Saturday, October 25, 2014

nom nom books nom

I like book tags. They're fun, I get to talk about books that I love (or hate), and sometimes they please the creative side of me (which is, like, all of me, I guess.) Plus, any time I get tagged I feel an excited thrill--partially because that means I don't have to come up with the topic of my next blogpost on my own... So thank you so so much, Beth, for tagging me! Literally made my day!

while I read Beth's post, I couldn't keep myself from chuckling. The topics are so clever, because they combine book topics and chocolate. World-shaking, right? I thought so.

I should probably find myself some chocolate before I do this post...I'm actually salviating (it's been a long week, okay?) 
this is about the level of my thinking currently.

Dark Chocolate (a book that covers a dark topic): 

hmmm...probably Morpheus Road: The Light, by D.J. MacHale. Or This Present Darkness, by Frank Peritti. I liked both, but I enjoyed This Present Darkness more, probably because it's written from a Christian perspective about demons and angels. But if we're going by what scared me more...The Light has it, hands down. BERHLUD EVERYWHERES. And creepy things that draw on bathroom mirrors. Call me crazy, but that freaks me out.

White Chocolate (a light and humorous read):

So Not Happening, by Jenny B. Jones. All three books in this series are fluffy, funny, and completely nuts, but I love them all the same. I have this thing for sassy characters, okay? And Bella wins at being sassy. They're also one of the few stereotypical "girly" books that I found myself laughing at (in a good way), so if you're looking for some crazy hijinks with a little bit of faith thrown in, these are perfect for ya.

Milk Chocolate (a book with a lot of hype that you're dying to read):

I actually don't have one right now. Shocker, I know. But my to-read pile is already sky-high and the librarians probably want me to return the 30+ books I have stored up soon or they might come to my house and murder me in my sleep. And I like keeping librarians happy, don't you? So I'm staying faithful to my books, keeping my eyes away from any pretty new covers or such, and focusing on making that pile get smaller and smaller. Unfortunately, with all the work/studying/writing I've been doing, reading hasn't been much of a priority. I'm kinda sad about that.

Caramel-filled Chocolate (a book that makes you feel all gooey inside):

Life in Outer Space, by Melissa Keil. I can't get over that book. It's on my Christmas list already. You can see me gush over it at this post here. I just love it and the squishy sad feelings it gave me. I need to get it back from my sister; she may or may not have stolen it from me and not returned it yet (another reason the librarians might break into my house to kill me).

Wafer-less Kit-Kat (a book that surprised you):

We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart. I didn't think the ending would surprise me that much. I got caught completely by surprise, and that's a good thing. It also might've gotten me really close to tears, so that's surprising. Not many books can do that to me. I really want to talk more about this book, because I really really loved it, but I also don't want to spoil it...let's just leave it at that it blew my mind and broke my heart. Wouldn't recommend reading it if you are triggered easily or don't like heavier subjects. But seriously--the writing is so poetic. I can't handle it.

Snickers (a book you're going nuts about):

Trial by Fire, by Josephine Angelini. Oh my gersh, this book. I love it so much. The Salem witch trials is one of my favourite periods in time, and the way that setting has been twisted into something that's modern but also set in a fantasy world...holy cow. This book has it all, and I am amazed at how brilliantly the author wove the worlds together (quite literally, actually...I shouldn't make jokes that aren't funny. Sorry). But seriously: this is a really good book. Can't wait for the next one to come out.

Hot Chocolate with Mini Marshmallows (a book you turn to for comfort):

The Leviathan trilogy, by Scott Westerfeld! I'm actually getting ready to reread book one this afternoon; it's been a long week, and I'm all tuckered out. Hopefully, getting back together with my old friends Deryn and Alek will help me chillax and enjoy the weekend. Also, Bovril. If you're thinking of reading these it for Bovril. I want a perspicacious loris sooooooo much... And a whaleship. Is that too much to ask for?

plus just LOOK at this art... *drools*
imma bout to fangirl. sorry.

these are like my favourite thing okay I'm done.

