Thursday, August 29, 2013

...hello, my name is...

my name is Matt

I guess you could say that this is the story of how I grew from a boy to a man

my fingers speak a different language than the rest of the world

it makes life interesting

i went away from my home on an adventure

met someone whom I didn't expect

discovered what really matters

i don't think I'm ever going to be the same again

i still don't know what exactly happened
my name is Matt. and this is my story. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

...never trust a duck...

As I have probably stated before, I think book written for kids are waaaaay better than teen books. I've only just recently started reading popular teen books (partially for my job, partially to see what the fuss is all about). Most of the time, I wrinkling up my nose and thinking, "Really?" (Hunger Games? Meh. You get the picture.) But every once in a while, I will find one teen book that I do love (Scorpio Races, anyone?)

And then sometimes I find one book that alternately makes me frustrated, curious, and bemused all at the same time.

I think I picked up Clockwork Angel, by Cassandra Clare entirely on a whim. I had read reviews saying that it was a pretty decent read, and I needed a new serious to get my teeth into.

And I couldn't help but noticing that all of these books are freaking huge.

So I read the Infernal Devices books. I liked them. There were things that I loved, and things that I hated it, but overall, they were good.

Then I discovered that there was another series: the Mortal Instruments.

*cue happy dance*

I bought the first three books for my birthday, and then got the last two from the library. Luckily, I got sick that week, so I had an excuse for all my reading. And now I'm waiting patiently for the City of Heavenly Fire of come out.

I both love and hate this series. I love the snarky wit, the concept, and even parts of the plot (despite the occasional gaping plot hole). I hate the risque element (really? Do we truly need that much making out? I understand that these people have known each other for...oh, I know, a year? Less than that? It's obviously they love each other. *sarcasm* Can we dial it back a little bit? PLEASE?) Also, because I read the Infernal Devices first, I find Jace to be identical to Will. Which, I know, is the point, but I loved Will. A lot. And Jace just kind of gets on my nerves.

I finished reading City of Ashes this morning (yes, I read books out of order. Sue me.) I have a few bones to pick. So bear with me. I'm about to rant.

Rant One: the Blatant Incest

Seriously. If I hadn't read the other books first, or if I hadn't had any access at all to the Internet (thank God for Wikipedia...) I would've thrown these books down and regretted the money spent. Incest is one of those things that I can't exactly ignore.

City of Ashes was painful to read because of that (City of Glass was rather awkward too, but then the last part happened, and a lot of things got cleared up). And, because I've read City of Glass and the others, I know it's an integral part of the plot, but seriously. It's majorly awkward. And it made me dislike Clary and Jace even more.

But may I just say: I saw that Sebastian was the real Jonathan Morgenstern right off the bat. 'twas obvious.

this. this is what I be talking about.
Rant Two: Magnus

I really liked Magnus in TID. He wasn't a monumental or amazing character, but he was funny and he added depth when necessary.

I see none of that in TMI's Magnus.

This older Magnus is goofy, sarcastic in a rather corny manner, and really doesn't add much except another "adult" and emergency "oh no, the word is ending, we need Magnus!" help.

um...if there was ever a quote that captured the essence of what I think Magnus looks like, this would be it. 

So yeah. I know that TID was set in the Victorian era, and TMI is modern, but I don't think he needed to change that much. That was a bit infuriating.

Rant Three: the Plot


Thinking about it, there wasn't much wrong with the plot. There were a few convienent coincidents, and few unnecessary scenes (heh-hem. Making out? Incest? Magnus and Alek--do they even add ANYTHING to the plot? Really?) It just felt a bit...wandering to me. It felt loose, and not well-organized. But that may just be me.

Rant Four: Simon.




He died. Then came back. Then died. Then came back again. Then was supposed to die. But didn't.

what the heck.

Simon is probably my favorite character. He is a sassmaster, and he somehow manages to keep up with the Shadowhunters as a mundane. But he's not a mundane any more.

I think I'm going to miss having a bumbling mundie in the gang...

Also--he was dating Clary in this book. Since I'm not fond of Clary much, that made me sad. But I was so proud of him in the epilogue. So stinkin' proud.

