a year in music // iv


it's been a while


I listened to lots of good music while I was gone tho

I'll see you all again soon

i. fangz
[ the ready set ]

We're nothing like they thought we'd turn out to be
Hard to swallow, yeah, that happened naturally

ii. save me 
[ bts ]

I want to breathe, I don’t like this night
I want to wake up now, I don’t like being in my dreams

iii. queen
[ history ]

the lyrics literally suck but it's my new dance party song so whatevs

iv. no matter where you are
[ us the duo ] 

I will be the rock, that holds you up
and lifts you high so you stand tall

v. whatever forever 
[ the mowgli's ]

it's getting better all the time

vi. pretty u
[ seventeen ] 

Should I take my heart out to copy
and paste on you?

vii. castaway
[ the ready set ] 


viii. fire
[ bts ]

Live however you want, it’s yours anyway
Stop trying, it’s okay to lose

vx. girls chase boys 
[ ingrid michaelson ]

ix. infinite high 
[ panama wedding]

We're living an American life
Keeping busy wasting time

x. liar liar 
[ oh my girl ]

I toss and turn in bed all night
Splashing across the sea of imagination

xi. butterfly: prologue version 
[ bts ]

Don’t think of anything
Don’t say anything, not even a word
Just give me a smile

xii. love yourself
[ eric nam ]

maybe you should go and love yourself


  1. The Ready Set is great, the whole album that fangs is on is good.


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