Friday, November 29, 2013


I hung back as Colt gave Mom and Samaara giant hugs that left them gasping for air. Despite the stormy cloud hanging over my head, I smiled at his exuberance. He was an idiot, but he was likable.
Samaara stepped towards me. Her braids sparkled like gold under the kitchen light, and she seemed shy, which is not a word I would usually use to describe my sister.
“See you, Matty.” She gave me a half-smile filled with hope. I grimaced back. Matty? Since when had we gone back to baby names?
Her waiting expression asked patiently for permission to touch me. She probably wanted to hug me, or, more likely, for me to hug her, like Colt had.
Why do people hug? It’s awkward, you never know when the person you’re hugging last showered, and it’s a pointless invasion of your personal space. The backs of my hands got slippery just from thinking about it.
I shook my head. She obviously tried to hide her disappointment, but she still drooped.
Sorry kid. You’ll have to settle for Colt playing ‘big brother.’ He does it better than I do, anyhow, even if he is your boyfriend.
Mom cleared her throat. “You have your maps?”
Colton patted the back pocket of his faded jeans. “Right here, Mrs. North.”
“Don’t lose them.”
That was my mother; stating the obvious happened to be a hobby of hers. I gritted my teeth together in irritation. The rasping sound it created was somewhat comforting, oddly enough.
Colt didn’t seem bothered by Mom’s nagging—he kept on smiling brightly, like a puppy with two tails to wag. “Don’t worry, Mrs. North, I’ll keep Matt here safe.”
I rolled my eyes. “Colt. It’s 6:30.” If he wasn’t going to leave now like he told me we would, I was going back to bed.
He gave me a look. A ‘if-you-don’t-show-some-love-to-your-mom-I’m-going-to-kill-you’ look. I sighed.
“Hug her,” he muttered.
“Just do it already.”
“I’ll wave.” I lifted an awkward hand. “Bye, mom.”
She smiled and waved back, slightly less awkward. “Bye, Matt. I’m going to miss you.”
I examined my fingernails. Half-moons of dirt caked beneath them. When had that happened?
Heat simmered under Colt’s skin. “It’s usually polite to say ‘I’m going to miss you too,’ you know,” he said through clenched teeth.
I kept inspecting my fingers. Mom knew. Mom understood. Besides, why should I “express” an emotion that I didn’t have? It didn’t make sense.
Mom gave Colt one last hug, then swatted him away. “Get lost, you two idiots. Half fun. Keep your phones on. Call me.”
“Shall do, ma’am.” Colt clapped a hand on my shoulder, and I instantly stiffened. “Shall we meander, my man?”
“If you mean, let’s go, I agree. It’s stuffy in here.” Too many people crammed into one room. The back of my shirt stuck to my skin with sweat.
We were barely out the door when Mom shouted one more command after us. “Matt! Don’t forget to call your dad!”
My fists clenched.
“Right.” I didn’t turn to look at her. “Dad. Call. Right.”
“I love you!” That was Samaara.
“Thanks.” I took her words to be directed at me, not at Colt, seeing as Mom was present—and I didn’t think she was aware of the extent of my little sisters romantic life.
“Come back soon!” the fool girl wouldn’t shut up. Colt’s truck—where was it? I had to get away. I was suffocating, smothered in something I couldn’t breathe.
The passenger door handle was jammed. Of course. Just to make my day even better. I looked at the storm drain by my feet. When I was little, I had been afraid of getting sucked into that black pit. Now, all I wanted was to be small enough to disappear into it.
This trip was such a bad idea.
Finally, it oepened. I slid into the truck, then slammed it shut behind me, cutting off whatever emotions my family might be shouting out now. I couldn’t handle it, hearing them right now. I might shut down.
Colt slid into the drivers seat, waving at the house still. He smiled, but his face was hard.
“You’re a creep,” he said.
“And you’re a jerk.” I crossed my arms. “I don’t touch people. You know that.”
“Your mom isn’t people.
“Whatever. I’m sleeping now. Wake me when you’re tired of driving.” I ignored his strangled noises and turned towards the window.
Well, this trip was off to a great start. 

