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hello there, june. you're right around the corner already; how is that possible?

this month rushed by. I mean, what with finals, the worst case of strep throat that wiped my entire family out for a week, and graduation season, it's been a wee bit chaotic. but life has also been so good lately. so good that I can't even fully express it. and even though today is a little bit rough (aka I'm hacking up a lung and my sinuses are exploding) it's still really good. I've got a lot to be thankful for. Especially as I'm remembering back to last summer, to all the bumps in the road and confusion as we tried to figure out what was wrong with me. I can't even sum up how good it is compared to back then.

school is beginning. summer is beginning. so many new things are beginning, and I'm. so. pumped. I normally hate summers--when I was really struggling with depression, summers were always my lowest points. I'm really hoping that this happiness sticks around. being happy is my favourite these days.

basically me lately.

I talked about my april, and all the things I got to do.

my monthly music post consisted of some very feelsy music (for me at least).

I talked about my guilt when it comes to skipping church, and how being a chronically ill christian is tough sometimes.

I introduced my new character Milo and talked a little more about Matt in this month's round of Beautiful People.

so. many. snippets. also the first time Cor appeared on this blog. give Milo and Bryony some love.

this month, I really rediscovered how much I love writing on paper. with the great ones, I've written it entirely on my laptop, but as I started working on Cor, I wanted to put it in pencil. I also typically write Cor outside, which I am LOVING.

when it came to the great ones, I wrote a lot. then decided I hated it, and rewrote it all. I was soooooo close to breaking 30k...and then I cut a bunch of stuff, so we're back to 28k. but I'm hoping that with my new schedule I'll be able to find more time to work on both writing projects.

I also have a blogging schedule, which I am trying my hardest to stick to. also the reason why I'm writing this blog post instead of sleeping like I should be.

my break was lovely. finals week...not so much. taking your English final while running a 104 fever is not what I call fun. but break was amazing. I slept in, got to see my friends, write some, read some, watch tv and work out (and yes those two things do go together), and spent a whole lotta time with my family.

school started monday. I already love my math prof, because she's just really friendly and nice about the whole math thing, so I'm confident that I'm going to enjoy this class. my english prof is also cool--he's been a rodeo clown since 1974, and has dabbled in a bunch of different areas of life. I'm going to try and work far ahead on school, but so far my plans have been foiled by this nasty cold. but I'm excited. last week, I was really struggling with wanting to have a normal summer without much responsibilities, but also wanting--no, needing--the hours that I'm working toward. so it's going to be different. I think I'll spend a lot more time outside this summer, because I'm sick and tired of sitting in my room staring at my computer and writing essays.

I've really been enjoying AOA, Marianas Trench, and the spotify playlist Acoustic Afternoon. that playlist is perfect for doing school, reading, or just sitting in the sun and enjoying life. also, this song and dance practice give me so much life.

TV shows I've been watching lately? the Fosters (I'm rewatching season 1 with my sister right now), Daredevil, the 100 (yes, I love it so much I'm rewatching it for the third time), Another Oh Haeyoung, Vampire Detective, and the Mindy Project. I recommend all these shows--SO GOOD.

as for books, I was hoping to write a TBR post...but we'll see. right now, my brain is mush and I'm not doing much but lay around...which is great for my reading progress! I've read about five books in the past four days. I'm doing pretty good! Right now, my favourite book of this month is Heir of Fire--I read the first two Throne of Glass books last year, didn't love them, then I got a really good deal on the first three paperbacks so I gave them another shot. So glad I did. plus, finding a fantasy I love is the best feeling ever.

the KNK/BTS bromance kills me every time

my hair is killing me. so I'm going to chop it off. this is an option that I like. thoughts? opinions?

and now, since I think my fever is spiking, I'm going to sleep.

have a great June, you guys. y'all are fantastic.


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  1. I really love the hair idea! I think you'd look super cute in it!

  2. That hair cut is sorta like the one I got. and chopping all my hair off was the best thing I ever did. short hair rocks. and you'll love it and look adorable :)

    get better soon babe!

    1. I'm lowkey scared to cut it off because the last time I did it I was 16, and it looked pretty awful, if I do say so myself. still, if I don't do something about my crazy long hair, I'm going to go crazy myself!

      already feeling a little better! just really, really need a nap. or caffeine. or both.

  3. I think you could pull it off, and it would be a nice cut for the summer.

    1. thanks! I ended up chopping it off, and I think it looks pretty cute (and isn't warm and sticky like it was.)

  4. Love the hair! ALSO HEIR OF FIRE! That was one of my April faves. I wasn't wild about Throne but I really like Crown, and whilst the heartbreaking lack of Chaolaena made Heir disappointing for me IN A WAY, I loved her character development.


    1. man, I was originally Chaolaena, but as I read more and more, I'm definitely leaning towards Rowaelin.



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