Simon rocks. Let's leave it at that. 

Okay, I'm finished. *wipes sweat off brow* Hopefully, that wasn't too much nitpicking. But it was what was on my mine all day, and I had to get it out on paper.

TMI is not my favorite series. Pretty okay. Pretty meh. But I guess it's worth reading through once.

City of Bones is coming out as a movie in a week or so, and I'm curious to see how it is. It could be a tolerable movie, or it could be completely awful. We'll see.

Plus, Jamie Campbell Bower looks and acts exactly like I imagine Jace.

Now if only they'd make movies of TID. That would be awesome.

(my rating for TMI is 3.5 stars. City of Ashes: 2.5 stars) 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

...write my name on your arm...

it's been a long day.

I don't know what exactly has been long or tedious about it, but it has just wound up that way. I went to bed at 11 last night. My alarm went off at 6, then again at 6:30, and I finally pulled myself out of bed at 7:03. I then proceeded to have a whirlwind morning of school, memorization, and deep thinking, and had all sorts of plans for the afternoon...

...when I crashed.

There are some days where it seems like you can get tons and tons and tons of stuff done, and then there are other days when you end up sitting at your computer feeling like a completely awful human being for not doing what you intended to do.

not to mention the fact that drama with friends doesn't help anything. Ever.

I used have a whole bunch of high-maintenance friends. They were constantly talking to me, constantly looking for ways to hang out, constantly doing. Now, certain things have changed that, and I'm not as good of friends with those people. And the people who I do still hang out with are VERY laid-back. And me, coming from the opposite side of the spectrum...well, it's a bit weird for me. I get confused: are they ignoring me? Are they tired of me? Am I being annoying? What the heck is going on here?

I keep forgetting that they're just like me: they have lives of their own. 

My "older" friends (I'm still friends with them...just not as close) didn't seem to realize this, that I had a life and plans of my own. They sometimes forgot my feelings, or constantly bugged me. I really disliked it, and that's part of why I've moved on.

But the hardest part is realizing that not everyone out there is exactly the same as they were.

it's been a long day. But a deep one. A deep one.

And that's good, I suppose.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

{20 Things About Me}

My lovely friend Lauricia is did this cool little post here, so I thought I should give it a go. These get-to-know-you kind of posts are so much fun to write...and a little hard too, oddly enough.

1. I am a natural born ginger.

2. My dream vacation? A visit to the Irish countryside. Or Colorado. One or the other.

3. I have two favorite baby names currently, and they are James and Bethany.

4. I don't know why, but I really, really love this song.

5. Vanilla Chai tea with a splash of milk and a spoonful of honey is my favorite beverage of all time. It even beats out Mtn. Dew, and that's impressive.

6. I was born on Henry Ford's 133 birthday.

7. I watch anime when I'm sick. I like to have pointless drivel to keep my mind off my illness, I guess.

(oh yes, Fruits Basket. One of the most random animes I have yet to watch.)

8. I love dangly earrings.

9. I know the exact number of days that lie between my birthday and my best friends' birthdays.

10. My Myers-Briggs personality test came back as an INTJ, which is the Mastermind. Apparently, I could be a psychopath if I tried hard enough.

11. I'm a HUGE card flourishing fan, and I'm struggling to master a few moves, but having small hands is definitely making it a bit harder.

12. My absolute favorite book is After the Dancing Days, by Margaret Rostkowski. It is one of the few books to actually make me cry.

13. I really want to watch this movie.

14. My guilty pleasure? Listening to He Is We and We the Kings on rainy days.

15. I am very much a middle child.

16. I think I might have an Instagram addiction.

17. A lot of my friends live at least two hours away from me, and I miss them. A LOT.

18. My favorite passage in the Bible as a kid? Jeremiah 19. Look it up. I think I was a disturbed child...

19. I got my first pair of real Converse for my 17th birthday, and they are the most beautiful shoes ever.

And last but not least...

20. I could talk about music and movies and books for hours on end. And I do, quite often.

So there you have it: twenty things about myself. What about y'all? What are twenty random facts about you? I'd love to know!