{i finished NaNo yesterday. Looking forward to the days to come.}

Monday, November 25, 2013

...boy, I know you're dangerous...

 this person. her. Christina Grimmie. She makes me smile. A lot.

my first exposure to Christina was a cover of Just a Dream with Sam Tsui, herself, and Kurt Hugo Schneider (which you can watch here). Not only did that lead me into being obsessed with Kurt and Sam, but I definitely became a part of Team Grimmie after that.

I don't know what it is about her music, but it just makes me happy. Real happy. Her album, With Love, rivals twenty one pilots' Vessel as the most played album on my iPod. When I was fed up with everything, I turned her on, and I couldn't help but smile at her upbeat and classy music.

ummm...yeah. This. Tell My Momma is and always will be one of my favorite songs from With Love, and for multiple reasons. A.) it shows off Christina's voice perfectly. To quote that lady from the beginning, she does indeed have a set of pipes. It's deep and powerful and beautiful all at the same time, without being overwhelming or anything. I don't know if there is anyone who can listen to Christina sing and not wish at least a tiny bit to sound like her.

B.) This song is so bouncy and perky that from the moment I heard it, I immediately wanted to get up and dance. If I'm cleaning my room, this is the song I play, because it makes me want to move. If I'm out and about and listening to my music, I have to skip past this one, because apparently some people don't appreciate teenaged girls dancing through store aisles to music only they can hear. Weird, I know...

Aaaand lastly but not leastly (or however you say it...), I am of the personal opinion that the music video is rather amazing. Now, when I first watched the video, I was very much confused. I really didn't think that the song matched the video all that well. It felt choppy, like it didn't mesh. But then, after rewatching it a few more times, I realized that, although the video didn't match the one that I had imagined, it very much suited Christina's personality. I follow Christina on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and through all those places, I've learned what an incredible and amazing person she is, not to mention that she is very funny. She's random and crazy in all the right ways, and I laugh every time she posts something, because I could see myself doing the very same thing. She is easily one of my favorite musicians--not just because of music, but because of herself as a person.

One of my dreams would be to be able to see her perform in concert...she was in KC earlier this month, but she was performing with Selena Gomez, and yeah...I'll wait until she's performing with someone that I actually enjoy listening to. I think it'll be more enjoyable that way. :)

what's your favorite Christina Grimmie song? Or is this your first time hearing about her?  Lemme know, down below (that rhymed...)


Saturday, November 23, 2013

...the cure...

a long time ago
i wasn't able
to look others in the eye.
i hid myself in layers of mystery
not ever admitting
that i wanted to be found.
i kept to myself;
my world consisted of
the pen, the page, and me.
but then you came along
you made me want 
to look up
just so i could know
the colors of your eyes.
every day i see those eyes
i am thankful
blessed in an indescribable way.
i wish i could tell you
how you changed me 
into a better
but i'm not perfect yet.
maybe someday
a long time in the future
i'll be able to tell you
these words.
maybe then
you'll have cured me

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

...arrogant boy...

{“I make it a point not to ever be embarrassed. It impedes my inner potential.”
“Your inner potential to be annoying,” I muttered, still smiling.}

                              So apparently there are only 10 more days in NaNo.


Actually, I'm rather content with how I'm doing. I'm at almost  10K, which is pretty decent, considering my schedule. I've actually been able to churn out approximately 700 words per day (ish), so I think I'll be able to make my feeble little goal of 15k. However, a friend of mine is coming into town for the next two days...which means not a lot of time to write, except in the evenings. But I'll figured something out. 

 {He rolled his window down, letting in a brisk breeze. I sucked in a sharp breath. “Shut that, would you?”

“Why? Fresh air is good for you, haven’t you heard?” He scowled at me. “Unlike some, I actually enjoy being outside and seeing the sun. Vampire.”
“I don’t sparkle,” I muttered.
“Heavens! Matthew made a pop culture reference! Wonders will never cease.”
“Sarcasm doesn’t suit you,” I said as I changed lanes, scowling a little as I did it.
“Says that guy who is never anything but sarcastic.”
“Just shut up, already."}

I also think that part of my contented-ness has to do with the fact that I'm actually still enjoying writing this story. Because I came into NaNo with absolutely NO PLAN whatsoever, I kinda just decided to take things at their own pace and not freak myself out. I didn't plan ahead, I didn't outline...I can just go wherever my creative muse leads me. Thus, I am not bored or sick of writing this story. I'm writing at my own pace, and I'm happy with that. 

