...my heart on a string...

you could tie
my heart on a string
but I can’t see the point
in that
since it would just fly off anyway

you could ask me to be levelheaded
And to put my feet back
on the steady ground
But I like it up here
with my head in the clouds

you could tell me that I’m nonsensical
and occasionally pointless
and I would agree with you
because that is
when I am at my finest

you could try to
 make me like you
but you would fail in a most epic way
i’m my own me and
 nothing can ever change that

you could hand me
all your cares and woes
and try to make me sad
but I would just try and
make you laugh

because I like the
smile on your face
and you and I both smile
the whole world is
shining brighter

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