...the cure...

a long time ago
i wasn't able
to look others in the eye.
i hid myself in layers of mystery
not ever admitting
that i wanted to be found.
i kept to myself;
my world consisted of
the pen, the page, and me.
but then you came along
you made me want 
to look up
just so i could know
the colors of your eyes.
every day i see those eyes
i am thankful
blessed in an indescribable way.
i wish i could tell you
how you changed me 
into a better
but i'm not perfect yet.
maybe someday
a long time in the future
i'll be able to tell you
these words.
maybe then
you'll have cured me


  1. Awesome job...lovin' it!!
    I likes all of this posting...:)

    Love ya ninjagirl!


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