a year in music : v

m a y

click this picture to be directed to a spotify playlist of all these songs (except for KNK's) <3

i. caught in the middle
[ paramore ]

ii. shangri-la
[ vixx ]

iii. some
[ nils frahm ]

iv. no one knows who we are
[ kascade, swanky tunes, LIGHTS ]

v. seranade in e major for strings, op 22 : II. menuetto
[ antonin devorak ]

vi. wonder if
[ yong junhyung, ft. heize ]

vii. gravity
[ timeflies ]

viii. fake happy
[ paramore ]

x. really really
[ winner ]

xi. tell me how
[ paramore ]

xii. love game
[ lim kim ]

bonus : don't want to cry
[ seventeen ]


  1. Fake Happy, is my favorite song off the new album.

  2. that new Paramore album is a work of art.


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