{ 13 miles from Perimont, read the sign. Colt’s stomach let out a gnarly sound. “Oh, gosh,” he said, clutching his gut, “I need to eat. Can we stop?” 

    “We’re almost there.”
He adopted a shrill baby voice. “But I’m hungry, Matty…”
“I don’t listen to whiny four-year-olds. And don’t call me Matty.” I switched lanes again. “Just be patient.”
He thrashed around in his chair. “Sometimes, I really hate you, dude.”
“Love you too.”
“Hah. You’re hilarious.”}

I feel like I'm really getting know my characters--how they react to things, how they treat others, how they think and act under's a growing experience for the both of us. And my two main characters haven't even met each other for more than five minutes (and I don't really count that chance encounter that I really hadn't foreseen as them meeting each was more of a temper tantrum on Sammy's part to begin with.) I'm still loving the bromance between my boys, and I can't wait to see how the chemistry changes when Sam is thrown into the mix. Yeah...that should be interesting.
( The wind was so frigid that my face ached like it was covered with paper cuts. I’d wrapped my scarf around Linds, all the way up to her nose, so she looked like a tiny Eskimo child, but I could still feel her shivering next to me.

“Where do you want to go?” I asked through my teeth chattering. “Florida? The Bahamas? Hawaii?” I smiled at her high-pitched giggle. We might homeless, freezing, and in a pickle, but still my little sister laughed when I tried to joke around. At least something was still normal…}

I'm happy that NaNo is almost over. Although I've enjoyed it, I'm ready to be able to write without feeling that nagging feeling within me... "if you don't write now, you won't be able to make it." Doing NaNo has given me the jumpstart back into writing that I needed, but I can't wait to write on my own schedule, with my own (slightly) looser goals. Overall? I'm excited to see where this goes--can't wait to get into the meat to the story. 

 {Quietly, I said, “I was like this before, if you would just remember.”
Colt shook his head. “No. The Matt you were then wasn’t comparable to you now. You smiled then. You talked. You weren’t moody and distant. You acted like a normal human.”
“I don't remember any of that.”
He turned away from me, but I could still see his emotionless face in the mirror. His eyes showed nothing, but his mouth twisted at the corner—soft with something I couldn’t identify. “Then maybe it’s not me who has the wrong memories,” he said softly. “Maybe it’s you.”}

{all excerpts from 'the great ones and the general,' by Ely S. Gyrate}

Monday, November 18, 2013

...say yes to pull the trigger...

I seem to have a happy talent for forgetting what day it is until 9:30 at night...this is not a good sign...

this time around, I am a little more prepared. For once. I actually had 3 songs I had to choose from...and trust me, it was a hard choice. But in the end, the song that I chose to "review" (I seriously need to find a better word...) was this amazing song by one of my favorite bands: Flyleaf.

Cassie is not a new song. I think I was 11 or 12 when I heard it for the first time, and quite honestly, it rather freaked me out. I was a young, naive kid, still very sheltered from many things, and when I heard the words "Cassie pulled the trigger," I immediately turned the radio off. What the heck was this song about? This was a Christian station I was listening too! It wasn't til later that I heard the story behind the song: that it was about a girl who confessed to believing in God at a school shooting, fully knowing that it meant her death, and thus ended up dying. Tragic story. I remember getting goosebumps. At that age, that was probably the first time I had even heard of school shootings. The gravity of it all didn't sink in until I was older, but still, I was half-creeped out, half obsessed with this song. It attracted me and repulsed me at the same time.

Now that I'm older, it has a whole new meaning and appeal to me. Not only is Flyleaf one of my favorite bands ever, but I am quite honest in saying that this is my favorite song of theirs. Why? Because it made me think about stuff that I didn't want to dwell on. I was (and still am) the type of person to avoid things that make me uncomfortable or depress me. If it messes with my perfectly formed bubble, I go out of my way to avoid it. Trust me, if I see someone I don't want to talk to/make eye contact with in a store, I will walk around the entire store, just to keep from encountering them for all of maybe a minute. It's rather pathetic.

School shooting was one of the subjects that I liked to tiptoe around. I didn't want to think about it, and I was content to stay in my own little naive bubble for as long as I could. But then this song kind of popped that bubble when I was 15 years old. By chance, it came on the radio after my not hearing it for several months, and when I heard it again, I felt like a nuclear bomb had exploded in my mind.

