a year in music : xii

there are two means of refuge

from the misery of life--

music and cats.  

- Albert Schweitzer -

click this picture for youtube playlist of this month's songs!

i. this love
[ davichi ]

ii. ladifone
[ tsuyoshi nariyama ]

no video for this song, but click to be directed to spotify for some low key Tyler Joseph voice vibes.

iii. no one's going to love you - live
[ band of horses ]

disclaimer : the lyrics for this song are terrible. the phrase 'no one's going to love you more than me'  can be extremely emotionally manipulative. but i really love the sound of this live performance. *shrugs*

iv. very very very
[ i.o.i. ]

v. oh holy night
[ the sweeplings ]

vi. a lie
[ b1a4 ]

vii. the evergreen
[ mree ]

viii.bermuda triangle
[ zico ft. crush and dean]

ix. oh nana
[ kard]

x. history maker
[ dean fujioka ]

I included the full version and the OP for Yuri on Ice!! because I really love this song.

xi. enigmatic feeling
[ ling tosite sigure ]

xii. mamma mia
[ kara ]


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