a year in music // v

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i. boardwalks 
[ little may ]

ii. good luck 
[ aoa ]

iii. ophelia 
 [ the lumineers ]

iv. no more bad days 
[ this wild life ]

v. wave 
[ r3hab + amber + luna ]

she is my queen

also my queen

vi. need to feel needed 
[ amber ]


vii. all in 
[ monsta x ]

viii. i see fire
[ ed sheeran ]

vx. puss
[ jimin - explicit ]

ix. soften your heart
[ keith green ]

xi. on my own 
[ amber ]

if you learn anything from this post, know that amber is amazing and her music is fantastic

x. ex-girl 
[ monsta x ]


  1. Hi! I'm Karla, can I ask you something?, about to the Russian guy?, here is my question what is his name and last name? I think his name is ALex? right?, That's all thank u! stay pretty!


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