a year in music : ix

i'm learning slowly

that music doesn't change.

it stays the same, encased in glass,

you're the one with change.

you can go years without hearing

a favourite song

but when you hear it again--

older, rebuilt, something new--

it can suddenly mean nothing

or it can mean everything.

ii. the eye

iv. for you

viii. milk


  1. I feel like I need to listen to more Regina Spektor because I loooooove her song Hero. (from 500 Days Of Summer. lol.)
    but yes.
    I love your music posts <3

    1. Regina Spektor has such a special place in my heart. she's one of those artists that I listened to during my transition from just Christian music to more secular music as a young teenager, and her voice gives me major nostalgia. :)

      thank youuuuuuu <3

  2. That bit at the beginning *chills*
    I just started listening to Regina Spektor. Love her voice.


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