"Do you believe in God?" The shooter asked Cassie. "Say yes to pull the trigger."

Those words nailed themselves onto my mind. say yes to pull the trigger. What a terrible thought--deny God, you live. Confess your faith, you die. While I was horrified at this, I didn't realize that this terrible thing goes all the way back to the apostles and the martyrs. This was the kind of thing they faced back then. This was the kind of thing Christians in foreign countries were dealing with--not just in the past, but in the present. In the now, people were being killed for believing in God.

Boy, do I have it lucky, was the first thought that went through my mind. And then...

would I able able to do what Cassie did? would I have that courage and selflessness?

I honestly didn't know the answer.

I still think about this on a daily basis. This is one of the most played songs on my music playlist...I just can't get enough of it. What would I do in that situation? if it was me and my life in danger...what would I say?

Somedays I think I have the answer. Other days, I am ashamed to say, I'm still confused and weak. But I never stop thinking about it.

Cassie changed my life. What about you? What song has changed your life? How so? Tell me below! I love getting comments from y'all. :)

hope y'all have a great week!

Monday, November 11, 2013

...let the words fall out...

so I said I had something special to do on Mondays. I looked forward to doing this all weekend and had to force myself not to work ahead and ruin all my Monday fun. Among other things, I went quizzing (and did pretty decent, despite being sick...), saw Thor 2: THEDAR (as my ticket said...figure it out on your own...), and decided that staying up lat is something that I just can't give up (I've come a long way from the little girl who couldn't keep her eyes open past 9 pm...) I could go on, but that would mean that by the time I finished writing and publishing this post, it probably wouldn't be Monday anymore.

so let's get going.

I've done several music-related posts on this blog before (and a TON on my old blog), but they were all haphazard and random. Music is a gigantic part of my lifestyle, and I would like to talk about it more often. Like, waaaaay more often. So, because I like alliteration, and because I'm not at all original, I present you with...

heh. muzak. I'm such a dork.

it seems fitting to start out my music reviewing (can you review music? that sounds weird...) with my current, absolute favorite song. My music taste has changed drastically over the years, but I've been listening to this song since it was still summer, and I have yet to "get over it," which is unusual for me. A song is usually only a favorite of mine for a matter of weeks, and then I move on. Not in case with Brave.

my first encounter with this song was just surfing YouTube, looking for entertaining multi-fandom videos, seeing if I could find a new fandom to join in my spare time. I stumbled upon this "gem" of a video (it really made me realize how many fandoms I am already apart of, lol...)

now, this is a very strange, nondescript video. In most situations, I probably would've watched for about a minute into it, and then went and watched something else. But no... not with this one.

the moment Sara Bareilles started singing, I was hooked. The music, the lyrics, everything about this song latched onto me, and I didn't want it to let go. Guys, this song literally made me almost start crying. It was one of those moments I felt overwhelmed that this singer had put exactly what I was going through into the words that I couldn't find. It was an incredible feeling.

I then went and searched for her music video--and oddly enough, didn't find it my first time. I instead found the lyric video, and completely fell in love with its cuteness.

yup. cuteness overload.

the lyrics of this song really changed my life. I was going through a stage where I thought that if I kept what I was thinking inside me, it would hurt less. People--family members, acquaintances, once close friends--had done things to hurt me, and I wasn't sure how to express those feelings appropriately. So instead of sharing them directly with the people around me who were (I am sure) willing to listen, I kept them bottled up inside of me. And that's pretty much just like eating glass. You keep swallowing back all these painful feelings, letting them simmer within you, cutting your insides into smithereens.

and no one knows what's going on because you can't tell them.

this song helped me understand that, although it's bloody hard to open up, to say what you're thinking and feeling, and that you may feel unprotected at the time, you need to do it. Because if you aren't going to, who is? So say what you want to say. I want to see how big your brave is.

let your words be anything but empty.

It's an amazing song, with an amazing message, in my humble opinion. And I think I shall always love it. When I need to jam, this is what I listen to. When I need to relax, this is what I listen to. When I need to cry, this is what I listen to. this is my song.

