a year in music : iv

a p r i l

click this picture for a playlist of all these songs <3 

i. ninano
[ minzy ft. flowsik ]

ii. brand new
[ ben rector ]

iii. anybody have a map
[ dear evan hansen ]

iv. palette
[ iu ]

v. love is
[ teen top ]

vi. she's a baby
[ zico ]

vii. sophomore slump or comeback of the year
[ fall out boy ]

viii. sincerely, me
[ dear evan hansen ]

ix. plz don't be sad
[ highlight ]

x. clear
[ twenty one pilots ]

xi. boy
[ exid ]

xii. rumor
[ kard ]

bonus : waving through a window
[ dear evan hansen ]


  1. I love all that Dear Evan Hansen on there <3 I listen to Anybody Have A Map so often. lol.

    dude, Clear is so soooo good too.

    I love it

  2. Sophomore Slump is awesome! I've been listening to a lot of MCR and Greek Fire lately <3

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


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