m a r c h \\ 2 0 1 6

how is it almost April? I feel like the past three months have been rushing by on double-speed without me noticing. not that I'm complaining. I've never been a fan of draggy months. still, it blows my mind that approximately 1/4 of the years has gone by.

what is this wizardry.

so what happened in march?

I talked about music and wrote a mini poem

I wrote two reviews--which I loved and one that was meh

I got emotional about min yoongi on his birthday (when am I not emotional about him is the real question)

I gave people feels with a great ones snippety thing

and I posted a belated beautiful people about my newest plot bunny

writing has kinda been intense lately. well, not this week, but while I was on break after first quarter? I wrote 17.5k in less than three weeks. for me that's an achievement. I haven't written that much in a short amount of time since last summer? when I finished the first draft of this monster of a book? yeah. it felt good. I also sent that chunk to my beta reader, Faith, and feedback is on its way. I'm both excited and terrified.

I'm also taking part in Camp NaNo! last minute decision, but hopefully I'll be able to work on the great ones as I continue with my two new classes. Maybe in a month I'll have more for betas to read. who knows...

it became really hard to NOT write plot bunny things this month. I don't know why. maybe because I was actually having ideas? but I forced myself just to write the ideas down in a place where I'll probably forget they exist for a later date. after I've finished this rewrite.

I didn't blog as much as I wanted to this month, but that was mostly by accident. I had a week where I didn't post any of the things I had pre-written. I just didn't feel like it. and that was okay. I spent a lot of time outside, writing and thinking. it felt good.

but I'm back now.

I've kind of moved into the library by accident. now that I've somewhat  fixed my sleep schedule and started school again, I've gotten really focused on getting out of the house. going outside and walking around our property is nice (especially with this weather), but going places and driving with the windows down and looking at strangers and wondering about their stories has been really good for me. I also get a lot more done at the library, where it's just me and my laptop and my textbooks. I feel a little weird binge-watching Parks and Recreation at the library. just saying.

this will probably be me this April

I got cleared to eat normal food again! I think I mentioned this before, but this month has been full of experimenting with foods and figuring out what works and what doesn't. so far, I've introduced every food except for corn. I've had no reaction that we can tell, other than getting really sleepy at mealtimes and feeling a little more bloated than normal. after a month of eating these new/old foods, I've decided that I actually really like eating healthy? like, we had chili yesterday and I didn't eat a single vegetable and felt like the world was ending. I was craving green peppers and spinach. it was very weird. but I think I'm going to stick to eating mainly meat and veggies and fruit, with a little eggs and rice every now and then. it's so weird that the diet I hated so very much at the beginning is something that I love now.

this month has been very rough on me anxiety-wise and I don't know why. I've just had a lot of ups and downs. things are looking up though, and I think being outside has really helped.

I didn't get to go places or see friends as much as I wanted to this month, but hopefully April will change that.

school! I got two weeks off, and now I'm back at it with Composition I and Art Appreciation. to my surprise, I'm actually liking Art Appreciation a lot more right now. mostly because I haven't had to write any papers yet. it's coming though... *looks anxiously at midterms in two weeks*

me every time my anxiety says I'm a failure for 85% and such

I've been playing basketball every other day. it's glorious.

I also did yoga for the first time in forever and I am very sore. every time I put on my backpack full of textbooks I want to scream. but it felt really good.

+ music +

as always they are my queens and I love them a lot.

these kids are weird and very new but very good. and did I mention the weirdness?

but they are very good dancers and can sing please give them all the love they deserve

kyle mcavoy + the 1975
these two are very good for homeworking or blogging or just writing in general

MY CHILDREN. this group is so young and so talented and I'm just really proud of them, gosh dang it

oh honey
forever my summer time jam music. can it be warm all the time already?

+ tv +

I got invested in this anime without meaning to. I think I watched the first seven episodes in two days? and then had to wait until new ones came out, which was torture. but it's a very pretty anime, with great animation and music and a unique plot. it made me sit on the edge of my seat and curious how things were going turn out. and that ending, man. I was very happy with how they wrapped everything up.

time-travel! walkie-talkies! lots of murder and sadness and me screaming at the tv screen! reviewing coming soon! (just a little trigger warning this mv has a clip of someone after committing suicide--the wrist and the blood is blurred out, but I still wanted to give you guys a heads up).

parks and recreation
you know I have a problem. I think I've watched two seasons this week alone. yeah...don't really have a good excuse for that. hence the reason I'm camped out at the library a lot.

my PT show! while I do planks and crunches and lunges I watch Matt Murdock be adorable and run around the city beating up the baddies. I love it a lot.

descendants of the sun
this is a new show that I love carefully. it's so good and the characters are so lovely right now, but I have this weird feeling that it's going to get angsty and dramatic and I just can't handle that right now. but bless song joongki for this show. bless him.

+ books +

I read some good books in march. and didn't review enough. whoops. I do have several reviews (1 book and a few shows) coming up so look forward to that. or not. whatever.) I wanted to read more, but I also started a lot of books and have yet to finish them. also whoops. particularly P.S. I Still Love You. Still sitting on my shelf. waiting for me to crack it open and finish it. and let's not even mention Lady Midnight. I bought that massively beautiful book fifteen days ago and I still haven't read more than a chapter or two. triple whoops. 

you thought you could get through an update post without a pinterest break. ha. never.


so that's that. I feel like I didn't do that much beside stress about school and life and write. but I guess that's all I do these days. so yeah. I'm over you, march. you weren't terrible, but you sure weren't fantastic.

see you on the other side, april. I have high hopes for you.



  1. Im on the last episode of Parks and Rec.
    Cherish every episode. it is a gift. I cant emotionally bring myself to watch it but when I do...well. there will be tears.

    I love all those pinterst things. haha.

    and Daredevil! I really liked it but I never got past the first season. *sadface* maybe I will. someday. I got way more into Jessica Jones though. oh well.

    Im so happy you can eat foods again (and enjoy eating healthy. I need more healthy foods to eat. you should pin all your favorite recipes for me to try. haha.) and Im so happy you're playing basketball!
    someday, I shall drive to your house and challenge you to a game. you will inevitably win because I suck at basketball. but it'll be fun anyway. lol.

  2. Good luck with camp Nano, and normal food must be nice. I just went off of Dairy and Wheat it's been fun. You like the 1975, and Dardevil is epic.

  3. It seems like this month was a better month for you! I'm doing CampNaNo too. ^ ^ My goal is 30K. What's yours? I'm glad your diet is working for you. I love healthy food too. Healthy food for the win!


  4. Happy April! I'm so happy to hear about the good things this month -- library, exercise, food, great ones. Congrats on 17.5, that's brilliant! 1k a day is my aim but I almost never manage it. Good for you.

    Fun fact, "I just want to make nice things and get enough sleep" was one of the first things I ever Pinned, I think it was the first post on my Words board. How cute?! :3 I relate to it so hard.

    Pin finds A++ as always, my friend.

    1. (highlights being the cat illustration (me with my white dog) and the boy/girl comparison, which made me laugh.)


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