A Box of Chocolates (a series you feel has something for everyone):

*wants to say the Leviathan trilogy but practices self-control*  

I don't know if there's such a series. Books that fit every person are hard to find, because there are so many different kinds of readers out there. But if I could choose an easy one that might work in a pinch, I'd say The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis. These books were kind of like childhood "fairy tales" for me and my siblings, and they're part of what inspired me to write. I think any person would enjoy reading them--whether it's for their story matter or their spiritual matter. They're just fantastic. 

 my mom is amazing. Made chocolate for dessert and didn't even know I was writing this post before lunch. She must be physic to my cravings or something.

I'm not  going to challenge anyone directly,but if you want to do this tag, go for it! link your answers in the comments so I can check them out!

Have a fantastic weekend, guys! And here's a song that's kinda about chocolate that I like. Or at least, its name has chocolate in it... 


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

blast from the past

reading back through my old blog made me nostalgic for my haphazard randomosity of back then. Not only was my writing style a lot more random, but I didn't care if I didn't have a specific reason for posting. I just wanted to talk to my few but precious. I wrote pages of pages of ramblings, and it was glorious. I came up with the weirdest titles too--"In Which I Sit Here With My Cheesy Beans and Rice and Chips (the American kind, not British), and Muse Over Nothing in Particular."


it's hard for me to ramble without any sense of form or pattern now, but I'm going to give it a shot tonight because I love you and I feel like being random. So buckle your seatbelt. I'm about to random.

no explainable reason for this, I just wanted to use this gif so bad...

Have you ever heard of the note-card-scene plotting method? I read about it somewhere on the InterWebs last night and really liked the idea--it made more sense to me than a technical outline--so here's me and my pretty colored notecards. Maybe, if NaNo works well with this, I'll make cards for the great ones and the general as well.

Fun fact about me: when I'm writing blog post--actually, writing anything--I'm usually sitting at my desk, chair leaned back two inches, with my head turned sideways. And by sideways, I really mean sideways. My ear is pressed against my shoulder most of the time. I don't understand why, but I think better that way. And I guess that counts as my weird writing habit? It doesn't seem that weird to me, but when I do it in public I get the strangest looks from people...

Another fun fact about myself: the parts of my body about which I am the most self-conscious are my neck-chin-shoulder area and my knees. Is it possible for anyone to have pretty knees? I doubt it. Knees are just made for ugliness. Except baby knees. Those are so adorable.

Currently, I am enjoying VGHS, Cantabile Tomorrow, and Modern Farmer. The latter two are both kdramas--kcomedies, actually--and VGHS is one pretty awesome YouTube show already on its third season. All three shows are very funny and crazy but also provide me with endless amounts of feels (except for Modern Farmer. But I guess you could say Lee Hongki's voice gives me feels no matter what, so that counts). I just love Tomorrow Cantabile because of how cheesy it is. It reminds me so much of You're Beautiful (except there's no Jang Keun Suk, but I'll get over it) and it really makes me think of manga--which, of course, is what it's based off of. Talk about awesome. And I'll never get over this face. Never.

literal neener  neener face.
so good it deserves another picture.

Last five things I pinned on Pinterest? (you guys better be SOOOOO thankful I didn't just go on a kpop spree...)

aaaaand my first pin is kpop. DANG IT.
truth about me right here...

no explanation, I think?
creepy, right? Bless the Eyes stuffs right here.

not only is this very accurate for my two books, but real life as well.

Books I'm currently reading are:

Afterworlds, by Scott Westerfeld. Book inside a book, as far as I can tell. Taking me a little while to get into it, which is sad, because Westerfeld is my all time favourite writer.

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. Reading it because I loved the movie. I'm not very far in, because I've been busy reading Pride and Prejudice for school, but I love Death and his semi-sassy-but-very-serious pants. I hope I like it just as much as I liked the movie--or best case scenario, even more.

I'm trying to get my dad to go see The Maze Runner with me again. He liked the book...but he won't go see the movie. Which makes me sad. Because the movie made the book better for me. Big Hero 6 is also in the future list of movies to see. Cannot WAIT til Nov. 8 or whenever it comes out.

Oh yeah, last book. Everyday, by David Leviathan. I don't quite understand this book. But I think I like it. The new person every day makes it a little confusing and disjointed, but I think I'm finally getting into its rhythm. Also--I might just picked it up because the dude's last name is Levithan. Which is close to Leviathan, which is the name of my favourite book (coincidentally written by Scott Westerfeld...)

This is a fun song.

This is a cute song.

This is a sad-but-still-cute song.
This is an AWESOME song.

