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in a blogpost that I wrote that has yet to see light of day, I said something along the lines that I hardly ever appreciate Colt enough. and it's true. I love that kid. he's good for Matt, he's good for Shiloh, and he's good for my soul. he's been a part of the great ones since the very beginning, ever since the great ones became the great ones. but despite this, I don't feel like I talk about him as much as I talk about Matt or even Riley.

and that's just plain sad.

disgust. I am disgusted at myself for this atrocity.

so consider this my monthly Colton Trelawney appreciation post.

Skye and Ashley host a weekly link-up called A Novel Idea to inspire inspiration, creativity, and digging deep into your writing.  this week, the prompt is: this week, make a list of 20 things about your character. they can be as simple or as unique as you want, but hopefully they will help you learn at least something new about your character and their backstory. 

1.  Colton Trelawney is a big softie. he loves hard, and he typically thinks the best of people until they prove him wrong. because he is a softie, he also has a hard time saying 'no' to others. he genuinely wants to make everybody happy--but he's learning that sometimes you have to say 'no' for the good of the one asking the question, as well as for his sake. it's tough, but it's good for him to learn this. 

2. he is the definition of gangly and awkward. Colt invented gangly and awkward. and right now, his awkwardness is at its maximum level due to his very, very unfortunate haircut. 

3. Colt de-stresses by playing video games. not extremely bloody or violent ones, because those key him up, but he enjoys solving puzzles and playing Super Smash Bros with Matt every now and then (Matt always loses). 

4. although he comes from a very intelligent family and is pretty smart himself, Colt did poorly in school. he was held back a year, so he was thirteen when he met the twins, while they were twelve.

5. Colton's parents are divorced. have been since he was seven years old. he lives with his mom, visiting his overseas father maybe once or twice a year. he misses him, but he's happy where he is.

6. after the funeral, Colt began seeing a doctor and taking anti-depressants. he doesn't talk about it much, but it's the biggest source of tension between him and Matt. Matt wants to hold onto his grief, because he feels as though he deserves the painful punishment, but Colt knew that if he let the darkness growing within him continue, he would never be able to return to who he was before. 

but this is so Colt it hurts and it makes me smile/cry so much

7. this kid loves his truck so so much. it's his baby. 

8. he is not athletic in the slightest. Matt can at least run and not be winded, and Jon was in sports throughout high school, but Colt doesn't have an athletic bone in his body. he says this is related to a traumatic dodgeball experience back in middle school, but it's mostly just because he's all legs and elbows and clumsiness. 

9. unlike Matt, who is a picky eater, Colt will eat anything. and by anything, I mean literally anything. someone feed this child. please. 

10. Colt is an only child and the proud father of a bearded lizard named Spartacus. 

yet another picture that I love bc it shows Colt's true weirdness

11. Colt has had a crush on Shiloh North for almost a year now, but he pretends it's nothing out of respect towards his best friends (who would probably murder him if they knew) and because Shiloh never really acts like she thinks of him as anything more than an older brother. if only he knew...

12. Colt cannot swim. at all.

13. he really doesn't need glasses, but he wears them because he thinks they make him look cool. he's also fond of plaid overshirts and big white t-shirts. he wears his dad's army jacket wherever he goes, because it reminds him of when he was little. he says it still smells like his dad--cigarette smoke and Old Spice mixed together. 

14.  after graduation, Colt doesn't know what he's going to do. he has no plans for the future, and that scares him. 

15. Colton is not allowed to drink coffee. or most any caffeine. he's already jittery, so why would you add an extra dose of hyper to that? 

16. blue is his favourite color. 

17. Colt is an ESFJ, which means he is a social creature, hates conflict, and tries his hardest to keep the peace. 

18. he sleeps on his stomach, with his arms palms up by his sides. Matt says it kind of looks like he did an unfortunate faceplant then fell asleep. he also snores--but not like a chainsaw--more like a quietly running motor in the background. 

19. Colt's favourite place is his room, but after that it's the old tree-house in his backyard that he and twins used to play in when they were younger. 

if you haven't noticed I have a lot of Scott/Stiles and Matt/Colt emotions. MY BROS.

20. Colt's middle name is Avery (I can't believe I never gave him a middle name before...)

love my precious tol son. he needs it. things are just getting ready to collapse on him, and it hurts him to see Matt suffering in a way that he can't help him with. so right now he needs all the lovin' he can get.

hope y'all have a great Tuesday! I'm going to drown my guilt that I'm too tired to write in good books and Min Yoongi's mixtape of fire! 




    NUMBER 11 NUMBER 11 NUMBER 11. thats my OTP right there. and the picture for that fact just killed me wow.

    also I love that I know what your voice sounds like now because its cool to read things in your voice. (like how you say y'all. omg.)

    I miss you!

    but please keep appreciating Colt. he is precious. protect him at all costs.

  2. OMG HONESTLY. This is beautiful. I remember Colt from older blog posts, and I've always wanted to know more about him. The fact that he's played by Dylan O'Brien makes it even better. I really want to just give him a hug, like is that allowed or possible at all? Because that would be great. He breaks my heart and makes it happy all at the same time. I love him (and the great ones and the general). ♥♥♥

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I have to apologize that I'm only here for the Dylan O'Brien gifs! lol

  4. YAY GREAT ONES! My faves! Colt is v adorable, esp. because "his awkwardness is at its maximum level due to his very, very unfortunate haircut." I LOVE HIM ALREADY.

  5. He is awesome! Love that thing with the cashier, I laughed so hard.


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