little things

ever notice how the little things can completely ruin your day? the big things fill your life with stress, but the little things sneak in between the crack in your happiness and wreck havoc.

it can be anything. a song that reminds you of someone you lost. the fact that you haven't done laundry this week. someone ate your food without asking. a book you once loved just doesn't feel the same way. that overnight pimple turned into the godzilla of zits. plans get canceled, plans get made, plans happen without you. the words in your head won't come out right. you don't feel like you can get anything done--ever. you feel like crying and you don't know why.

any of these things can (and probably have) ruined your day.

sometimes the little things really suck. 

it's like you're a giant and an ant has the power to bring you stumbling to the ground.

the reverse side is this: the little things can totally turn your day around as well. when the big picture is too huge, too scary, too permanent, the little things remind you that everything is going to be okay, that you have reasons to smile even if the future is scary. 

so smile about how beautiful the dandelions look against a canvas of thick green grass.
take a deep breath and enjoy the pressure in your lungs from the crisp, clean air. 
take joy in the little victories: you woke up today. maybe you got out of bed, maybe you didn't. either way, you're awesome.
listen to your favourite song on repeat.
embrace true laughter or being silent.
if a stupid joke makes you laugh, laugh. don't pretend it doesn't tickle your funny bone just because it isn't cool.
say thank you when someone praises you instead of deflecting it.
stand tall. 
you are beautiful.
be brave. 

 it's funny how the little things mean everything.

you are my little thing today. you are my little thing every day. so thank you for existing. 


  1. This is so sweet! I totally adore you too. Glad you're hanging in there!!

  2. Beautiful words. <3 It was good to hear after a rough week.

  3. "you have reasons to smile even if the future is scary."
    wow I needed that today. I couldnt get out of bed this morning because I couldnt bring myself to look outside to see snow because thats a trigger for me. just now I got up. and I came on here. and I found this. and thank you. you always make my day. thank you for existing <3

  4. "you've got to stop letting the things that won't matter in two years matter now." I must tell myself this constantly. Little things can be so destructive if we let them. I just need to step back and take a breath and say hey, Jesus still died for me. You know??

    I loved this post, thank you <3


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