a year in music // iii


sometimes it chills to the bone.

sometimes it draws tears to the eye

or the desire to dance

sometimes it commands a need for somber peace

where the music draws out your real thoughts

and you feel the things

you've been hiding away

far too long.

// e.b. 

click photos for video

i. don't be shy 
[ primary ft. choa ]


ii. mine
[ phoebe ryan ]

iii. to the hills
[ laurel ]

iv. borders
[ amber ]

v. angel heart
[ knk ]

vi. this is war
[ thirty seconds to mars ]

vii. they long to be close to you
[ glee cast ]

viii. eyes nose lips
[ epik high ]

vx. colors
[ halsey ]

ix. mad hatter
[ melanie martinez ]

x. blind
[ b.a.p. ]

xi. one of these nights
[ red velvet ]

xii.  new americana
[ halsey ]


  1. Melanie Martinez! Love the Madd Hatter song.

  2. I was literally going to do this same post. we are the same person, I'm convinced. lol. I was gonna add Colors to mine too. Im lowkey obsessed with that song. haha.

    anyone, your taste in music is A+


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