Wednesday, July 27, 2016

a year in music : vii

sometimes you need to go back to your roots

back to the songs you used to know by heart

to the artists you needed to get you through the day.

sometimes you need to branch out

try the music you think is overrated

and accept that you actually like it.

sometimes you just need music.


[ click photos for video ]

i. hollow
[ tori kelly ]

ii. highlight
[ b2st ]

iii. shut up and groove
[ heize ft. dean ]

iv. the day that I found God
[ switchfoot ]

v. rocket
[ tori kelly ]

vi. riptide
[ misterwives ]

vii.   아주 nice
[ seventeen ]

viii. can't help myself
[ eric nam ]
ix. air for free
[ relient k ]

x.  love we are we love
[ the sea the sea ]
xi.  starlight
[ taeyeon ft. dean ]

xii. and july
[ heize ft. dean ]


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