a year in music : xi

life is for the living

death is for the dead

let life be like music

and death a note unsaid.

~ langston hughes

click photo for playlist of all the songs in this post

i.  the closer
[ vixx ]

ii.  still
[ loco ft. crush ]

iii.  why worry
[ set it off  ]

iv. playing with fire
[ blackpink ]

v. sweet dream 
[ him heechul ]

vi. confession
[ astro ]

vii. first aid kit
[ emmylou ]

viii. tell me what to do
[ shinee ]

ix. photograph
[ ed sheeran ]

x. decalcomanie
[ mamamoo ]

xi. love you
[ the k2 ost ]

xii. eyes wide
[ meadowlark ]

xii. trapdoor
[ twenty one pilots ]

xiv. paradise
[ hyolyn ] 


  1. Ive had Photograph stuck in my head all day wow. perfect timing. lol. although my favorite by him right now is Friends <3


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