brought to you by alien guts and little sleep

basically, I'm writing this because I said I would post SOMETHING today and I didn't. so I'm posting it tomorrow. which is today for you. but since my brain is relatively fried from studying for finals and writing my final paper, I just need to put this out there:

this. isn't. going. to. make. sense.

basically my mental state right now

but aren't those the best posts, after all? the rambley ones, that get written late at night when you're too tired to stay awake and yet too awake to sleep. that's me right now. and instead of watching Naruto Shippunden until I fall asleep, I decided to spend it with you. and Pacific Rim.

isn't it weird how blogging is like talking to no one in an empty room, and yet you're talking to everyone at the same time, because literally anyone could be writing what you're reading? when I was younger and just getting started at blogging, I had a hard time writing because I didn't understand the concept of audience. now, I still struggle with it--but it's nice having regular readers who comment, because that gives me someone in that empty room to speak to--to direct my words to. some days I'm writing for myself, because I have words that need to get out, but most days I am writing for just you. so thank you for that.

and you are very awesome

man, I love Pacific Rim. I remember it was the first "splodey" movie I fell in love with--before it, I kind of thought that aliens and zombies and explosions were dumb and boring. now, I love a good splodey movie more than anything (well, maybe not anything). but I am pumped for Pacific Rim 2, and not just because John Boyega is going to be in it.

basically me

another movie I'm looking forward to is Pete's Dragon--to this day, that movie is my favourite Disney film. and although I doubt it will be as good as the original, I'm sure that it will make me very nostalgic and sad and happy at the same time.

I mean how could you not love this movie

now I want to go listen to that soundtrack, because that is my childhood, people.

amidst my revisions of my final paper (about A Doll's House, which is one interesting play) and my breaks watching too much Naruto, I kind of realized how much I wished I could have done Camp NaNo. I mean, I could have, but considering how exhausted I am because of school, I don't think it would have worked out in the end. but seeing all the updates on twitter about how it's going, and seeing blogposts about all the writing and fun (and painful) stuff that goes with that, it really makes me wish I had gotten to. and then it hit me--I have a month off from school. more than a month. so it's my hope, once I finish my classes and get back from Chicago (!!!!), I going going to spend that time working on the great ones as much as I can. I AM SO READY. I miss my babies.

I also realized today that I haven't posted a book review in...a long time. and it's not that I haven't been's more of the books have been kinda meh. Saint Anything was good, but it wasn't anything new. it was just another contemporary teen romance (although the family dynamic was what sold it for me--if you have any book recs of strong family units who love each other but also are crazy and weird, hit me up PLEASE). Breakaway, which I read because I thought it was about soccer, had a good start and made me sad at the right times, but it seemed like literally nothing happened. right now I'm in between books, but I think I'll start Outrun the Moon tomorrow. maybe I'll review it. maybe I won't.

ooooh the sleepies just hit. but we're already twenty minutes into the movie. I'm committed now. but so tired.

I have a lot of plot bunnies, and I'm pretty dedicated to the great ones right now (and Cor has dibs on my heart next, I think), but more and more, I really just want to throw everything to the wind and write a fun sci-fi story--or maybe something steampunk. I haven't touched steampunk since I wrote my very rough steampunk retelling of Rapunzel. I haven't written much sci-fi at all--I think only one serious NaNo project that inevitably failed, because that was right around when the great ones began. but I definitely want to. we'll see if it happens.

also lowkey want to write a cute story about a ghost. because the world needs more cute ghost stories.

but robots. I want to write robots. can I put robots in the great ones? pretty please?

have I mentioned how much I love one punch man? because I LOVE IT


I am proud of my babies--I've spent good money on these. and more are on the way. *sighs* you see, when there is an manga sale at Barnes and Noble, one does not think twice. or in my case, one looks at bank account, remembers upcoming baby-sitting job, and says to heck with it.

but with this purchase, I'll be caught up with what the anime covered and finally get to read new stuff. PLEASE. I am so ready to find out more about Yato and Koto and my precious child Hiyori.


I'm getting ready to spend three and a half days away from home while house-sitting/babysitting, then go up to see Faith! literally every message we send to each other ends with "OH MY GOSH I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING." if you had told me when I first "met" my dear friend, you would not have convinced me that I would end up being best friends with this girl and that I would drive six and a half hours to see her for a day and a half. but it's happening. it's real. and it's going to be the best thing ever.

I think it's time to turn off the voices in my head and fully enjoy the alien (and robot--oh my gosh, it's a dream come true!!) antics. or disappear into the rabbit hole of pinterest. again.

I hope this wasn't too random or weird for you (but let's be honest, you signed up for all my randomosity by following this blog) and that you guys have a fantastic Wednesday!!!



  1. I like random posts, the unorganized spur of the moment post always feel more real.

    I am excited for Pete's Dragon too, the trailer looks so good.

  2. I'm so excited for you and Faith!! And girl you are so brave for doing a 6 1/2 hr. drive to CHICAGO. It'll be awesome. :) <3

    Pacific Rim is my bae like the reality of sea aliens and huge robots controlled by humans inside them is the kind of awesomeness I sign up to watch. I actually need to re-watch that now that I think about it lol

    Like Skye said, random and weird posts are the best so YES I love it.

    Also, really random but, I fell in love with Shinhwa's This Love because of a Got7 cover (in which Jackson SANG. dude) so now I'm learning how to sing it and it's so fun :D

  3. Haha oh my goodness, the random posts. I understand them too well! I love the idea about writing a story about ghosts - that sounds so cute! I would read it :) And these gifs are everything. Hilarious! I love the one with the eyebrows towards the end haha


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