Last five things I liked on Pinterest...

I'm so sorry for liking this and making you all witness it...but Ilhoon is a very cold city girl who is sassy as all get out and I couldn't help it. *pfffff* *dies from laughing so hard*
now, I know perfect people don't exist, but bear with me. Kevin Woo is an amazing singer, amazing dancer, and a Christian who's pretty vocal about his faith. I think that's pretty darn awesome.
katrina sends me the most random stuff and I just can't....

And last but not least, a few of my favourite quotes from today's writing spree. I'm in love with sassy Matt. I wish I could be as sassy as he is and still pull it off. *sighs*

"Colton. Avery. Trelawney." I eyed him dangerously, and he stepped back a little, hands immediately whipping behind his back like a meek little boy with one hand caught in the cookie jar. "Go get in the car, now."
I'd never seen the guy move so fast.
"Interesting," said Sam, as she stood next to me. "His initials spell cat."
"Always knew I hated cats for a reason," I muttered.

"Actually, I think I know. This is an intervention; Colt is saving Matt from eternal paleness."
"That's more accurate than you think," I muttered, and to her credit, she chuckled.

"Dude, stay with me." I opened my eyes before realizing I'd shut them in the first place. "You can't pass out like that suddenly--I almost dropped you."
"I...passed out?"
"For like fifteen seconds. Luckily, they already went inside. Otherwise, we'd have some explaining to do." He glanced anxiously at the front door, as if Sam would pop out any moment and scream "Aha! Caught you!" at us. "Matty, what are we going to do about you and her?"
"You mean our obviously ardent love for each other?" My world still swam around my feet. I pinched the bridge of my nose as my stomach roiled. "Let it blossom, of course."

Also, you should know that my file for this lengthy project is literally entitled "goats" now. Because I think of goats every time I see tgoatg. I finally made it happen. (who else thinks there should be a goat cameo in the upcoming pages? Let me know below!)

Adios, amigos!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

"as perfect as this motley crew can get."

I finished outlining the great ones and the general this morning.

I am a little bit sad.

blood and tears and late night smiles and all that
yeah, I know writing "the end" on your outline is a little bit different than writing it on the end of your final draft (actually, a lot different), but it's still the end of a long road. the great ones and the general has been with me for over three years now, and it's only recently that I've actually considered the journey coming to a kind of close.  Of course, Matt and Sam and Colt and I have a looooooooong way to go, but the fact that I know how it's going to finish, how my babies are going to end is a very scary fact to me.

Also, the fact that I know and you all don't make me chuckle everyday. Sometimes I forget how much you all really don't know. And then I want to give away more spoilers than is healthy. Which is why I had to tell the whole plot of my sister the other day. Which, I am proud to say, blew her mind. "I UNDERSTAND SO MUCH NOW!!!" she said while simultaneously punching me and crying a little.

Yeah. You all might hate me towards the end.

is it bad that I relish being hated because my writing inflicts feels?


And I really can't say any more. Except this song gave me a lot more feels than it should have, because of the great ones. Try to figure out why.

But I am going to share some spoilers with you all today--just not important ones. I'm proud of myself for finishing my preliminary outline (something I hate to do) instead of watching anime like the lazy and sick person that I am. Therefore, I get a reward, and so do you all. For being awesome bloglings, I guess.

So were you ever curious why my book is called what it is? It's kind of a funny name--actually, now that I think about it, it is a really strange name, and it doesn't make much sense. I think it got its name sometime in August last year, because that was when I memorized Revelation. And thus discovered chapter 6 verse 15: "Then the kings of the earth and the great ones and the generals and the rich and the powerful and everyone, slave and free, hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains."

For some reason, it stuck with me. I had "the great ones and the generals" playing on repeat in my head, and the phrase "and everyone, slave and free, hide themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains" just wouldn't leave me. I knew this passage is talking about the end of the world and the final Judgement...but somehow, it attached itself to my story and wouldn't let go. And then it hit me. In a nutshell, pretty much everyone in my story is hiding something, whether they realize it or not. They all have secrets, and they'll go to any length to keep them that way. So I kept it in my pocket, then decided to use it in my baby's name. And I'm happy with it. It doesn't make much sense on the surface, but it's cool to me. And I also love the mental image of Sam being the boys' general and bossing them around. Yeah. That's pretty awesome.