Tata for now!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

...a snippet or two...

The Spider's Den: from Calypso's Dance, a short story

“Make your move, Goddess of Secrets, or forfeit the game.”

“You’d like me to do that, wouldn’t you?”

“Of course I would. It would make this whole ordeal much easier. I wouldn’t have had to travel seven galaxies just to find you. But you’re stubborn.”

“I will not let you take the Chalice, child. You know that in your heart.”

Calypso leaned back in her chair and stared Circe in the eyes. “I have no heart.”

The goddess stiffened at this, then tore her eyes away from the girl sitting before her. No mortal could undo her like the only daughter of Chaos. No mortal was allowed to toy with the higher race—they couldn’t even last ten seconds staring at their true glory.

Calypso, however, was not an ordinary mortal.

The chessboard between them quaked with pent up energy. The knights, pawns, and queens shook with anticipation—and sent Circe’s nerves into anxious spasms.

“Make your move,” the girl taunted again.  Her voice dripped with smugness, and it sickened the goddess to have been brought so low. She should have barred the way the moment she saw Chaos’ spawn walking through the stars. She should have incinerated her before she even stepped into the Spherical. She should have never agreed to this horrible game of chess.

If she lost, the cost would destroy whole worlds.

All because of Calypso.

She had to win this—and then she could banish the girl to Tartarus. Then everything would end safely.
The goddess bit her lip and with a shaking hand, she moved her queen before Calypso’s knight: the only safe place on the board.

She smirked down at the girl in a very un-goddess-like way and crossed her arms. “Now what will you do, Daughter of Chaos?”

Her smile slowly slid away as the girl looked at the board without expression or disgust. She didn’t look panicked or nonplussed.

Circe's heart sunk. She had just walked into the spider’s web.

from Calypso's Dance, a short story.

Stare: from Liberation


Kingsley and I stared.

He stared back.

He was about my age—maybe a little older. Unlike Kingsley, who had practically no hair, and Griffin, whose hair had been short and  trim, his swung wildly about his face: a dirty, yellow mane, like that of a lion.

The thing that caught my attention immediately was his eyes. Bright green viper eyes. They flashed angrily, then calm, then angry again.

I knew in an instant that this  was not someone to overlook.

“My lord Brenant!” Kingsley cried, straightening like a pike. He stepped before me, completely blocking me from the stranger’s view. “What are you doing here?”

The apparent Lord Brenant raised his eyebrows and leaned lazily against the doorframe. “Who’s that, Kingsley?”

“Lord Brenant, I would strongly advise you to leave this place.”

His eyes flashed like distant lightning on the horizon. “Why? And if you call me Lord Brenant once more, I will have LeBrau remove your fingernails.”

He said it simply, as if he were asking about the weather. It sounded as if he had made this threat quite often.

“Because your father ordered, L-sir.” Kingsley swallowed. “You are not to associate with the barbarian slave.”

He rolled his viper eyes and moved to where he could see me. “Not much to look at, is he?”

I felt my neck prickle.

“My lord.” Kingsley blocked his view again. “Your father demanded.”

“Oh, and is everything my father demands law?”

“Well..yes, my lord—“

“Don’t call me that!” The boy shouted. “Or I’ll tell father you practically introduced me to the savage. Understand?”

Kingsley quivered and nodded. I dropped my head to hide a smile. This was a very different tune compared to his behavior earlier.

Brenant continued to stare at me, his expression cold and calculating.

I met his eyes.

He raised his eyebrows again, this time with surprise. “So you’ve got a bit of steel in you, then?”

More than a bit, I said with my eyes.

He looked at me for a little longer, then shrugged. “Fine, I’ll leave him alone. Just don’t tell father I was here.”

And just like that, he was gone.

Kingsley let out a shaky breath.

“Who was that?” I asked.

“Pre-Emperor Brenant Leallaison the Third. The son of your master.” He wiped beads of sweat from his glistening forehead. “And you are never to speak of him.”


“Never mind that!” He shoved a fresh cloth my way. “Now wash!”