blue lily lily blue and things it made me feel

oh, Maggie Steifvater, you've done it again.

for some odd reason, every time I pick up one of your books, I enjoy it. Even with the Shiver trilogy--despite the fact that I'm not big on werewolves or romances or stuff like that--I still read them because I wanted to know how it ended. Sue me for having a curious spirit.

I liked the Raven Boys. Confused me to heck the first time I read it, but after a few rereads that DIDN'T involve too little sleep for brain function, I really fell in love with the entire book--plot, characters, everything.

The Dream Thieves was an interesting experience. Because said book revolved a lot around Ronan, so the language level grew drastically high (as did other things...or people...oh gosh I'm so funny...). That being said, I still enjoyed reading it--after I shook my head and all Ronan's characteristically repeated f-words fell out of my ears. The plot was flowing together, but not in a too rushed or too drawn out way, and I was falling in love with each of the characters as individuals and as a group. The Raven boys and the not-psychic girl. What a crew.

And just about a week ago, I got Blue Lily, Lily Blue from the library.

Actually, make that two weeks. Or maybe three. I honestly can't remember. It's been a crazy month.

The Raven Cycle is a series that I have to read slowly. I have to digest these books completely; otherwise, I don't get my full enjoyment from them. I like to savor each sarcastic retort, every moment with Noah (I really, really love Noah...he makes me sad. Even though ghosts don't exist. He still makes me really sad), every time Blue says or does something and I instantly think "Amen, sister!" I don't want to rush the experience, either. Although these books are by no means short, 300+ pages can still be knocked out in a day or two and then I won't have new Maggie Stiefvater reading materiel for another year or so. That's just not cool! So I drag these books out. I fully enjoy all their potential. If I zone out, I go back and reread the chapter. I don't want to miss a single detail.

Well, Blue Lily, Lily Blue sure didn't disappoint.

First of all, I love the cover. It makes me think of moss, which makes me think of caves, which is very fitting with what happens in this book, as several caves are visited. I also love that the girl on the cover isn't a complete face; just a silhouette. You can't see the exact details. You don't know if it's Blue or Maura or Persephone or Gwenllian or maybe even Cabeswater or someone else. You can't have your mental picture of the characters disrupted by an artists interpretation. I love that. Also, that greeny blue color is one of my favourites.

It seemed like everybody in this book got their fair chunk of plot-space. To me at least, the Raven Boys seemed to focus a little more on Adam and Gansey, and the Dream Thieves, as I said before, had a lot to do with Ronan (not that I'm complaining or something. I love Ronan almost as much as I love Noah.) But in Blue Lily, Lily Blue, everyone had their fair share of pages. Obviously, Maura had a little less to say, but that's to be expected. I did love her letter to her family. I wouldn't have expected less from her. I also missed the mother daughter banter between her and Blue. I just love that wacky family of psychics.

Also...Persephone....noooooooooo.... *cries a river of tears*

And Piper. I really want to smack Piper. Like, the fact that she turned out to be what she was and I didn't see it coming frustrates me to no end. Along with the fact that she's terrible and evil and sarcastic. But I was all set up to hate Greenmantle, but I didn't (though by no means was he my absolute favourite character). So yeah. Lady villains who aren't like mwahahahahaha evil are nice to have every now and then. Spices things up. I did not see Neeve's appearance coming either. Though I guess she'd been gone long enough that I should've wondered what happened to her...

Our Raven boys and Blue are all developing quite nicely. I'm getting a little concerned about Adam, and that's saying something, because out of all the group, he's probably my least favourite. (*covers Adam Parrish's ears* you didn't hear a word...) I understand that saying he seems to be getting too deep into things with Cabeswater and such is a major understatement, but that doesn't mean I can't shake my head and tsk tsk every time he does something crazy. I did like how he and Ronan worked together to set Greenmantle up. That was nice and clever. Also, Ronan. Dream skills like whoa. And that's all I think I can really say about Ronan because I don't want to ruin too much.

Though the news about Matthew kind of broke my heart. Poor Ronan...

For some odd reason, every time I type Ronan, I actually type Ronana. *facepalms*

Blue and Gansey are, obviously, falling in love, and amazingly, I am okay with that fact. I have hope that the next book won't be melodramatic and sad between the two of them. Their conversations about Congress and other such things late at night crack me up. They're such cuties, and I'm really praying that there will some sort of a happy ending. I didn't think I would be rooting for Gansey to stay alive and them to together, but I actually am.

Who am I kidding. I didn't even think I'd like these books.

Boy, was I wrong...

I guess what I want to finish with is that wow, I really loved this book; wow, I really love this series; wow, I really love this author. I was getting to the last fifty pages or so and started panicking because I forgot there's going to be a fourth book.

Silly me. I was NOT ready for so much to happen in that little space. Unfortunately, the fact that there's a fourth book means having to wait another year or so for said book to be released.

this makes me very sad.

Oh well.

Guess I'll reread Blue Lily, Lily Blue while I'm waiting. And finish the Knife of Never Letting Go, by Patrick Ness while I'm at it (I'm only 2/3 of the way through this book, but I'm LOVING it.) it's keeping me in suspense. So I think I'm gonna go finish it.


and if you have never read the Raven Cycle and made it to the end...consider me impressed. Also, you should really read these books. I luvs dem.


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