So that's one spoiler. Another would be the fact that Sam's name really isn't Sam. It's Summer. You can call me conceited for naming a character after myself, but Sammy's name is part of her charm. She's definitely a hardened and brash Sam, a sassy and bright Sammy, but she's also a gentle and easily destroyed Summer. Seeing the thunderstorms that turned her from Summer to Sammy to Sam is an interesting I can't wait to take you all on.

What else do I have up my sleeve? This is actually harder than I thought it would be, because I keep thinking of things to say...but then I realize they're too important to put out yet. *grumbles* If you followed my old blog, you already know this, but Matt existed before the great ones  ever came into my imagination. Actually, the great ones came into existence because of Matt. I was searching for the right story to put him in, and I finally found it. Here are some snippets from one of his previous existences.

"My name: Full? Matthew Jonathan North. Short? Matt, Matty, or just plain 'You.' Sometimes I get called 'Creep' or 'Zombie.' And other names I probably shouldn't repeat."

"My therapist makes me go find my inner quiet place. Makes me try and write expressive poetry. She's a nut case. I'm normal, compared to her. She gave me some inspirational music to listen to while I'm lying flat on my back in my colorless cell of a room. By the way, you really should  change the color scheme in there. Drab gray against robin eggs blue really clashes. And the bathroom carpet is a disgusting mauve pink. I'm not even sure mauve is a word. It sounds like an old lady."

"Sometimes, I wish I were a dog or a cat. Then I would actually merit the amount of attention I get.
Strike that...
I've seen people kissing their dogs. Not cool."

"I don't get God at all. I think he must have had a sense of humor. After all, the dude made the platypus. He had to be laughing when he made those. I wonder: was he laughing when he made me? Or crying?"

"I wonder--am I dying? Sometimes, death sounds appealing. I mean, going to sleep and never waking up sounds peaceful. Would I go to heaven if I died? Or hell? Dad would know.
If I had to die, I would choose to die like Bri did. He didn't have any pain. He just sort of drifted away. But if I died in pain--I'd just want it to end. Pain is almost as bad as sitting in this chair--stationary. Sitting here is basically living death.
So I guess I'm dying after all.
Rotting away here in this pit."

me and Matty, I guess...

and yes, I did just get distracted by my old blog for an hour or so. Fifteen year old me had some freaking hilarious moments. Should I make that blog public? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Needless to say, my baby has always been  a mopey little guy with unfortunate problems. Tho until this incarnation, he's always had red hair and green eyes. I think I like now-version Matt best tho.

And last but not least...this song is perfect for the great ones. Not really a spoiler. But truth. And an excuse to slip in a twenty one pilots video.

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Can't wait to share with you about NaNo--*le gasp* that's in like eleven days! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

ttyl! <3

*title is from the great ones and the general, chapter 16.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

we making classic

out of the 436 songs on my iPhone, 107 are in Korean, 2 are Japanese, and 1 is in Mandarin.

I may or may not have a problem.

but a good problem.

I guess before I've just had a craving to make a kpop recommendation blog post. I haven't done one in a while, and it's been aaaaaaaaaages since I did a music post. And VIXX came back on Monday. All the more reason to do have a kpop spree!

It's kinda funny to look about, because approximately a year ago, I discovered kpop. I'd been interested in the Korean culture for a few years (thank you, Helena and Iris, my two lovely exchange students that I got to mentor!!), and I started watching Korean dramas over the summer because I wanted to learn the language but didn't know how or where to start. And then I watched a show called Panda and Hedgehog (not one of my favourites, but it was cute. For multiple reasons. Just some of the acting stunk. And some of the plot. But it was still cute) and learned that the lead male actor, Lee Dong-hae, was in a band.

And thus I became introduced to kpop.

Bonamana, by Super Junior was my first kpop song EVER. Technically, I saw part of Fantastic Baby, by Big Bang first, but I didn't watch it in its entirety. Bonamana was what made me fall in love with kpop. That, and Lucifer, by SHINee.

SHINee's such a funny band name. I never really think about it, but I'm literally saying "shiny." But it feels like I'm saying a completely different word. Tis weird. But SHINee remains to this day tied as my second favourite band, and when I'm sad, I watch this performance of Symptoms and then I'm happy again.

