a p r i l \\ 2 0 1 6

hi there.

it's been a while.


I don't know why I suddenly disappeared from the blogosphere. I mean, I can blame it on a bunch of different things, but in the end, it was a personal choice. do I want to work on finishing the five drafts I have half-completed, or do I want to not completely stress out over school--and still have time with my family, books, and tv shows? I chose the latter, obviously.

the break was good. but I'm ready to be back. so so ready.

plus, I'm almost done with this quarter, so hopefully I should have a little more time to blog in May. *crosses fingers*

but let's not think about May. this post is all about April.

...I didn't blog much. whoops.

but I did write my third music post, which was a lil creepy and a lil nostalgic for me.

I also reviewed Signal and got really emotional about my lil babies, and I still say you really should watch this show BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD.

and finally, before I left for my hiatus, I talked about the little things and how big a difference they can make. I know I needed to hear what the post had to say, and apparently so did you guys.

I actually wrote this month! miracle of miracles! for a few weeks, I went without writing much at all, but I've been making the time and the desire to write has been so strong lately. I'm so excited for my two week break coming up, because I totally intend to work as hard as I can on the great ones. it worked well last time, so we'll see. I'm super pumped though.

unfortunately, I've had to spend more time on writing essays. this is a public service announcement: make sure you read your essay prompts thoroughly. bad things happen if you don't. voice of experience speaking here.

I've had been thinking really hard about what I want to write after I finish this draft of the great ones. I know I will need a break--I haven't had one in ages. but do I rewrite Burn, the novel about foster kids and goats and fire that you guys have no clue about? or Seeker, where I can give my first ever serious writing a new look? or maybe my steampunk retelling of Rapunzel? I just can't decide. or maybe I should do something completely new and random. that would be interesting. but right now I'm so invested in the great ones--in Matt, Colt, Shiloh, and Riley that I just can't think too seriously about it. what do you guys think? what one interests you the most? let me know!

why thank you, tiny pink teacup

life...has been chaotic. not in a bad way, exactly, but my stress levels have been quite high this month. luckily, I haven't been too sick because of it. working on getting back down to a status quo with as little stress as possible. I know, I can dream.

I got a job this month! it's just a short term job, but I'm very happy with it, and I like working a lot. I get to watch six kids every wednesday for four hours. it's fantastic. perfect for my health needs and anxiety issues. kids don't give me anxiety, which is why I'm thinking more and more about being a school counselor or a child psychologist.

school has been special. and that's all I can really say about it. I like my courses, but I'm also really tired of writing essays. but guess what! that's college for you--the essays and papers never end! at least with my upcoming math class, I won't have to write any papers.

I've been experimenting with food a lot. would you guys be interested in foodie posts? just every now and then? I'm really bad about writing down my recipes, so I think blogging about them might help them stick in my head. but either way--I'm so happy about all the foods. too delicious for me to handle.

+ music +

oh my gosh. this group is precious and their music is precious and I love them a lot. plus their music just makes me happy? perfect for spring time dance parties.

oh honey
if we're talking spring time music, oh honey is the place to be. their music always gives me happy vibes and picks me up out of whatever rut--even their sadder songs make me feel better about life. and I love that.

I'm still waiting for my Zelos album to arrive. it will be beautiful. but in the mean time, I'll be listening to these two songs over and over and over and over.

I've been listening to so much halsey lately. especially when I'm writing; it's great background music without me losing focus or being completely bored.


+ tv +


actually watching season two right now. still good. it's also a great show to watch without being too involved--I don't feel the need to binge-watch everything in one day or whatever. I'm beginning to think I have a weakness for emotionally screwed up guys named Matt. *hugs Matthew Murdock*

hello monster

I am one episode away from finishing this terrible, terrible show, and by terrible, I mean amazing. my next review, trust me. the characters are so solid and the plot is interesting but confusing and original. it's also got a lot of my favourite actors in it, although I'm still adjusting to Park Bogum as a serial killer. he scares me but he's also freaking adorable. how. how. how.

the x-files

when I can't sleep at night, I watch this show. it relaxes me, even though during the day it kinda keys me up. I don't understand it, but I love it. also, the ship is real. so so real.

+ books +

I actually read a fair bit this month...despite not reviewing things. not for lack of trying, though. I think I did a better job of variety this month, instead of the same genre over and over in a rut. my faves this month are The Weight of Feathers and Rebel of the Sands, while Dumplin' and Killer Instinct as the meh didn't like ones. Currently reading Yes, Please, by Amy Poehler, and Half Bad, by S.E. Green. My copy of The Raven King arrives tomorrow as well!!!!!!



what did you all do this April?

see you guys tomorrow!! gotta go write essays, cry over delicious food and hello monster, and watch too much anime. *sighs*



  1. HAVE YOU LISTENED TO BTS'S SONG 'SAVE ME'?? BECAUSE DARN RIGHT IT SAVES YOUR SOUL. (Okay, minor, minor exaggeration but I really love this song so much.)

    So much sympathy about gross school papers. I should be studying for my last two exams of the semesters but I am pushing it off like a pro XD

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't crazy about Dumplin' because it seems like almost everybody loves it. I guess I liked the setting and the subject and maybe even the MC but the way the romance was dealt with threw me off? I'm never crazy about hot and heavy romances though, I support slow burns :D

    (Back to Kpop for a minute, I still haven't watched Seventeen's new MV or BTS's Fire MV and I am dying from the suspense but my sister and I have promised to watch them together)

  2. Ughhhh I so need to read your novel, I'm telling you. (But I'm pretty sure I tell you every time. xD) Anyway, welcome back!

  3. YOU'RE READING YES PLEASE?!?! this is fantastic. I love that book.
    And yes to Halsey and yes to Oh Honey because I listened to them because it was on your playlist and I really liked it! her voice is like YESSSS. and they're Fueled By Ramen soooooooo

    For me, I have done nothing but school in April. (thats not really true but it feels that way. lol.) I decided not to blog until I finished school or at least most of my finals. I havent even been on blogger much but I made the exception to read your post. lol.

  4. All your book ideas sound fantastic, and yes do foodie posts I love food!
    I`m on season 2 of the x-files, the ship is real. I love them.

  5. I hear you about being too invested in one project to start another, so maybe you should power on with great ones ... that said, I love the sound of Seeker! So, the bottom line is, do whatever the heck you like!

    Congrats on your job and I hope you have a lovely writing month :)


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