Just recently, I finally found the music video and watched it. And although I didn't like it as much as I liked the lyric video and all it's cutesiness, it's still a pretty nice video.

 *kudos to you, Sara Bareilles, for encouraging people to randomly start dancing in public. I stand behind you 100%.*

to wrap things up, I just want to say that I hope this song encouraged you as much as it did me. Or if it didn't...well, stick around. Mayhap I can find another song for you to be inspired by. I have hoards of them, waiting to be "reviewed." (man, I really need to come up with another word for this...)

Next Monday, I'll be reviewing...well, actually, I don't know yet. I was going to be mischevious and give you a cunning little hint, but it's kinda hard to do that when you don't know what you are doing to begin with. Next week I'll try to be a little more prepared. :)

But until then, here's one more Sara Bareilles song for you to enjoy--she's quickly becoming one of my favorite singers. Hope you like it!

Bye!! :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

...that was an adventure...

well, on Wednesday, I hinted at perhaps picking up my old habit of doing I <3 Thursday's, seeing as I now can blog whenever I want. I had every intention of doing on yesterday, but a series of unfortunate events came between me in my blogging.

Exhibit A: The Furnace

at about 1:30 in the morning yesterday, my mother came into my room. Being the light sleeper that I am, I sat bolt upright and asked her what was going on. (Hello? Trying to sleep here?) She explained our furnace had stopped working, and the whole house was ice cold. Oh, I thought to myself, that explains why I was dreaming of the Artic... she then gave me a hideously scratchy hot pink and baby blue wool blanket and told me to go back to sleep. Easier said than done... needless to say, I slept in that day. Muuuuuuuuuuch later than 5:45.

Exhibit B: Artemis

I really should've thought more about naming my computer after a criminal mastermind. It should've been obvious to me that, by naming it Artemis, I'd be guaranteeing that my laptop was doing to develop a personality. Yesterday, I went to turn on my computer so I could do various things (among these things, blogging was on the list), but then something terrible happened.

Artemis wouldn't turn on properly. *cue heart attack*

I've had this computer for less than two weeks. To have it potentially break down with all my NaNo writing on it this soon was quite honestly terrifying. I spent my entire morning freaking out and trying to get it to cooperate. Finally, I managed to transfer my precious document files onto a memory stick and restore Artemis to factory condition. (mwahahahahahaha brain wipe!!!!) Luckily, that fixed whatever was the problem, and Artemis is functioning perfectly. But that definitely made my life a bit exciting.

And finally, Exhibit C...

Have I mentioned that there's a quiz on Saturday? A quiz for which, I do not exactly feel prepared? Yeah. That was also a big deal yesterday.

But now everything is back to normal (wait, what's normal...) and I can now do my I <3 Thursday...err, Friday.

i love eyes

eyes are one of the things that have always and always will fascinate me. Every eye is so different, what with colors, pattern, and shape...they're amazing. Even when I was in the childhood "I really don't like anything about myself" stage of life, I never hated my eyes. I like the unique brown speckly pattern, how they have the dark rims around the iris...yep, eyes are pretty much spectacular.

i love texting my cousin

we're crazy. It doesn't matter that she's 3 years older than me, and has a completely different life than I just feels good to talk about weird and random stuff and be able to laugh at each other.

i love revisiting old book friends

on my up next to read list? Eragon, Behemoth, Legend, and if I find the time, LOTR. I miss my old friends.

i love movie soundtracks

while writing, I listen to either of these three things: the Iron Man 3 entire soundtrack, dubstep (meaning, the Glitch Mob...), or various kpop songs (blame my sister, people...she's addicted. It's a perfect background for writing tho, because I don't know any of the words, lol...) 

i love feeling artsy

today I have an irreisitable urge to create something. More so than usual. My computer chair's cover is peeling and cracked, so I may channel my inner creative person and create a new cover for it.

I love taking pictures of scenery

when I was in my early teens, I scoffed at photography (firstly because I thought it was silly, and secondly because I thought I would be terrible at it). But now, having gained some maturity, I really enjoy taking pictures of God's creation. So amazing.

what did you love about your Thursday? (or your Friday. Whatevs.) I'd love to know! :)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

...oh the irony...