I don't remember what my first girl group experience was. I know I saw part of I am the Best, by 2NE1, but I don't think it was my first full girl group MV. It may have been Girls Generation's I Got A Boy. Yeeeah...not a big GG fan... but Miss A and Sistar are pretty awesome, I must say.

*very short shorts in this video, but still real cute*
As for solo artists, I'm a big fan of Lim Kim (voice envy on this lovely girl right here...she has the most beautiful tone...), IU (can't sing a word of her songs because she's such a soprano, but hey who cares?), and Jung Joon-Young (aaaaaaaah Teenager is like my life-song me loves it so much).

Lately, bands that start with the letter b have been a thing for me...BAP, B1A4, BTS,  BVIXX...

okay, that non-pun was lame and unoriginal, but still. I've been on a major B.A.P. kick, and B1A4 has a special place in my heart just because of how freaking adorable they are. And BTS I think I just like because of Taehyung's facial expressions.

*also this*
I'm posting two B.A.P. songs because, like I said, I'm on a B.A.P. kick, and because they both have lyrics that kinda mesh with Bless the Eyes that See (or at least, I think they do.) Badman's schizo music kinda bugs me, but I love love love the lyrics and video.

Also, Sacramental Confession. Bang Yongguk. Love that guy. Perfect for Bless the Eyes that See.

I feel obligated to post an Infinite song, but I don't know whether to post Man in Love or Back. Because one is cute and cuddly, and the other is bloody and awesome. Oh, what the heck. Both is best.

DBSK's Mirotic is by far one of my favourite songs EVER. Actually, this performance of Miroctic is by far one of my favourite songs ever. I like the original one by DBSK, but I like this one better--I mean. Orcastra. Lee Taekwoon. Seo Eunkwang. Jung Daehyun. It's a win-win-win-win. All three guys who can sing like nobody's business (well, Youngjae can too, but his voice isn't a fave of mine.)

And last but not least...VIXX. As I mentioned above, they came back with Error today. And OH. MA. GERSH. it was awesome. As you can see for yourself. I love videos that have a plot, and this one is the first of theirs that's ever had one. So double-thumbs up on that. Thumbs-down about Ravi's Hershey Kiss hat though. And Hongbin's semi-autotuned voice... *shivers happily* can he sing like that all the time? Like, really?

I should stop before I bore you all to tears. Hope you don't mind being exposed to a little k-culture, and maybe I'll do a jpop and/or an english music post soon. Here's B.A.P.'s Japanese Excuse Me MV as one for the road!

*title of this post comes from another B.A.P. song called No should go check it out*

Monday, October 13, 2014

{how to live: eighteen going on twelve}

*apologizes for lack of pictures; slow internet kills*
it's been an up and down week.

and I'm discovering that there was no reason for it to be so.

currently, I'm crashing at my grandparents house with my siblings while my parents are out of the state. it's been fun, but it's also been exhausting. I guess you could say I'm spoiled by how awesome my family is--they don't mind me holing away in my room a lot, and they know how to tell when my silence is one of frustration, anger, or just plain tiredness. my grandparents...not so much. I'm really grateful for them for helping bring me up and for being there for my parents over the past three years, but spending ten days at their house isn't my favourite thing out there. In fact, I really didn't want my parents to go (again, selfish and a wee bit spoiled). Because of our up-and-down year so far and my absence over the summer, I was just starting to feel settled in. I didn't want to be away from my parents. I didn't want to be away from my dying dog--who could pass away any time now. I didn't want to have our entire schedule ripped to pieces. But those were all silly, selfish desires, and I couldn't deny my parents their private vacation. It just wasn't fair.

However, Thursday...was a rough day. I wanted to go home. I wanted to sleep in my own bed. I didn't want to share a bed with my sister. I didn't want to feel guilty for having my necessary introvert time when my grandparents wanted to play games with me--which defeats the purpose of introverting at all. Being gluten-free in a non-gluten free household is difficult too--although my grandparents are fantastic at accommodating me, it makes eating out a pain. I was feeling stressed because I'd been given a bucket-load of homework, work was frustrating me, and I was just plain exhausted. I was done, as I told my mother. Just plain done.

My mom is an angel, you know? She's ten times as stubborn as I am, and we've knocked heads enough times to prove it. Still, she listened to me, told me she was sorry I felt like this, and that she wished she was there to give me a hug. Yes, I thought, you're saying all the right things.

