a year in music // i

music is such a beautiful thing
it's always changing, always growing, always forming into something new
music brings people together in times where conversations fail
some songs just pass by...others you'll always remember what they mean 
I guess that's what I love about music as a whole
it tells a story

// january //
click photos for songs

i. {we won't} 
jaymes young and phoebe ryan

ii. {twenty-three}

iii. {suburbia} 
troye sivan

iv. {paper hearts}
 jeon jungkook

v. {if you}
big bang

vi. {maybe they will sing for us tomorrow}

vii. {ocean}

viii. because you're my only one 

ix. superman lost
{mat zo}

x. don't worry 
 {lee juck}

xi. promise 
 {ben howard} 

xii. sober
{big bang}

xiii. your hand in mine
{explosions in the sky}

xiv. the fault in our stars
{troye sivan}

xv. coffee - reprise
{urban zakapa}

there you have it
my january in music
stay tuned


  1. Such a cool idea, I only listened to the first one so far. I like it.

  2. that was so cute awww. I love those pictures :)

  3. ooh, I don't think I've listened to any of these! *does so immediately*

  4. I love this :) I'll have to check some of these babies out. (dude my monthly collections of songs got so big that I had to smush them together into one video. as you know. but it was getting ridiculous)


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