snazzy snippets: sunsets and sisters

Snazzy Snippets is a bi-monthly link-up for writer's to post snippets based on a question or prompt! it's hosted by Alyssa and Emily, and it's so much fun! I did a Snazzy Snippets post on Matt and Riley being quite sassy which you can read here! the prompt I'm doing today is a snippet with a child--and that child happens to be one Linds Carpenter!

“Do you think we could have pudding tonight?’ Linds leans against the counter, playing with the squeaky faucet with a bored, noncommittal smile directed my way. The ungodly screech sends shivers up my spine. I grit my teeth.
“If you do that again, I'm coming unglued,” I warn her, turning away to put the groceries in the fridge. I can practically hear her eye-roll. “As for pudding...tonight?” I shrug. “Maybe. If your mom says it's okay.”
She groans. “You can be so boring.”
“I could say the same of you. Who likes vanilla pudding for dinner?”
I sigh. “Well, it looks like we won't get any supper if our foolish sisters don't get their acts together.” I wave my phone at her. “Colt says they'll be another hour or so.”
What I don't tell her is how awkward and cold it had been when he called to let me know. Out of all our fights, not a single one has ever been this long or this serious. Now, he barely even looks my way, and with every attempt I make to reach out to him, he just walks away.
He'd never walked away before.
“Maybe we should go to them,” Linds suggests as I slam the fridge shut. The empty house shakes with my frustration. She raises her eyebrows at me, clearly reading the room. “Everything okay?”
No. Everything isn't okay. But no possible way for me to make it better exists. My best friend is out there, self-destructing, and I should be out there helping him, like he helped me so many times. But deep down, I know if I keep pressing, he'll explode. And the last time I tried to fix something that mattered, it ended in a smoking car and a funeral. I don't plan on making the same painful mistake twice.
A finger jabs my side. “What is with your need for attention all the freaking time?” I snap, whirling on her angrily. 
Linds' lips button together faster than the words leave my lips. She takes a step back, scowling with crossed arms and childish fury. “Sorry,” I amend quickly. I didn't want to make her angry. I didn't mean to get mad. It just happens more and more these days. “I was thinking about stuff. What’s up?”
She keeps scowling, but her face softens a little at my apologetic (and slightly sheepish) smile. “Do you want to go down to the beach?”
My throat tightens without warning. “Umm...seriously? What about going to the others?”
She shrugs. “I changed my mind. My sister kinda sucks to be around right now, what with all that's on her mind right now. Like the gas station. And her dad.” Her mouth turns up at the corners, like a smile lost in translation. For a moment, I almost feel pity for her. No kid should have to watch her sister turn into a nervous wreck, especially when it involves greasy gas stations and absentee fathers.
“Why is she freaking out about her dad so much?” I think back to her meltdown earlier when we were at the lake.
The little girl frowns. “I don’t know.”
“Have you asked her?”
“I just feel weird prying about the whole thing.I don’t know anything about him, since I've never met him. Plus she just changes the topic of the conversation and tells me not to worry about it. Mom's the same way.” She pulls her jacket tighter around her body, like a defensive shield. “I get a weird feeling when he comes up.”
“What kind of weird feeling?”
“I don’t know…ominous, I guess.”
So she felt it too.
The mood grows too chilly, even for me, so I nudge her into the counter with a grin. “Beach?”
The corners of her eyes crinkle up as she quickly smiles. “Beach.”
Outside, the winds buffets us back and forth. Linds’ hair flies everywhere as she clings to the porch railing. I quickly zip my jacket up, then turn to do hers. “You sure about this?” I ask, crouched at her feet. Her cheeks are already rosy pink from the cold ocean wind, and if I hadn’t been there, I'm sure she would be shivering.
She doesn’t hesitate when she shakes her head though. “I’ve never seen the ocean before. It's kind of absurd, but I'm a little scared of it.” She laughs under her breath, then pales as an extra strong burst of wind shakes the porch.
I look down the boardwalk to the gray and churning waves in the distance A flicker of anxiety warms the pit of my stomach. I’ve never seen the ocean either, but I am perfectly content to stay far away from that frenzy. “Can’t we watch it do its thing from here?”
“Don’t be an idiot,” she says, then starts down the steps, clutching the railing for her life.
I swear under my breath but follow her anyway.

this is just a little bit of one of my favourite scenes between Matt and Linds, but it's so long that I cut it down to just the first little bit (this snippet's wordcount is a little over 500 whoops). might post more in a few days if y'all would like to see more of my fave Linds!

hope y'all have a great Sunday! <3  


 p.s. none of these pictures are mine


  1. ooooooh who's Linds?? I feel like I should know this. she sounds interesting. I like it :)

    1. she's Riley's little sister--I don't think you've gotten to meet her in text yet, and I sure don't talk enough about her here!


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