And then she pretty told me (in the nicest way possible) to get over myself.

Think about your grandparents, she told me. How would they feel if I went home over the weekend, for the sole purpose of being by myself? I still wanted to go home.

Think about your siblings, she told me. How would they feel if I went home and got to see my puppy and cuddle with her and they didn't it? Call me silly, but I felt a little guilty about this. We're all torn up about the fact that she's dying, not just me. My brother and his wife are watching her right now, so it's not like she's alone and hurting. She's being loved. Why should special allowances be made for me and me alone?

Think about the past three years, she told me. You made it through that, didn't you? Are you saying you can't make it through less than three days after all that?

That was it. The final blow.

And I felt incredibly stupid. And oh so selfish.

the last thing mom told me to do was to tell her three good things that happened to me that day. Being the obstinate child that I am, I told myself there wasn't any. But as I sat there and sulked, one thing after another came flooding into my thoughts, and I was just so sick of myself. I'd gotten a good report on my essay at class in the morning. My sister and I were had a good time watching k-dramas the night before and giggling because of Lee Jae-hwan and his dorky yet lovable face. My eyeliner had turned out nice that day. I'd gotten to edit the great ones and the general for the first time in days. I was going to have a quizzing party with my friends on the weekend. We had some wicked gluten-free muffins for breakfast. My best friend was considerate enough to share a new band he'd discovered with me.

I had all these great things piling up.

And yet I devoted all my emotion to my selfish and depressed and lonely side.

So I survived Thursday. And Friday. And then Saturday. Saturday was amazing. I got to see my friends and have a snapchat party with me (when we were supposed to be quizzing, lol). I got to sleep in my own bed for one night (which was heaven). I got to see my sweetheart of a dog (and though it was heartbreaking to see how skinny the cancer is making her, it was still a joy to see her and hold on to her).

And then Sunday hit.

Sundays are hard for me, entirely because that's when church happens. I know it sounds terrible, but I hate going to church. Correction: I hate myself for not wanting to go to church, because I dread it for very selfish reasons. Have you ever not wanted to go to a social event because you know someone who hurt you very much is going to be there? *raises hand* well, having that social even be church is pretty much the worst, because it's very hard to worship God when you're constantly aware of that person sitting behind you, wondering what they're thinking right now--if it's about you, or if they don't even notice you, like they've been doing for the past year now. Yeah. It's hard. And heart-breaking.

I was all set to slide right back into my gloomy pit of despair (Princess Bride reference for the win!), when I remember Thursday night. I remembered all my good things.

And suddenly, I didn't want to be Little Lizzy Raincloud any more (yes, I did just call myself Lizzy. No, that does not mean you can call me that too.)

So I made especially sure to make Sunday a good day--for everybody. I went to Culver's with my family--a restaurant that I'm really not fond of but is my little brother and my grandpa's favourite--and found a new meal that was both gluten-free and that I liked. Lucky me! I promised everyone an afternoon of games even though what I really wanted was a nap--and then ended up getting both. I got to talk with two of my very best friends--one about very important things and the other in a more whimsical manner. I had so much that never would've happened if I'd continued to be gloomy and sad.

And I guess all this struck me as during one of those conversations--I was texting my friend that I was still happy even though I'd hugged 0% of twenty one pilots (unlike he has...still jealous about that...) and he replied that it's always preferable to be happy. And as I looked back over my day, over my week, over my month...I had no reason to be unhappy.

And that was absolutely mind-blowing.

Choosing to be happy, choosing to have a good mood is a major struggle for me. There are days when I wake up and it's like a Disney movie--all the birds are congregated outside my window, singing cheerfully, Prince Charming has a smile for me, my hair is unnaturally perfect...well, not exactly, but you get the picture. It's so easy to be happy on those days. But on the days where there are storms in the sky and in my life, when the scanner just won't freaking scan, when people accidentally say rude things and I take them's really hard.

But if I look closer at my life in the midst of the's still pretty awesome. I have so much to thankful for...and I choose to ignore it.

How stupid is that?

Being happy takes effort. I admit. But it's an effort that's really, really worth it.

