a year in music : x

music was my refuge.

I could crawl into the spaces

between the notes

and curl my back

to loneliness. 

~ maya angelou

Switching things up this time! CLICK THIS PICTURE and be escorted to a playlist of all the songs in this post!! how convenient! enjoy!  

i. dear wormwood
[ the oh hellos ]

ii.  first love
[ min yoongi ]

iii. can you hear my heart?
[ tablo + lee hi ]

iv. send my love 
[ adele ]

v. monster calling home
[ run river north ]

vi. mama
[ jung hoseok ]

vii. heartbeat
[ amber ]

viii. hold me
[ the sweeplings ]

ix. 21세기 소녀
[ bangtan ]

x. spirit cold
[  tall heights ]

xi. be quiet
[ monsta x ]

xii. holup
[ bobby ]

xiii. thus always to tyrants
[ the oh hellos ]

xiv. blood sweat and tears
[ bangtan ]


  1. okay these titles and bands sound interesting so I actually really want to give them a listen when Im not in my school library without a headphone jack. lol.

    thank you for the endless stream of music recommendations :)

  2. Love the new design and all the new music!


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