a year in music // vi

I read something on the internet that rocked my world

saying that in our minds

music is what keeps us alive sometimes

it keeps us going

but the reality is

music only has the power to inspire us

to give us strength

in the end, it's us who chooses

to use that strength

to save our own lives.

and that makes me love it even more.


[ click photos for songs ]

i. i remember
[ knk ]

ii. free somebody
[ luna ]

iii. dawn
[ jean-yves thibaudet ]

iv. sunrise
[ our last night ]

[ also don't mind me just crying because of this video yup yup not okay at all ]

v. monster
[ exo ]

vi. don't let me down
[ the chain smokers ]

vii. just once
[ soyou ]

viii. heathens
[ twenty one pilots ]

ix. coffins
[ misterwives ]

x. i like that
[ sistar ]

xi. god
[ jimin ]

xii. no matter what
[ boa ]

xiii. acoustic #3
[ the goo goo dolls ]


  1. I love the beginning of this wow. I love this.

    also Sunrise.....wow.

    1. my roommate played that song for me last year, and I'd never really LISTENED to the lyrics until now. man...it gets me right in the feels.

  2. Sunrise was my song last year, it really helped me get through some crap.


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