So if you're having a crappy day, crappy week, crappy year, crappy life...please look carefully. Because I can almost guarantee that there are rays of sunshine that you're missing by that much.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

a is for anime

objectively, I haven't done much today.

I didn't read the thirty pages out of The Man Who was Thursday like I was supposed to. I didn't memorize ten verses out of Acts 8 like I had planned. I didn't play basketball like I wanted to.

Being sick really kinda sorta sucks...

I'm actually grateful I'm sick now. I get sick frequently throughout the year, but over the summer, I hardly got sick at all, which was a good thing. Otherwise, I would've had to skip out on things that I really wanted to do and recover instead.

So I'm sad that I'm sick, but I'm also okay with being sick. It gives me some time to chill and recover before I leave home again next week--and I also start my first job on Monday, so hopefully I'll be fully functional by then. And being sick also gives me lots of time to write, read, and watch anime.

I don't know what it is about the fall that makes me want to sit down and have an anime marathon. Maybe it's because I like to curl up blankets with a cup of tea when I watch. Maybe it's because I don't feel bad for wasting the sunshine by watching TV. Whatever it may be, it's true that I think anime is best in autumn. And trust me--I've watched my fair share over this past week.

Which lead me to making this blog post about my favourite anime to watch on your typical rainy and chilly fall day.

Enjoy the ride.

1) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I can't talk about anime without talking about FMA:B. I seriously can't. It's like a disease. (a glorious, heartbreaking disease.) And by heartbreaking, I mean I'm getting ready to rewatch the episode with Shou Tucker and his daughter and I'm not sure I can handle that much emotional trauma right now. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is such a good anime to start out with, in my humble opinion. As long as you don't mind a good amount of bloodiness. And aforementioned heartbreak. And GreedLing. Tho GreedLing really isn't a negative aspect. More like a really really positive aspect.
seriously. he's that cool.

it's fanart like this that makes me emotional, okay?

2) Fruits Basket. Oh dear goodness, this show brings back memories. Just remembering watching it makes me warm and cozy like I'm wrapped up in a blanket. If I remember correctly, I marathoned Fruits Basket when I was sick last year. So yeah. I do this quite often. Fruits Basket is one of those shoujo animes that doesn't make me want to rip my hair out. (yeah, it has those moments--like Yuki. I mean, hello. Dude is not realistic at all.) Also, I have a picture of Shigure pinned to my desk corkboard. Keeps me motivated. (tho motivation and Shigure are not two things I'd ever imagined going together...) The only real complaint I have with Fruits Basket is that they really needed more seasons to stay true to the manga storyline. I'm still holding onto hope, but it's not likely, especially by how they finished up Season 1. But still...a girl can dream, right?

3) Bleach. Bleach is kinda an ongoing thing for me. I have not technically watched every single episode (there's like 300, okay?) but I know the general story (ish) and I watch it when I feel the urge. I love Ichigo's voice--both Japanese and English. That's a huge part of why I love Bleach--I can watch either dub and be fine. Sometimes--especially in the case of Ouran or FMA:B, which I blame entirely upon Vic Migogna--I just can't watch the Japanese dub, because I love the English voices so much. An example of the opposite would be this: last night, I tried watching an episode of Vampire Knight (heh...yeah, no. *gags on overt shoujo*) and couldn't STAND the English dub. Switched to the Japanese, and everything was hunky-dory. Thank you, Netflix.

4) Lovely Complex. I cannot remember the last time I watched this anime, honestly. It may have been last summer. Or spring. I can't remember. But I do remember it eating my life. I loved the rivalry dynamic between Risa and Otani--best friends that get closer and closer as the story progresses are the best, in my humble opinion. Also, having a tall female lead and a short male lead was THE BOMB. I laughed so hard watching the first episode, and then I think I fell in love with Otani sometime shortly after--as did Risa--and I was hooked from then after. Just talking about it makes me want to rewatch it again.

no, I actually fell in love with this show because of how painfully realistic their reactions could be... XD

5) Ghost Hunt. Heh...I actually watched this anime as research for NaNo. I don't watch much scary stuff, so I thought I should at least get a good grasp on suspense and stuff like that. Ghost Hunt...was interesting. Yes, it was scary. Yeah, I hated myself for liking it, because the dubbing was terrible (but I stuck around for Lin's voice...dat J. Michael Tatum tho) and the storylines were so jagged and rough that I cringed sometimes...but I still liked it. Mai was annoying but lovable--she wasn't completely loudmouthed and boyish like some female protagonists are, but neither was she the delicate shy girl. She was a lovely balance of both. I think the one episode that sincerely freaked me out the most was The Bloodstained Labyrinth. Yeah. Don't watch that one at night. I'm rooting for a second season for this one too--there was rumor one would come out this year. Fingers are crossed.

