...write my name on your arm...

it's been a long day.

I don't know what exactly has been long or tedious about it, but it has just wound up that way. I went to bed at 11 last night. My alarm went off at 6, then again at 6:30, and I finally pulled myself out of bed at 7:03. I then proceeded to have a whirlwind morning of school, memorization, and deep thinking, and had all sorts of plans for the afternoon...

...when I crashed.

There are some days where it seems like you can get tons and tons and tons of stuff done, and then there are other days when you end up sitting at your computer feeling like a completely awful human being for not doing what you intended to do.

not to mention the fact that drama with friends doesn't help anything. Ever.

I used have a whole bunch of high-maintenance friends. They were constantly talking to me, constantly looking for ways to hang out, constantly doing. Now, certain things have changed that, and I'm not as good of friends with those people. And the people who I do still hang out with are VERY laid-back. And me, coming from the opposite side of the spectrum...well, it's a bit weird for me. I get confused: are they ignoring me? Are they tired of me? Am I being annoying? What the heck is going on here?

I keep forgetting that they're just like me: they have lives of their own. 

My "older" friends (I'm still friends with them...just not as close) didn't seem to realize this, that I had a life and plans of my own. They sometimes forgot my feelings, or constantly bugged me. I really disliked it, and that's part of why I've moved on.

But the hardest part is realizing that not everyone out there is exactly the same as they were.

it's been a long day. But a deep one. A deep one.

And that's good, I suppose.


  1. I understand those kind of days. It'll get better....And to make it start, heres a big hug from me :)

    I understand that problem....Everyone is different, and where one persons forte was connecting and being constantly verbal and initiative, the other person is probably silently doing and feeling and wondering the same things you are....Are they a bother? Should they say something? Will you think they are too pushy or needy? I lot of the time the quiet ones are struggling with those feelings. If they knew it was okay (and welcome!) to be verbal and really "at it" then they would. But they might need more than a little reminding to convince them its okay.
    Figure out how y'all work, and don't hide it all....Tell the other person how you roll. Not many people are very good mind readers. Then ask them.
    I feel like if we all just laid stuff flat out on the table more often, things would be so much better and simpler.

    Love ya, girl.

  2. This is something I understand. I had friends like yours as well, always wanting to do things with me - even if I had other things going on, I felt I had to drop everything for them. When they moved on, and I made friends who were more laid back, I wasn't sure what to do or how to handle it. It does get easier though, so keep going. Over time, you will know what to do.


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