    Bryony sounds like she could be someone I'd really get along with, especially being so protective and determined. I also love the idea of having a friend with a spear.

    1. I KNOW I KNOW I just enjoy making my characters grow and suffer...I love this WIP because my maniacal side is allowed to do wonderful things that it can't do in my contemporary project. *sighs*

      I love first, I wasn't too thrilled with her (which is weird, because she's my main character) but after getting to know her a little better, I love her so much.

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  2. Bryony sounds like such an amazing and interesting character! Now you've got me interested on your WIP, hmmmmm.

    *silently stalks blog*

    ~L. @ Reading Against Time

  3. If she can adopt Milo, can I adopt Matt?
    I really like Bryony, she's been through a lot it seems.

    1. as long as you're willing to share with me. he's definitely my favourite child (shhhh don't tell my other characters).

  4. So many tantalizing clues! I love the contradictions you can see in this character, even in this short meme. She sounds so interesting!

  5. Oooo! She sounds so cool and in depth. I love her name. I have a thing for good names. I love good sibling relationships too. Is this book a fantasy? Best wishes writing her!

    My BP:

    1. same--good, strong names have the power to make a book for me. and I wanted this character to have a unique but not CRAZY name. and I think it really suits her. and yup, it's a fantasy!

  6. Loved this as ever! Which book is this from?? It's not Seeker, is it?

    I loved the description of Bryony's house. Also how you kept mentioning her siblings, love a sibling story <3 You have filled me with emotion for my own children. I left them on Tuesday when I finished Draft 4, which I have seNT TO A FRIEND TO READ?? WUT? and I miss them quite horribly already. Life is not the same when they're not around.


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