6) Clannad. I can't even remember if I finished watching this one. It was around the time when I had my wisdom teeth removed that I discovered Clannad, and obviously, things are a little fuzzy around then. I do remember that watching it was sweet and sad and then really sweet and then really sad and then I think that was around when I stopped watching for a while, because I found out that certain people died and I was not happy. I do not like it when people who are happy and sweet and innocent have to die. (and yet I call myself a writer.) So I have mixed feelings towards Clannad. Actually, now that I think about it, I love Clannad. It's Clannad: After Story with which I have a bone to pick.  *moans sadly* can't they just live happily ever after and nobody dies? everyone important to me died. I can't. I just can't. *sulks*

7) Black Butler. Also watching this because of research for Bless the Eyes that See. Also am kinda "meh" about it (Ciel is a bit of a brat, but then again, I'm only a few episodes in), but J. Michael Tatum makes a girl want to stick around, you know? His's my favourite. (*covers Vic Mignogna's ears* You didn't hear a thing...) I'm curious to see how the story ends though, even if I don't like the anime much. Is that possible--to not like something much but still want to watch it because you want to know how it turns? Because that happens a lot to me.

8) Legend of Korra. Ok. I had issues with LOK. (Number one being: no Zuko.) But I've repented of my crimes (and that's not just because Zuko's come back and is going on more inspirational life-changing field trips) and have started watching Book 2. Korra and Mako still get under my skin, but I have hope for them. Not much hope, but at least some. And Tenzin. I love Tenzin. Basically, I holding onto this show just because of Lin and Tenzin and Tenzin's kids. And Pema. I like Pema. And I really love that Bolin's pet fire-ferret is named Pabu, which is close to pabo, which is Korean for "fool" or "silly one," which sums up Bolin completely.

9) Ouran High School Host Club. Like FMA:B, I can't not mentioned OHSHC. Just can't. It's impossible. I mean...J. Michael Tatum and Vic Migogna in the same anime? I can't handle it. Actually, I can, but that's more fun to say. And I don't just love this show because of those two. Haruhi's entire character, including her voice actor, the twins, Mori-senpai (it feels really wrong to just call him Mori, okay?)...they're all the best. This was my second anime ever, after FMA, and I also think it's a fairly okay starter, though it has some definite flaws in it, which could turn some away. Some parts of it still frustrate me to this day, but I also love it because of how much it taught me as a person. Also, because it makes fun of the entire genre of shoujo while being a shoujo itself. (yay for breaking the 4th wall!!!) But that's beside the point.

10) Norigami. I hesitated on adding this last one, seeing how I am currently watching it. It's a newer anime (came out in 2013), and it's another one I'm watching for researching--though it's less on the scary side and more on the spirits and ghosts side of things. I love Yato, and I know Yukine is going to break my heart, because I'm a Cheater McCheaterson and watched a few AMVs and now I have a vague idea of how it ends. And I really don't want him to break my heart. Can't he just stay a cute little Regalia? I mean, he hates being hugged! A boy after my own heart! As I said, I'm still watching this one, so I don't have a final ruling on it--I may hate it!--but I like it enough now to add it to this list. Besides, ending on the number 9? That's just silly.

Hey! You made it through! If you don't watch anime, I applaud you--this is like a whole different world, I imagine. (just a hint: shoujo is evil. But semi-necessary.) If any of these struck your interest, please let me! I'd love to talk to you about them and if they're a good one to watch on a rainy October evening (which, as I've already said, most of them are...except for Ghost Hunt. Might want to save that one for an especially sunny day, okay?) And if you have any special favourites that I didn't mention, please share them! I might not have seen them before--and new anime is always something I'm looking for!

Of course, I am in the middle of watching Norigami, and then I'm planning on watching Free!, and then maybe finishing An no Exorcist or maybe rewatching Lovely Complex or something...

Maybe new anime is the opposite of what I need...