summer vibes : music edition

these voices were the soundtrack to my summer. hope you enjoy. also, you get a gluten free cookie if you get the reference (I was an emo thirteen year old once, don't judge me)

click here to be transported to a spotify playlist of all my favourite songs from this summer <3

+ all time low +

I never liked all time low. I mean, I listened to them when I was like seventeen and eighteen, but I never really got into them like I did with Fall Out Boy or twenty one pilots. it just didn't happen. until I saw the cover for their latest album and fell in love. I mean this quite literally. any other album cover and I wouldn't have listened to it. but thank goodness I did, because I found a whole bunch of new favourites.


+ bleachers +

the amount of bleachers I listened to this summer is absurd (read here: awesome). I'd heard about this band and listened to one song before this summer and kind of liked it, but someone I didn't like was an avid fan of this group so I just kind of steered clear of their music (yes, I can be that petty). but then I accidentally stumbled upon Like a River Runs via twitter, and here we are today. there's a concert pretty close to where I live in November and I kind of want to go, but I'm also terrified that a) I'll have a sensory overload episode which can trigger an anxiety attack b) won't be able to get seats that work with my health issues (I can't do standing room only...and being squashed by tons of people is a recipe for disaster), and c) it's in the middle of the week? who does that? at least it's on Wednesday night and I don't have to be at school until 12:30 the next day. BUT STILL.


+ marianas trench +

old love, summer classic, my fondness for marianas trench will never grow cold.


+ paramore +

After Laughter was my everything for the first half of my summer. I listened to it about once every day. so. so. good.


+ seventeen +

but seriously, is there any other band that suits summer better than seventeen? their music is so poppy and bright and cheerful...even their slow songs are perfect for summer. I liked to listen to a playlist of my faves while swimming or working out. JUST SO GOOD.


+ linkin park +

this...this one is hard. one day, when my Bluetooth device that lets me listen to the music on my phone in the car was flaking out, I turned on a random radio station on my drive into work. and Heavy, by Linkin Park came on. honestly, it nearly brought me to tears--both because it fit so well with what I was writing about in those left behind right then and because it echoed so many things that I've felt over the last five years. then I listened to the whole album, then more and more songs. I really love this group and what their lyrics mean...which is why it hurt even more when the frontsman of the group committed suicide just weeks before I finished those left behind, a novel dealing with the aftermath of suicide. it was hard, and I think the night I saw the news I just laid in bed listening to Battle Symphony over and over, trying to sort things out in my head. it still breaks my heart, and probably always will. but that doesn't mean that the music Chester Bennington created loses its value in anyway. in fact, potentially it means more.


+ gfriend +

okay but gfriends music is always so peppy and amazingly full of guitar riffs. I may not have loved their latest comeback, but Me Gustas Tu is always a classic.


+ dean +

dean has the perfect voice and you can fight me on this (plus he's really cute. just saying.) even if you don't like kpop, you should really check this dude out, because his songs just make me want to drive forever while grooving. he also sings whole songs in English, if you don't feel like dealing with a foreign language. seriously. check him out.


+ goo goo dolls +

for some odd reason, I always match John Rzeznik's voice with the sound of my childhood, even though there's no way I listened to this artist until I was 16 or even older. maybe it's because I liked Treasure Planet a little too much, maybe it's because his voice is just so smooth and nostalgic and beautiful...either way, I started listening to them again this month and I don't regret it one bit.


+ halsey +

do I even need to talk about this? I love halsey's music. I always have, always will.


+ sf9 +

these kids are adorable and very very stupid (pls watch their asmr video because OH MY GOSH) but their music is so good--such a perfect mixture of swagger and growling and beautiful melodies. also did I mention that they're stupid and adorable? (ps this is not the actual asmr video--it's a crack(ish) version that I included because the zoom ins are GOLDEN)

so yeah! that's the soundtrack of my summer (okay okay its from a Boys like Girls song don't judge man). if you listen to that whole playlist...well, godspeed.



  1. I don't even remember if Treasure Planet was really that good, but "I'm Still Here" alone makes it a classic.

  2. The fact that I already have been listening to half this list made me happy, you have excellent taste.


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