hiatus has broken

*pops out of hiding with a pumpkin on my head*

hey, y'all! guess who's not all weirded out on drugs anymore! yay for pain meds kicking with little to no side-effects! I was so stressed about turning into a vegetable again--and not being able to drive anywhere--or turning into a constantly hungry beast or I dunno, blowing up. luckily, the worst thing about these meds is that they seem to amplify my seasonal allergies? I spent most of the weekend sneezing repeatedly, until I realized I'd stopped taking my allergy meds. Stupid Ely.

you and your forgetfulness, woman

let's just say I'm very happy with my pain-free state. this is the closest I've felt to "normal" since August, probably. granted, I have even more food that I can't eat right now, because we're trying to eliminate the problem instead of just treating the symptoms, but that also has a little piece of sunshine to it.

I can eat dairy again.


I got "tested", and I didn't react to it like we thought. Which I am totally thrilled about. I've been having MnMs in very small portions spread out over several days, since we don't want to completely shock my system with a bunch of dairy (because my autoimmune system is basically a frazzled cat who snarls at everything it comes into contact with), but let me tell you: it's been amazing. I'm excited for the day when I can have sour cream again.

I'm basically crying over food 24/7 because there is literally nothing I can eat besides meat, veggies, and fruit...no eggs, rice, corn, or milk (in large amounts) for me right now.

I get excited by simple stuff, okay?

enough about my health. this next month, I'm really hoping things will settle down and I won't have to be constantly updating you guys about my condition. I want to focus completely on NaNoWriMo and my great characters (see what I did there?)

I'll take my bad puns and leave

I can't believe NaNo starts in two days. I got some prep done while I was taking my week off, but I still hardly feel ready. It's a little scary, especially since I'm taking this NaNo very seriously (last few years, I had some major issues putting my inner editor away). Hopefully I'll be able to get my goals accomplished.
basically me all this november. gotta get that writing done

Also, look at this beautiful song. Just listen to it. Just this song makes me want to write an epic novel (and basically all of the Tokyo Ghoul story too, but whatevs). Consider this a sneak-peak of my anime post that will be coming in the next week or so.

speaking of upcoming posts, November is a big month. Not only am I three posts away from 200 (two now, I guess), I will also reach 20,000 views SOON, which is very exciting. I've also had some major snippet posts in the works since I decided to do NaNo; we'll be going back and looking at some of my old babies and past NaNo projects. And I'll be updating you guys about my progress, of course.

*has a private dance party of one to Mansae*

what did you guys get up to while I was gone? any new books or bands in your life, or did anything awkward happen? (come, tell me your story, I'll have a cringe attack with you).

 I hope you guys had a fantastic week, and I can't wait to spend November with y'all!  

I was going to find a relevant gif but then I found this and he is basically all that I aspire to be. That hair.


  1. YAY WELCOME BACK! November has come far too quickly for me....Im not ready. and then my math professor decided now would be the best time for the hardest chapter of the semester. and then the tutoring center decided not to have people for my class and yeah. life is so stressful, and I get to add Nano to that craziness.....cool.

    but IM SO GLAD YOU PAIN MEDS ARE WORKING YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! that seriously makes me so happy<3

    1. *gives lots of hugs* I'm so sorry. math sucks. I can't imagine how stressful dealing with math without helpful people is...I'll be praying for the right person to be there to help you or for God to suddenly bless you with ALLLLLL the math skillz. And I'll definitely be praying about NaNo. Stress, man. It...stresses you out (I should've thought of something clever but my brain be fried).

      THANK YOU I'M THRILLED TOO!!!!! it makes me much happy. no back pain. no elbow pain. no nasty cold weather finger pain. it's lovely. :D

  2. Your back and not in pain, prayer works!
    That's good that you can have dairy, I mean just for the MnMs alone.
    That song is beautiful, I need to watch Tokyo Ghoul.

    1. well, I found out today that MnMs have corn starch in them, which means I can't eat them quite yet, but I CAN have Hersey kisses. I'm okay with anything, as long as I can have chocolate. It has been a long three months. :P

      Tokyo Ghoul and I have a strange relationship...I love the story and the characters and basically everything...but I can't handle a lot of blood at once. and there's a reason why that show is rated TV-M. So I'm watching it in bite-sized (no pun intended) portions. Also reading the manga as well, which is just as graphic but with less...munching sounds. Yech.

  3. Welcome back! I've been praying for you so I'm glad things are working out well. *hugs* ^_^ I'm SO excited about NaNo, as well.
    (Also I got tickets for a TOP concert in the spring the other day and I don't even know why I'm telling you but I'm telling everybody who's heard of them because I'm a little too excited. xD) Anyway. Have a fantastic NaNo!

    1. yooooooo that's awesome!!!!! I'm super pumped you get to go (as I am sure you are as well)!

      I hope NaNo goes well you for you as well--your book sounds incredible and I can't wait to learn more about it as you go! :D

  4. I'm glad you're doing better and best of luck with NaNo! I'm doing awesome this year if I do say so myself. I've already got 7K. ^ ^



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