I'm beginning to think that my immune system reeeeeeeeaaaaalllllly loves to take vacations every two weeks or so and leave me with the misery that comes with winter-time colds. And I can so see it reclining in its lawn chair, laughing maniacally, while I suffer from sore throats and runny noses galore. Typical, immune system, typical.

I honestly don't mind being sick, because I don't really stop doing school and studying and stuff, I just get to do it at a much slower pace instead. Unfortunately, my cold came at a rather bad time this time, because not only am I doing NaNo (and writing coherent things usually involves these two things: a) having a brain, and b) being awake), but I also have a Bible Quizzing event coming up on this next Saturday. For which I would really love to be healthy, that way I don't totally bomb and drop in the standings (plus, who has a good time hanging out with friends when you feel terrible from a cold? It just doesn't happen.)

I felt like giving y'all an update on my NaNoWriMo progress. So far, I have 2,670 words of my 15,00 words written, and am feeling fairly happy with how it's going. There a few nit-picky details I would usually want to fix (Matt's not sounding exactly like I had thought he would...which isn't nescessarily bad...but just different), but I'm working on practice my patience/focusing skills and trying with all my might not to edit while writing.

it's very hard.

Currently, my least favorite character is Colt (at which I shockingly surprised. In my head, Colt was always my fave. But on paper...) but the bromance between him and Matt is quite honestly one of my favorite things I've ever written. I've noticed in my writing that the males tend to be the 'lone wolf' style, so having a duo like those two boys is entertaining. Colt's just annoying to get underneath Matt's skin, and Matt likes to mess with Colt in return. It's a win-win situation.

just picture them like Merlin and Arthur and you'd be about right

Most of the character development so far has landed on the two of them, which is ironic because the book starts out from Sam's point of view, then Matt's, and now they're switching back and forth in telling the story. I want to develop Sam more, but there is so much about her that you just don't know yet that I can't. Not without giving too much away. But you can definitely tell she's not going to let people walk all over her. Girl has got a backbone, and rightly so.

Another ironic thing is when I worked on writing today. Usually, my schedule looks something like this:
  • wake up at 5:45
  • go back to sleep
  • wake up again at 6:00
  • turn on laptop, check email, laze around until 6:45
  • shower, breakfast, and other sundry things
  • school
  • more studying
  • WRITE (for an hour at least)
  • finish school
and then I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want (and do more studying...because that's my life, pretty much...)

so I like to get my stuff done earlier rather than later. I also like to do it in one giant chunk, instead of writing little blurbs here and there.

the ironic part is that today, because of my slower schedule, that means I have tons of time to work on my "novel," right?



I spent most of my morning/early afternoon half-heartedly studying, catching up on TV shows, and browsing Pinterest. And texting my cousin about her disturbing dreams. (seriously, the girl has some twisted dreams...) And didn't actually sit down to write til about 4:30. And even then it took me guilt-tripping myself (is that even possible???) to get me to do it seriously, instead of just slapping a bunch of nonsensicality down on the page.

but I got 1,129 words done today. Which is, like, more than all of my former days combined.

so I was pretty proud of myself.

{hence this blogpost}

I'm going to try and do these up-date-y things ever few days or so (tomorrow won't be one, seeing as it's Thursday...which means what? *wiggles eyebrows maniacally*)

somehow...not as intimidating as I had intended...

Also, I'm thinking about doing something special on Mondays...thinking about it. Haven't decided yet. So we'll see. 

Mekana and I finally got around to naming my computer today. While tossing around names, the three best that came up were Bonso (my idea...she vetoed it), Artemis, and Leviathan (what were we thinking?) Obviously, we went with Artemis, and I am very happy with that name. As of the moment I finish writing this blogpost, I am going to search for an Artemis Fowl related wallpaper for my desktop. Wish me luck.

what have y'all  been up to lately? Any good books been read? I'm currently rereading the The Raven Boys, Insurgent, and I also decided to give The Fault In Our Stars another shot. Though when I read it the first time, I didn't really like it that much, certain things have changed in my family life that made it relate to me a bit more. So we'll see how it is on the second go.

I think I need to go make some more Chai tea with honey and cinnamon (I found a way I like to eat that nastily sweet stuff, yeah!!!) and maybe take some Advil. And sleep.

Yeah. Sleep sounds like a good idea.

Hope y'all are having a fantastic day!

Friday, November 1, 2013 the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him...

so I went to see a movie last night.

it was a pretty amazing movie.

I would like to talk to you about said movie.

and that means it's time for some costume theatre.

*pulls on Nick Fury wig*

oh wait.

dang it.

I'm here to talk to you about Ender's Game.

I literally could not put my thoughts about this movie into words until now. I kept sputtering things like: "Amazing. Ohmigosh. Wut. Yesh. So good. Ohmigosh." I'm pretty sure neither me nor my father were making much sense last night (since he's as much of a fangirl as I am). And even now, when it's been a full 24 hours since I stepped out of the darkened theatre...I still don't know exactly where to start.

*inner muse whispers in ear* "You might try starting with Ender..."

Okay, whoever cast Asa Butterfield as Ender was a brilliant person. I applaud them. He was exactly the same as I'd imagined him, and he is a pretty amazing actor. I liked him as Mordred, and he did a good job in Hugo. He's definitely one of my favorite actors. I especially enjoyed the fact that I completely forgot that he was British while watching this movie. There were a few acting moments that I winced at, but I wasn't sure if that was because Asa was trying too hard to be Ender, or if it was just bad acting on his part. But I shan't go into that.

The plot was veeeeeeeeeeery good in staying close to the book. There wasn't anything really added in (from what I remembered), and my only real grievance is with the amount they had to cut out. I say 'had' because if they had kept in everything, the movie would have been amazingly long (which I wouldn't have had an issue with AT ALL.) This can be said for all book-to-movie adaptations, but I felt like that with Ender's Game, it was the most unfortunate. You literally met Ender, had him carted off to Battle School, had one battle, and then he was made the Dragon Commander. I understand why they cut most of his journey through Battle School out, but I wish they hadn't had to. 'twas unfortunate.

The other thing that they cut out had me scratching my head. Ender's twisted brother, Peter, appeared twice. And was mentioned maybe two other times. They left his character out almost entirely. They made references to "I can feel Peter in me," or "I feel like I'm turning into Peter," but if you hadn't read the book, you didn't understand exactly how much that means. I was a little disappointed concerning that.

My favorite characters (besides Ender) were Bonso and Bean. Bean was an adorable little launchie, and Bonso was brilliantly casted. The shower fight scene between him and Ender was well done, albeit a little short (which is understandable...seeing how it's a shower scene...) Alai was good, but I felt like you needed a bit more explanation about his and Ender's relationship. If you hadn't read the book, you might be a bit confused--why the heck are they speaking in Arabic? Did they get that close in, like, five minutes? Confused here! Petra...sigh. I was 100% expecting this, but Ender and Petra were almost a 'thing.' *shakes head* I liked Petra other than that, and I appreciated that they definitely didn't play it up as much as they had the potential to. That was a happy thing on my part. :)

Also--Harrison Ford as Graff. Brilliant.

I really just can't get over the brilliance of this movie...

I'm not going to go into technical things like CGI and dissecting the plot and acting and stuff because that's not my cup of tea. I'm just going to say one more thing.

Read the book.

If I could impress any one thing on you, that would be it. Ender's Game is such an unique book in how it gets so deep into Ender's head. There's no way you could capture how much torment and confusion he was in on a screen. No way on earth. Something that my dad said last night really stood out to me: "It's not a bad movie, but it's an even better movie if you read the book."

Now, if reading books isn't your thing, don't feel like you won't like or enjoy this movie. My little sister had never read it, and she loved it (but that may have something to do with the fact that she has a thing for Asa...we won't go into that...) If you like sci-fi, and can resist the urge to play connect the dots with Asa's freckles, I have a feeling you'll enjoy this movie.

I don't even know how to rate it. I don't like giving 5/5 stars because it's definitely not a flawless movie...(that one would've been 4 or more hours long and had a heck of a lot more of Peter and Valentine in it...) but I don't know what else to give it.

I'm just gonna go with: it's a good movie.

And that's all I have to say.

i need to stop using so many gifs...but it's so much fun...
Sorry if this is a bit random and doesn't make much sense...running on 5 hours of sleep here.I'm such an idiot for staying up late and then playing basketball all afternoon.

On a completely different subject: it's NOT a good idea to go see a movie on Hallowe'en--creepy commercials galore.

Yeah. I'm an idiot.